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Just not there anymore

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posted on Oct, 5 2019 @ 05:11 AM

Just not there
Used to be upset about
My mother my father
But I'm just not there anymore
I've stepped aside from
The disturbed mind
Now I am living far away
From the whispering
Mind, that one that looks
To pull you down
Deep down in a pit
Of pity and shame.
I realised it was all
Just a game, a drama.
So there has been
No great destruction
Or battlefield
Cause I'm simply
Just not there anymore.
The past the future
Have disappeared
Sure they comeback
And knock at my door
Looking for rebirth
And sure I hear them
See them, smell them.
But when I do
I smile inwardly
Because whoever they are
I know
I'm just not there anymore.
That I, has dissolved
Right through its core
Its a liberating sensation
Joyful indeed.
When there is nobody
There is no escapism
What would be the need?

Eliberocelta @ El torcal

posted on Oct, 5 2019 @ 08:20 AM
a reply to: ancientthunder

Starred and flagged earlier and now just a little bump!

I've written a little rhyme perhaps on the same theme!

There is only presence and witnessing
That's really just how it is
That's why they say at the end of the day
You can't gaze upon God's face and live
Let me tell you so you won't have to guess
Or set off on some spiritual quest
In the beginning was the word and that was enough
But the word sort of grew Into all sorts of stuff.
And the unfathomable distance between us
That forever keeps us apart
Why, not even a flight, at the speed of light
Will ever bridge that gap
It's just about me and you
And the day when the one became two
But when the two become one, oh we'll have so much fun
As we disappear into the blue...

I have a sense of humour lol

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posted on Oct, 5 2019 @ 09:29 AM
Always one in the blue! Humour is a bonus much needed and has been swarmed by the words.a reply to: midicon


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