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The American Civil War of 2005 as predicted by John Titor

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posted on Oct, 17 2006 @ 03:59 AM
Vitchilo I like your insights, you seem to be perceiving in a very intuitive manner. The shrouded nature of Titor's worldlines seems to be manifestly coming to light as our time goes by. The 2008 time period will be an interesting one no matter what happens, currently your take is a common perception of Bush keeping power.

Some also think Bush is more of a pawn or scapegoat for corporate globalism, that he really has no clue of the premeditated corporate objectives. Therefore he creates a new legal regime that destroys the Bill of Rights to fight the never-ending “war on terror”. He think's he fighting the good fight..."tried desperately to be the next Lincoln." No matter how desperate Bush tries to fight the good fight, the Axis of Corporate Evil has him in check.

It's interesting how Titor flirts with questions in his post about the future, like the Oedipus post 02/25/2001. At end of this post Titor says, "Are you really surprised to find out that Iraq has nukes now or is that just BS to whip everyone up into accepting the next war?"

cough.... North Korea test nuke..... is the Iraq excuse BS now!

Following 09/11/01 Bush declares a War on Terror
01/29/02 Bush lists Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Syria as part of an "axis of evil
03/19/03 War begins

??/??/08 No surprise it's all set in motion .....

You are capable of changing your worldline for the better right now.

posted on Oct, 17 2006 @ 07:45 AM

Originally posted by Vitchilo
According to titor, China would annex North Korea and South Korea?

THE Chinese are openly debating "regime change" in Pyongyang after last week's nuclear test by their confrontational neighbour.

Great post Vitchilo

In the end.... China will have no other option then to invade Korea.... the fall of their regime would be too disastrous you know....

posted on Oct, 17 2006 @ 02:19 PM
Are we really surprised that there weren’t any nukes in Iraq?
as far as the 2004 elections, there was uprising, not riots, but uprising.
Protests, attacks on individuals, vandalism to party headquarters. That was in the news. I have fallowed JT since about 2 months after he quit posting. I can say that if he was not a TT he was a profound thinker and we should start looking much closer at his posts. It does not matter if you believe he was a TT or not and you can say all you want about the stuff that didn't happen because most of it is happening now.

on another note, What do you think about America, the land of the free, home of the brave. We now torture POW's. Ya gotta love that. I was in the militay for 8 years back in the 80's, the idea of the USA doing that was unthinkable. Only the enemy did that to POW's.

posted on Oct, 17 2006 @ 02:38 PM
Two good post Vitchilo,
I was going to get to that in my last post......

[edit on 17-10-2006 by XPhiles]

posted on Oct, 17 2006 @ 05:06 PM

In the end.... China will have no other option then to invade Korea.... the fall of their regime would be too disastrous you know....
Yeah, I thought about this possibility for a few hours and I think it would be for them the wisest move to do.

Invade them or do a regime change,

Pros :
- Bring food, medical supplies, money and technology to the people
- Avoid a nuclear arms race all over the world.
- Make money
- Avoid a massive movement of NK population towards China
- Allow people reunification between SK and NK
- Now that SK and NK are ``united`` SK kicks US out.
- Japan and Taiwan remains non-nuclear armed.
- A new country, NK, to do commerce with.
- Have the international support

Cons :
- Thousands of deaths
- Cost of the war
- The NK population may not welcome it

So if I were China and NK would do something stupid again, I would definetly invade NK.

If they do, I suspect they'll do it soon, because they don't want Japan/Taiwan and SK to start a nuclear arms race... so if they do invade, they'll do it before the nuclear arms race start.

Also... Mad Cow Disease?

FDA Is Set To Approve Milk, Meat From Clones
Three years after the Food and Drug Administration first hinted that it might permit the sale of milk and meat from cloned animals, prompting public reactions that ranged from curiosity to disgust, the agency is poised to endorse marketing of the mass-produced animals for public consumption.

The decision, expected by the end of this year, is based largely on new data indicating that milk and meat from cloned livestock and their offspring pose no unique risks to consumers.

[edit on 17-10-2006 by Vitchilo]

posted on Oct, 17 2006 @ 11:55 PM

Originally posted by Waiting2awake
Either that or maybe Titor is actually Bush and he was warning us of his plans before, like some master evil genuis?

While I don't think bush is really Titor, at the same time I don't think he's as dumb as it has been allowed for people to believe, either.

Just think how much he's been able to get away with because people think he's dumb. It's pretty much bought him a free pass.

While most are saying bush is just a puppet because he isn't smart enough to pull off a coup, he's in it as much if not more so than any other of them.

Dumb as doornails or sly as a fox??

He's been trained to take over 'his family's empire'.

posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 02:06 AM
Nobody here feel that there's a larger and crazy division between those who support the war on terror/Bush/dictatorship and those who are against Bush/Iraq/for freedom?

Bill O'Reilly ask the FBI to arrest and make a search on those who believe that 9/11 was an inside job. When it comes to support the consitution or be against what Bush is doing, people are getting mad, they say that anyone who believe 9/11 was an inside job is a traitor and should be arrested. What would happen if they start doing this? Anyone who don't believe the official propaganda go to jail... And this is what the Military Comission Act of 2006 say, to breach allegiance or duty to the government is a terrorist crime. They say that internet is a terrorist training camp.

One side you have those who support freedom and the others those who support Bush. The one who support Bush have the guns and laws to try to bow everyone against them, and those against Bush won't bow, so what will happen if they start jailing and hurting those who are against the Bush administration and his fascists ideas? Civil war?

posted on Oct, 18 2006 @ 12:28 PM
I know I don't have much weight behind my posts considering I'm still relatively a newbie here but in skimming through this thread I noticed nobody mentioned New Orleans in the context of Katrina. I apologize in advance if there was already a discussion about this and if that's a case, kindly disregard this post.

Personally, I don't believe JT was a time traveller. However, I do believe he had remarkable insight and a firm understanding of domestic and international politics. Moreover, he was a great story teller. Having said this, I'm not attempting to debate the validity of his story, most people can come to their own conlusion because the bottom line is there's no way to know for sure (did he ever show up at the Harvard Time Traveller party? Just curious).

So much can be said on the subject but what concerns this topic is the fact that during the civil unrest that ensued in the wake of the hurricane, Blackwater mercenaries were employed to restore order Blackwater Mercenaries Deploy in New Orleans

There were conflicting reports as to whether or not martial law was declared but no matter how you look at it, the army was sent in in one form or another. (Matial Law Declared Around New Orleans and Legal Answers for New Orleans Residents)

Granted, there are more important things to worry about than the interpretation of JT's story such as what should be done about the Bush cabal's power grab but it's an interesting story nontheless. In most regards, JT has been pretty much on target with respect to this administration.

Just my two cents.

posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 03:12 AM

Are you here now to observe the results of the presidential election?
I would use the word "elections" a bit cautiously. Perhaps it's easier now to see a civil war in your future?

It was on november 7,2000. The elections in 2000 were stolen by Diebold, and this became apparent that the votes didn't really count, it was who counted them that really counted...

So he said:

I would use the word ``elections`` a bit cautiously
Because he knew that ``elections`` were stagged even before it was ever made... 2000 and 2004 were proof of that, and maybe 2006 will be a further proof of that, because Rove and Cheney are very confident into winning this mid-term election when EVERYTHING is against them.

He also said:

perhaps it's easier now to see a civil war in your future

Because he knew that Diebold would obviously be exposed as a fraud, and that people would be angry about it... breeding the civil war. And that people would be divided if elections were stagged or not...

posted on Oct, 22 2006 @ 07:33 PM
Signs of the destabilisation of the west

-The Iraq War defeat
-The pending economic crash
-The political situation
-Anger towards Israël and the USA

No the ice caps are not melting (in 2036) any faster than they are now (2000). There is also far less smog and industrial waste in 2036.

So if even if they melt more rapidly between 2000 and 2015, the rate may slow down after the war due to far less industrial waste and CO2 released in the atmosphere and return to the 2000 rate. Anyway, how would he know the exact rate of ice caps melting?

The US cities are destroyed along with the AFE (American Federal Empire)... thus we (in the country) won.

So I think with the AFE, he refers to the North American Union...
American (North american)
Federal (adjective describing federalism or a federation, in this case more federation...A federation (Latin: foedus, covenant) is a union comprised of a number of partially self-governing states or regions (Canada, USA and Mexico) united by a central ("federal") government.)
Empire (Generally, an empire is defined as a state that extends dominion over areas and populations that are culturally and ethnically distinct from the culture at the center of power. (Canada, USA and Mexico are quite differents on a numbers of things))
So the A(North American)F(Federation)E(Empire) is by definition the North American Union.

And the capitol of the US was moved to Omaha Nebraska

In an interview last year, the JT's mother said they moved to Nebraska... I didn't know why, now I know.

The war is a result of faulty politics and desperation from western leadership during the US civil war.

Faulty politics? Iraq, Afghanistan, Military Commission Act, Patriot Act 1&2... more to come in the coming months.

Desperation from western leadership? Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea... more to come in the coming months.

Has cancer or AIDS been cured yet?
Aids, no. Cancer, some progress

Cancer some progress ?

Real disruptions in world events begin with the destabilization of the west as a result of degrading US foreign policies and consistency.

Foreign policies? Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea... Consistency ?

Wavering support for Israël is what gives Israël's neighboors the confidence to attack

The end of the support for Israël?

The last resort for a defensive Israël and it's offensive Arab Neighbors is to use weapons of mass destruction

The Arabs countries seems to have weapons of mass destructions. Do they use them against America?
Not against America but they use them against each other.

The Coming Middle-East War .. Iran have weapons of mass destructions, bio, chemicals and maybe nuclear, they probably gave some bio-chem to Hizbollah, Saudi Arabia may have nukes in the coming years.

I think you're taunting us with our ignorance on the questions you've asked on the Constitution.
[...] I do however, find it interesting how important the constitution became to the average US citizen's life, if even for a short moment.

It's isn't what's happenning now? With the constitution soaring, a lot more people find the constitution more important to their lives.

I just saw another story today about the Russians moving nukes into the balkans to thwart any future expansion of NATO.

Isn't the Russians doing anything they can to thwart any future expansion of NATO? Georgia, building bases in Syria, arming Iran and Syria, building new nukes that could go through the US missile shield.

I'm glad is so easy for to dismiss the middle-east. Yes, I suppose it is a no-brainer but pretty soon it will be a ``no armer`` and a ``no legger``

I don't have the question he was asked... But he probably asked... but the people he speaked with in early 2001, largely dismissed the idea of attacking Middle-east or that the middle-east would attack the US and the last sentence is a reference to kamikaze terrorists.

If you could change one thing about you're government right now, what would it be?
[...] As a result, there have been a few small changes to the constitution and the executive branch but you would easily recognize it. [...] Federal power has been decentralized and the focus of daily politics is in the state senates. Federal law has also been streamlines but much harder to change or make additions to.

Isn't what Bush is doing right now? Abusing his autority to give all the executive branch the power. The power is decentralized in 2036, I wonder why, the abuse and centralisation by Bush Co? Federal law are much harder to change or make additions to... I wonder why? Bush Co and his signing statements?

When the civil ``conflict`` started and got worse, people generally decided to either stay in the cities and lose most of their civil rights under the guise of security or leave the cities for more isolated and rural areas.

With the drones over the cities, the RFID, the CCTV, the people fear about domestic terrorists or suspect behaviors... in the cities. In the country, less than that if any.

By that time (07-10), it was pretty clear that we were not going back to what we had and the division between the cities and the country was well defined.

The division between where you have rights and where you don't. (country VS cities)

There is a great deal of fear over rogue groups coming across un-launched missile systems, 55 gallon drum of Anthrax or portable nuclear weapons

So Al-Qaeda...the anthrax letters, we saw big fear-mongering things about anthrax... portable nuclear weapons are even in the new GOP mid-term election ad.

To me it seems obvious that we both have a very different perspective of what's important right now in 2001. [...] Would I be anymore believable if I told you I had just stopped a horrible event and you won't hear about it because it didn't happen?

I think it's a hint to 9/11.

The ``enemy`` that was attacked by Russia in the US was the forces of the government you live under right now.

Bush Co? They surely are a greater threat than Al-CIA.

However, there are a great many ``non-lethal`` weapon systems in development that turn out to be quite lethal. [...] When they talk about the enemy, they talk about you.

Tasers? Against protesters, against domestic ``terrorists``. Last time I checked, militias, people protecting the constitution, people policing the police and a few others were considered as domestic terrorists.

Yes, I think the NWO idea tried to establish itself. I would consider them the combinaison of the old US federal sytem, Europe, Canada and Australia

And as you all see, those countries are the leaders in police states and are moving towards a worldwide dictatorship.

Was a lot of the US 18-24 age group killed in the war because of a draft? Yes

So everyone subject to the draft here, flee to avoid it.

Do you have any fears? I fear people who want others to take action based on their own emotions and irrational fears.

War On Terror?

Is the conflict racial? Not at all. In fact, I would say it goes a long way towards erasing racial problems.

Erasing racial problems between white, mexicans and muslims maybe?

Are you really surprised to find out that Iraq has nukes now or is that just BS to whip everyone up into accepting the next war?

As already pointed, the Iraq WMD are BS and it served to accepting the war.

I'm guessing the date of your return to the future is April 19th. That is a day to remember but I was thinking more along the lines of March 21.

What happenned on April 19th 2005? The new pope was elected. Also, it's the date the Waco siege ended. Or maybe it's a future event he alleged to.

About the machine... it weight 500 pounds. The micro-singularities doesn't weight 500 pounds. He doesn't give the weight of the micro-singularities, and it's in an electrofield, the micro-singularities could weight 500 tons, it doesn't matter, the car doesn't move when it's in ``time-travelling`` mode.

About a USA civil war, this Fark's thread is very interesting...

A question was interesting...

When Tiennaman Square happened, the Chinese troops couldn't bring themselves to fire on the protestors. Unfortunately the Chinese government found a solution to this: They brought in some Russian soldiers. In a pinch, I have no doubts that a desperate American government would do the same.

A large part of the US army consist of Mexicans. They give them the US citizenship if they serve for X years. I'm sure that if the US government would lack of soldiers, they would draft mexicans in exchange of US citizenship... it would give them plenty of soldiers.

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posted on Oct, 22 2006 @ 11:24 PM

What happenned on April 19th 2005? The new pope was elected. Also, it's the date the Waco siege ended. Or maybe it's a future event he alleged to.

Another April 19th to remember is the Oklahoma City bombing.
That is the state where I live, and there are something's about that day that either were mentioned only once on the MSM, or never mentioned at all, except for what was seen during live coverage of it. For example, (and I have this on tape), soon after the first responders arrived on the scene they were pulled back in a panic. The reason given by the reporter was that a missle launcher had been found in the basement and they didn't know if it was going to go off.

And that wasn't the only strange incident connected with it.

Yes, April 19th seems to be a popular date.

posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 03:14 AM
Anyone reading into Titor's "predictions" one will find it interesting of what he said then, to what is happening into today's world.
Examples like: degrading US foreign policies
John Titor

Real disruptions in world events begin with the destabilization of the west as a result of degrading US foreign policies and consistency.

It's seeable with instances like Abu Ghraib scandal (which will have ever lasting damage) all the way to the administration claim of space, the final frontier for America
(many more dubya policies to name inbetween.) If one was to Google News and type in US foreign policy one would see just how destabilizing it is. Even more uncomfortable, hit the Google Images after that search.

So here we have a Titor "prediction" that is very true. I'm quoting "prediction" because Titor quoted that word. I don't think he's making predictions, everyone questioning him may think so. Most likely "prediction" is in quotation marks, as he was answering questions about his worldline not predictions.

John Titor

5. There's a slim chance your worldline is just different enough my "prediction" won't happen.

John Titor

When the day comes for my "prediction" to be realized it will either happen or not.
If it does happen, then your ability to judge your environment is crippled by your
acceptance of me as a "knower of all things" and gifted with the ability to tell the
future. If I am wrong, then everything I have said that might possibly have made
you think about your world in a different way is suddenly discredited. I do not want

Titor "time traveler or not" wanted some people to be inspired by his words of time travel in a subtle way, that you recognize the possibility of time travel as a reality, not all his "predictions coming true." If a slim chance your worldline is just different. Then it's a good chance it will be different (butterfly effect.) Titor has accomplished his message in a unconventional way here, he is even getting a movie about his story! so mission accomplished.

In some minor ways Titor never could know what is in store for our future, simply because he is on a new worldline. According to him worldlines appear to "converge" again and look very similar. What is the current administration policy "stay the course"........or has this changed? No matter, if so or no change.... it's because of degrading US foreign policies, this must be a prominent feature on many worldlines. On the other hand Titor the time traveler may be less prominent in worldlines "if all this is true" in a minor way Titor has some influence here. But such things as degrading policies has a cumulatively large effect to the masses in worldlines.
John Titor

Isn't it possible someone who reads this may invent time traveler? When
John leaves, no one will remember him and this will all be forgotten.

This statement is quite insightful. One of the reasons I have been communicating
this way is so that others that do not post who I have directed here can see some
of the information I have shared with you.

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posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 10:56 AM
Hungary 1956'
For the first time in 50 years the Hungarian police used rubber bullets (a supposed non lethal/safe projectile) against it's citizens despite the celebrations being peaceful in nature. So now 2 People might be permanently blinded and many injured as a result and reports show there might be deaths also...

JT: I'm not aware of any "mind control" devices being used on you now. However, there are a great many "non lethal" weapon systems in development that turn out to be quite lethal.

None of the other members of the EU countries resort to this sort of
force (and showed surprise
) especially during a large national celebration as this one.

[edit on 24-10-2006 by Firestorm]

posted on Oct, 24 2006 @ 08:22 PM
Everybody interested in civil war in the US should listen to the Alex Jones show of today... October 24...


The beginning and the end... Beginning, he's speaking about people in the south who are claiming that if they try to put the NAFTA corridor on their property, they'll have to talk to her guns... Also, that all conditions are there for revolution or civil war... just as the beginning of the civil war of 1776...

Also at the end, he talk about moving from the US because Bush could claim himself dictator and putting laws worse than Military Comission Act... that people are tired of getting owned by the government and that they should inform themselves about firearms and local militias...

No civil war breeding?

I'm beginning thinking that JT maybe was a real time-traveller, and maybe all he said occured on his worldline... but on this worldline, people seems to have no guts to face the government...

Also, I just saw Freedom To Fascism, and they exposed how the FED and IRS are scam...

[edit on 25-10-2006 by Vitchilo]

posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 05:56 AM

External Source The North American Union NAFTA Super-Highway, which is taking form first through the Trans-Texas Corridor, is a massive land-grab, with plans to seize over 1 million acres in Texas alone through eminent domaign. This has candidates like Texas Democrats Hank Gilbert (running for Commissioner of Agriculture) and David Van Os (running for Attorney General in Texas) up in arms and discussing the possibility of an armed populist revolution in response to the North American Union's sovereignty-seizing actions.


I hope that when people will see a start of a rise-up, they'll join in to regain this country by force or not.

posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 08:01 PM

No the ice caps are not melting (in 2036) any faster than they are now (2000). There is also far less smog and industrial waste in 2036.

Remember Global Cooling?

Remember Global Cooling?

Jerry Adler / Newsweek | October 24 2006

In April, 1975, in an issue mostly taken up with stories about the collapse of the American-backed government of South Vietnam, NEWSWEEK published a small back-page article about a very different kind of disaster. Citing "ominous signs that the earth's weather patterns have begun to change dramatically," the magazine warned of an impending "drastic decline in food production." Political disruptions stemming from food shortages could affect "just about every nation on earth." Scientists urged governments to consider emergency action to head off the terrible threat of . . . well, if you had been following the climate-change debates at the time, you'd have known that the threat was: global cooling.

More than 30 years later, that little story is still being quoted regularly—as recently as last month on the floor of the Senate by Republican Sen. James Inhofe, chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee and the self-proclaimed scourge of climate alarmists. The article's appeal to Inhofe, of course, is not its prescience, but the fact that it was so spectacularly wrong about the near-term future.

So maybe the science is wrong again about the global temperatures changes... global cooling-global warming-global cooling...

[edit on 25-10-2006 by Vitchilo]

posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 11:09 PM
either way, hes famous on this forum and has managed to keep mother #ers like you entertained all these years...i hope he wasnt lieing but either way he #in owned this place. could you stop the thread here, could you hold the erge to post again, for if he was alive he would be laughing at you.ha ha

[edit on 25-10-2006 by BirDMan_X]

posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 03:48 PM

Originally posted by BirDMan_X
either way, hes famous on this forum and has managed to keep mother #ers like you entertained all these years...i hope he wasnt lieing but either way he #in owned this place. could you stop the thread here, could you hold the erge to post again, for if he was alive he would be laughing at you.ha ha

[edit on 25-10-2006 by BirDMan_X]


Your response is highly inappropriate. I have notified the moderators of this thread with regards to your antisocial language.

If you have no positive contribution to this board other then this, take a hike, we don't need that and we most certainly don’t need you.

Vitchilo, your latest posts are superb! Keep going.

posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 03:57 PM
B.t.w......XPhiles!......I really like your Avatar!!

posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 06:05 PM
BirDMan_X - Please tone your language down and attempt to contribute to the discussion, apart from #-this and #-that....

Please familiarize yourself with the content of this thread:

It will not be tolerated!

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