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Sleep paralysis and the medical community

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posted on Oct, 7 2019 @ 09:08 PM
So i would like to start out by saying that i have a great sleep doctor and i feel like she listens to me, but doesnt really understand.

I have had 'strange' sleep issues from a very very young age like sleep walking to strange places, not being able to sleep, EXTREME fear of the dark and aliens to the point of not going to sleep overs and refusing to sleep without a radio or TV and nightlight at a bare minimum and of course 'nightmares'.

I had to have the blood vessels in my nose and sinuses cauterized as a preteen because of scary nosebleeds that i had from a child until the procedure.

granted this sets the stage for the classic 'abductee' story but i honestly don't really have any classic abduction stories, i have no memories of being taken against my will to a ship or medical stuff. That being said i do have waking memories of seeing orange orbs right over my head when i was walking the dog, seeing a black triangle close enough i could have hit it with a baseball and other strange lights zipping around in the sky.

i know there are alot of black projects and i 100% believe we have a secret space program but i feel like i have seen a TON of ufo's and have had strange poltergeist type stuff happen around me wherever i live to the point it really makes me wonder if i am not bring these things to me or if i am even creating these events myself.

i have even seen things outside my windows(i posted pics in a thread i made) it to had an ethereal transparency to it.

All these events came to a crescendo with the sightings outside my window and looking back on it i wonder if the fear and anxiety i was feeling manifested these images, everything i have seen fits PERFECTLY into my paradigm of what i would consider to be something not human.

im sure we have all seen this video

Vallee really is starting to make more and more sense.

but as for the topic of the thread.

It took me almost 33 years to tell ANYONE what was really going on and the visions and visitors i was seeing in my room at night. My family doctor sent me to my current sleep doctor and she did all sorts of tests and sleep studies on me because by the time i saw her i wasnt sleeping because i was honestly afraid of falling asleep. These events did not happen more than 10 times but they seemed to be ramping up in their feeling of realness and scariness.

she had me draw what i was seeing because honestly i was evasive in telling her, i drew a old wrinkly looking gray face. she told me that it is very very common and that took me by surprise...was what i was seeing real? was it some sort of Jungian archetype?.. she didn't really have an answer for me. i take adderall during the day and klonopin to sleep as needed now.

the thing is i didn't DARE tell her about all the other things that i have seen, some of them with other people. I feel like there is allot more going on with sleep paralysis than alien abductions or sleep aberrations.

i wonder if you polled S.P sufferers anonmosly if they would have similar encounters. I am starting to think that allot of what we call ufo's and close encounters are mental projections of the person experiencing them.

do any of you have similar stories?

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 12:20 AM
I like you, penroc. You're a nice person and a thinker. Maybe too much of a thinker and I myself have some experience with overthinking.

Unless you've been seeking out the occult you're probably just freaking yourself out. That doesn't mean Jung's archetypes don't come into play but you also must realize that popular culture is probably an influence too.

In addition, the adderall & klonopin probably don't help some of this but then again I'm not a doctor---although I know a thing or two about body chemistry and it's effects on our psyche.

Don't get me wrong, I believe other intelligences exist and sometimes interact with us. So it could be either...or some combination of both in your case. Sincerely wishing you the best and I'm glad you shared with us, your fambly here.

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 12:36 AM
a reply to: penroc3

Thanks for sharing this amazingly personal story, Penroc.

It must not be easy to even think about this let alone talk or write about it - my hat's off to you.

It seems to me you clearly believe these experiences are as real as the keyboard that you typed that post on. That alone says an awful lot about the personal validity of what you've experienced. The fact that others have had very similar experiences suggests there is something going on below the "surface" of that which we call "reality".

I can think of more than a few reasons why many governments wouldn't this knowledge to be validated to the "masses". It shows they may not be the be-all end-all of power in our lives and that has to scare the crap out of anyone in power. I also believe that they are not fools, so would have pursued further knowledge in these areas themselves in order to both understand and hopefully control it.

The fact that is probably beyond any "mortals" control is the only reason it hasn't been weaponized by some government entity. Some people are obviously more sensitive to and aware of these "things" than others.

I'm curious - since you are obviously one of those people, do you think if you actively tried to pursue experiencing and understanding this phenomena that you could gather more information and understanding than you currently have?

I imagine doing so may scare the bejesus out of you though...

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 07:17 AM
a reply to: penroc3

I think it's good that you're making an effort to look into this so you can try to address it.

I'm going to lean towards The GUT on this one though, and that's just because of my personal experience.

The older I get, the more I realize everything effects my sleep. I've tried the gambit on sleep aids, and any time I take something, I do my best to try natural first. Melatonin was highly recommended to me, and while it would help me fall asleep, it would invoke the most immersive and intense dreams, and I would more often than not wake up more stressed than rested trying to separate what is real and what is not. I am a vivid dreamer as it is, so anything that exacerbates that usually makes me feel less rested.

Unfortunately it seemed that alcohol by surface value was the only thing that helped me fall asleep and stay asleep. So about an hour or two before bed I'd have a few night caps. After a while I noticed my sleep wasn't real, and I wasn't at 100%, even if I didn't catch a buzz before going to sleep.

I've experienced sleep paralysis, and it's truly one of the most terrifying things I've ever been through. But the explanation of what it is allowed me to practice some introspection on why it was happening to me.

Sleep paralysis, from what I've gathered, is when you're in R.E.M. sleep. This sleep cycle is only supposed to happen in short duration about once an hour. At this stage your mind dreams in real time, so to combat your body thinking it is real, your body paralyzes itself for that period of sleep. If it fails, that's where you can see sleep walking, and if it fails to release paralysis and you wake in the middle, sleep paralysis.

I've rooted all my sleep problems down to two things, external substances (this isn't just drugs, even spicy food or dark chocolate can have a noticeable, but not dire impact on my sleep if consumed shortly before slumber), and the big one, stress.

After learning all of this, I try to limit consumption of agitators a vast majority of my nights. I've also tried finding natural outlets for my stress like being active, or challenging my mind. I've found the more I limit external agents, and address my stress in healthy ways, my sleeping problems have subsided for the most part, and I feel incredibly rested.

The caveat of all this is we are all different, so there is nothing in this realm that is one size fits all... Except one thing from my reading. With sleep, it only gets worse before it gets better when we try to change our habits and routines. After I changed my routine to something I deemed healthier, I was waking up in the middle of the night every few hours, sometimes anxious and mind racing for about a week and a half.

Either way, best of luck my friend. I know how sleep can make us feel hostage in our own body and mind when it's not functioning properly. Keep an open mind and if you decide to try something out, stick with it for a few weeks to give it a chance.

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 08:26 AM
a reply to: penroc3

do any of you have similar stories?

Flashing Orange Object

Since I was four I sensed an invisible evil presence coming from the bedroom closet at night. Our home was brand new as my Grandfather was a General contractor. He built it along with my father and uncles. I shared the room with my brother as we each had our own bed. He always slept well but not me. Throughout my entire life I cannot tell you how often I awaken at night. Sometimes I fall back asleep and sometimes I do not, so the next day is a compete waste. That’s what happened last night so I am writing this as I am physically drained. I obviously get enough sleep to function but at a less than average level. When I was eight I got my own bedroom and still sensed an invisible evil presence coming from the closet or from my bedroom door that was intentionally left open by 6” into the hallway. That continued well into my 20s. My only break from it at that time was when I was away at college. I shared an off campus apartment situated within a 120 unit college complex. Each apartment housed 4 students so I had 3 roommates. During those four years I had no visitations. When I moved on from my parents and into my own home the visits were infrequent and at random and not enough to talk to anyone about it. However, the invisible evil presence then began to morph into the Hoodie. The 7' tall entity that has no face, no hands but just this black hooded cape that stands in the doorway just watching. That continued throughout the remainder of my life and the visits became more frequent after marriage and accelerated. It was always the 7' Hoodie. Always standing in the doorway to the bedroom. Just standing and watching. It was then in the early 1990's that I also then began to hear muffled music playing in the background and people talking. Always unintelligible. Sometimes my wife heard it too. It was always just off in the distance. We dismissed it as possible radio or TV waves from a TV tower located a mile away. Finally moved to Georgia in a new built home in 2014. The Hoodie presence visitations decreased but were there now and then but at an extremely reduced rate. Wife wanted to be near family so we moved to South Carolina in 2017 into a house that was built in 1994. Again some visits by the Hoodie but at an infrequent rate. On a Friday May 4, 2018 I [we] saw our 1st UFO. It was a five color flashing - pulsating objects. There were several and I filed a report on NUFORC. One astrophysicist wrote in Forbes magazine that UFOs of that color are stars. Sorry, but the earth rotates counterclockwise and two of these rose from the Western horizon and were heading North. They along with the other [5] were not stars.

Then I didn't see any again until December 2018. At that time I also frequently began seeing flashing orange objects in space and have several videos. One flew overhead. Totally silent. I also then began to hear that muffled music once again playing in the background and people talking. Always unintelligible. That also began to increase in frequency to even occurring on several days in a row. Relating to the orange objects, I wrote to MUFON and they wrote back that the orange objects are being seen all over the world but “they do not know what they are”. At that time the visits by Hoodie were accelerating also. This continued into late February 2019 and into March. I sent my videos of the both UFO's to another 3rd party in December. They wrote back that they are seeing a triangle shape object in both observations. Around that same time I also began reading a paranormal Thread by SLED735. I then learned about Sleep Paralysis, Hoodie and others including The Old Hag and how they have affected thousands of people throughout history going back to ancient China. Depending on one’s culture and religion here in the USA its typically the dark 7' Hoodie. Then there's the Old Hag bitch. Look at the SLED735 thread on paranormal. You can read my documented entries on all of the above back in time on this web site. To this day I have been Hoodie and Old Hag free since last March 2019. I also haven't seen any orange UFO's since March and have seen a handful of five color flashing - pulsating objects. No more muffled music once again playing in the background and people talking. Always unintelligible

So what did I do back in the spring of 2019? I prayed to God, to my deceased uncles and father in law. No I didn’t to see Hoodie or the Old Hag bitch. I wanted them gone. That’s all I did. I simply prayed. I haven’t ever taken hard drugs and haven’t even had hooch since college. I have my spirits but that’s about it. Not into anything compromising.
I was delivered by an Air Force Base Medical Doctor in a public hospital. He was a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force. My father was in his Air Force group and they were personal friends. Why I mention this is that SLED735 trends towards a possible military connection. I don’t know.
What I do know is that science tells us a lot about nothing about sleep paralysis. They talk up about all of the good stuff like REM activity and whatever. Sure. So show me a DNA based genetic study taken among a person in each country who has experienced sleep paralysis along with the evil presence as it could be explained that a common gene passed on for 30,000 years results in the common sleep paralysis hallucination. With respect to [5] multi-color pulsating – flashing objects; Astrophysicists claim they are simply stars. The Ashtar Command group from the early 1950’s thinks otherwise. I am TBD. The orange pulsating – flashing objects could be military anti-collision lights. However in my studies in viewing over 100 videos, all orange objects are not the same. I will embed a short link to my orange object video that I have parked on YouTube.
Dr. Jacques Vallee to me is a decent man with a great mind. I trust him and his opinions. I also lean towards Dr. Jack Kasher. They have tried to run him off, especially by the guy who trashed almost every NASA Astronaut who ever claimed to see something, including the STS48 video on 15Sep1991, but Dr. Jack Kasher does a decent job. I would recommend to you to go to the SLED735 paranormal thread as much can be learned about your situation from their perspective coupled with your knowledge of Dr. Jacques Vallee’s work.
I also read his material and have written Norio Hayakawa. He takes an alternate view of this field but keeps everything grounded. He seems to like Dr. Jacques Vallee.
Why I posted this for all to view is so WTF. That’s right so WTF and my goal is to solve the ongoing mystery. I have nothing to fear or hide. I have survived a Major Stroke in 2009, lived with DNA Mitochondrial Myopathy since birth and survived an assassination attempt on my life all while serving and providing INTEL to Uncle Sam back in the day. All I can say is do your own diligence keep an open mind as we can learn many things from many people.

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 09:07 AM
a reply to: penroc3

I get it, man.

I wrote a thread on my worst SP episode a couple years back.


It still feels real 20 years later. It is the strangest feeling. I still get the creeps.

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