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Skinny Bob Colorized and New Details

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posted on Oct, 2 2019 @ 02:23 PM

originally posted by: eletheia

If you read through the looonng thread (If I remember rightly) you will find

s/he was claiming to have bought it legitimately from Antartica.
At the time (about nine years ago it was also discussed on at least three
other sites.

Found it!!

The Alien Disclosure Group also claims to have received the video from an anonymous source, and they too posted it to their YouTube channel and their Facebook page.
But from whom did Cohen receive the details for his story? And who provided the video to these two sources?

After investigating the origins of this video, Grant Cameron of was able to determine that a woman by the name of Judy Fältskog claims to be the source of the video. She told Cameron that she “paid a lot of money for it and spent [two] weeks in Antarctica to arrange the sale of this video.” The video was posted to YouTube by Fältskog at (removed by source).

Through his investigation, Cameron determined that this Judy Fältskog is the same Judy Fältskog who, in 2010, claimed to be an astronomer working for NASA, and announced that she had intercepted and deciphered an intelligent signal from a nearby star. As Cameron points out, Fältskog’s credentials and claims turned out to be false. And research into Fältskog revealed interesting results including a history of hoaxing, identity changes, and even a sex change.

Fältskog told Cameron that “there is a lot more footage of this film to be released, [more than] 180 minutes of it as well as other more interesting footage.” But this person’s dubious background strongly supports the notion that this ET video is nothing more than a hoax. It also raises doubt that Fältskog is indeed the source of the video.

Fältskog and Cohen seem to have only uploaded this one ET video, while the Alien Disclosure Group uploaded a second video on the same day, which allegedly depicts the downing and recovery of a UFO and ETs by the air force. Both videos are similar aesthetically, supposedly making them from the same batch of “leaked” videos.

But to add to the mysterious origin of the video(s), a YouTube user by the name of Ivan0135 uploaded the ET video a day earlier—on May 1st—and the UFO video was uploaded on April 13th. Interestingly, “South Africa” and “Kalahari Desert” are among the string of descriptive keywords attached to the ET video uploaded by Ivan0135. This suggests a connection between Ivan0135 and Judy Fältskog.

The UFO video uploaded by Ivan0135 adds to the confusing origin of these two videos. That video begins by showing a blurry logo with black bars blocking out text above and below the logo. Another video on YouTube that claims to show footage of an alien autopsy in Russia displays the same logo at the beginning, without the black bars. We were informed by Croatian radio host Giuliano Marinkovic that this logo is a KGB logo. So this adds the question: Why would a video alleging to show a U.S. military chase and recovery of a UFO begin with the KGB logo?

Technical oddities

The mysterious and questionable source of the video isn’t the only red flag indicating a hoax. Several technical elements within the video elicit skepticism. For starters, there are multiple versions of the video floating around the internet. The video posted by the Alien Disclosure Group is completely silent, while the video posted by and by Fältskog has an almost comically loud clicking sound, supposedly from a projector. First of all, film cameras of that era didn’t record sound. Secondly, while it has been suggested that the camera was filming a projector screen, it seems unlikely that an audio recording would have been made and added to the film when the only audible noises are those from the projector.


Sorry link won't translate someone maybe can connect?? TIA

posted on Oct, 2 2019 @ 04:15 PM
I'll ask again. I am interested in your motives.

Why did you got to all the effort off colourising the video?

What are you seeking to achieve by it?

posted on Oct, 2 2019 @ 06:52 PM

originally posted by: beetee
Why is it so short?

Supposedly there are 7 video tapes with visuals supposedly recorded between 1942 (Battle of LA) and 1969 (Yekatrinburg/Sverdlovsky).
These are 180 minute tapes. That means there is 21 hours of footage.

What we saw in 2011 was a mash-up of different segments from tape #5. And that mishmash seems to be all old film from all over the place.

So let us imaging the footage is genuine.

Witnesses say that only 1 crew member survived the Roswell crash. So Bob and his buddies are not from the Roswell crash, not if Bob is one of the 3 (or 7) walkers. I have always assumed that the figures closer to the camera are humans walking with the aliens. Because why would the camera only be focusing on the 3 in the background? Why not a widwe shot of all 7 creatures?

Of course there could be a wideshot of all 7 walking together that we have not seen. But that would mean that the info we are given on there being 3 beings is not correct. The film shows 3 for sure, so let’s assume the other figures are the “special agents” the film info talks about.

And of course Bob could be the lone survivor of Roswell and might not be one of the 3 walkers at all, because we do have several segments of film. They just look like Bob.

None of the visuals we see could be of Roswell. IF any are, I would suggest it could be the crashed saucer and burnt body @ 2:22 in the video below.

The film is so poor that I am not sure if what we see matches the witness versions of the second Roswell crash site, the one with full disk and bodies. It looks like a sandy area, maybe it is the Kingman crash.

posted on Oct, 2 2019 @ 07:29 PM
I admire the effort put into all those Skinny Bob videos despite the silly artificial blurring and giveaway camera movements that are so old hat, even in 2011.

My favourite is the "Family Vacation" video (also colourised) - like they're on a catwalk at a turtleneck sweater convention - with a bonus gangster strut from one of the Bobs.

I see multiple threads were made about this years ago - some thrown into the ATS Hoax bin - but still great fun!

PS: Below is a video featuring a suspicious email that attempts to explain the turtleneck fashions on display - ie they were human clothes provided for our alien friends whilst their own outfits were sent off to labs for analysis, described thus:

A dull silver-type ski suit with a utility belt and dull silver footwear.

Pfft, sounds dull to me; I think I prefer the turtlenecks! More interesting to colourise, too.

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posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 01:21 AM
a reply to: spiritualarchitect

Here is my point.

If you, special agent Architect, were given a camera and told to tape ole Bobby manipulating a star chart and being measured for height, would you not make sure you filmed what Bobby was actually doing and make sure you got the scale in frame? As it is shot, the footage is quite pointless. It serves no purpose. Its only purpose is to show the alien for the briefest of moment to awe us all. But best keep it short and sweet, so you don't slip up.

If it was 21 hours of footage with the same quality and a known, trusted source, it would be a different story.

But a brief clip of pointless "filming the alien", conveniently produced by taping a projector with a digital camera, is not going to convince anyone no matter the quality, unless they are convinced already.

Or, I should say, it is not going to convince me at least.



posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 02:08 AM
a reply to: beetee

All that was photographed during the time World War 2 (1939 - 1945)

However did they find the time? And how long would it take to get

those tiny polo sweaters over those huge heads?

Just goes to show easy to fool those who want to believe.

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posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 02:51 AM
a reply to: eletheia

I think there is some truth to that.

There is a subtle difference between wanting to believe and wanting to know.

As to finding the time to film an actual alien I am not particluarly surprised they would manage that, war or no war. But doing such a poor job of it, that's a bit more difficult to swallow. There is footage of the actual Normany invasion much more informative than this.

Of course, if you are going to show Bobby working a star map, the difficulties would be mounting exponentially. Questions would arise. You would have to make a star map and the gizmo to be manipulated, convincingly, with those long fingers. I can see why they chose not to go there.

But, by all means, let's have the whole 21 hours to scrutinise and I might change my mind. I could even settle for an hour or two of Bobby. I'm sure they would have it, if they were documenting an actual extraterrestrial.

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 03:06 AM
a reply to: beetee

Its people who believe before they know who get conned?

But you didn't answer the more difficult question ...... getting that

tiny polo neck over that huge head is a stretch too far
pun intended!!

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 03:11 AM
a reply to: eletheia

Hehe. There's a zipper down the back, obviously! :-)

Or, as we know nothing about Xeno-biology, the head might be detachable, like with Lego minifigures :-D

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 04:17 AM
Are they back for a nother show?????

Where's neno when you need him
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posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 06:40 AM

originally posted by: SailorJerry
Are they back for a nother show?????

Where's neno when you need him

Lol!! ..... The books still out there on scribd and some links to some threads

have been put on this thread.

I think its a scouting mission to see if anyone is still around who remembers!

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 11:18 AM

originally posted by: eletheia
However did they find the time? And how long would it take to get
those tiny polo sweaters over those huge heads?

I assume that they zipped up the back like a ladies' sweater, and if they were small, that might be a better fit. Did that undebunk it?

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 11:41 AM
Just goes to show that some people have forgotten the Roswell story.

It's called Velcro.
If that video is real then They invented Velcro.
The suit does not go over their head.
The suits were wrapped tight to their bodies with what we now call Velcro.

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 11:47 AM

originally posted by: beetee
Its only purpose is to show the alien for the briefest of moment to awe us all.

This is true, even if it is real. This missmash video we got was put together to show samples of what is on the 21 hours of film.

My point is, if it is real then there should be a much longer segment of the *scale* scene.

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 11:54 AM
a reply to: AlienAnonymous

I am interested in your response to MirageMan's question on Page 4 of this thread:

originally posted by: mirageman
I'll ask again. I am interested in your motives.
Why did you got to all the effort off colourising the video?
What are you seeking to achieve by it?


posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 12:53 PM
As far as the “want” to believe stuff goes, there are those of us who already KNOW they are here.

You non-believers keep discounting the fact that They are already here, despite us telling you that very thing over and over. Yet you keep deceiving yourself over this.

Those of us who Know, have either seen their craft and/or seen them.

I have not seen them, so I do not know if Bob is real or not. I am deducing that Bob’s kind is real though, because someone is piloting their craft. And the vast majority of abductees and witnesses say they seen the Grey type of being.

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 01:16 PM
Is Bob the Brad Pit of grays?

I mean the guy is kind of cute. That group in the Family Vacation vid is awful cute too. I would think that would detract from them being real. Sure if they popped up in the dark one might freak out, but there is nothing freaky about this groups look. Maybe they are the Osmond Family of grays.

This also leads to the idea of why someone would fake this using cute grays. We have all seen images of grays that were not so cute, basically evil, even reptilian. Why make a video of a bunch of cutie pies?

Maybe the video is fake and was originally made for fun. The problem with that is of course, as people have said many times, these Bob videos would take a lot of time and money to produce.

But maybe the videos were made as a project by someone employed in Hollywood? Then again, how did they keep it a secret and how come no one has come out and exposed this?

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 02:00 PM
a reply to: bally001

maybe the suit doesn't go over the head, but it's a jumpsuit that you step into a pull up over arms to neck?

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 02:09 PM

originally posted by: Blue Shift

I assume that they zipped up the back like a ladies' sweater, and if they were small, that might be a better fit. Did that undebunk it?

As a female I have had many polo sweaters, but never with a zip! It spoils

the line, and if you want a nice firm fit around the neck (even if you may have

a fat neck) its quite a pull over the head for a a normal head never mind one

as bigas 'Bob's'

As far as I'm concerned it was debunked years ago.

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 02:11 PM
Then there is Antarctica.

Let’s imagine the Antarctica story is real.

Who lives in Antarctica?

Usually only someone who is working there at the scientific research stations, meaning someone who must have a degree of some kind. Joe the plumber and Manuel Labor do not normally go to Antarctica to work. Workers there are usually involved in a government or military institution, involved with ships and planes or engineering or technology.

Now you can go there as a tourist but who’s going to go all the way to Antarctica to sell video tape?

So the person who sold the tape could have worked or had access to some one in the government or the military. This seems legit, as the film/tapes came from someone in that group.

The person who bought the tape must had have government, military or corporate access just to get to Antarctica. Or they had the big bucks cruise ship cash/credit to get there. An easy investment if they were getting priceless evidence of ET. Today's cruise ships cost around $3,000 minimum to get there. We only know they got the film/tapes before 2011, they could have had them a long time before that even. Or was it film they sold? Do we even know when the film was put on tape? Were these films put on VHS tape? That would mean they were most likely transferred in the 80’s or 90’s.

Either way, I see no good reason to doubt the Antarctica part of the story.

If you do, let me know why.

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