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How exactly did Trump con us

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posted on Sep, 30 2019 @ 01:14 PM

originally posted by: network dude

originally posted by: Grimpachi
Do the people that were chanting the major positions of Trump's campaign ever look back and wonder what happened.

I'd like free beer and blowjobs on Saturdays. but nobody asked me. Trump isn't aware that once elected, you don't have to do anything, his dumb ass thinks he needs to try to do what he promised. I realize he won't get them all, but he seems to be trying, despite the opposition and it's problems.

He's a douche, but he seems to get things done, so enjoy the tears, those who know, already know.

Meh, I am probably going to vote for him, but I refuse to act like those here that practically suck his D***.

The other form of TDS for those who don't know. Trump D*** Suckers. They defend anything and everything he does or says basically worshiping him. He is a lesser of two evils, but thats all I will give him.

posted on Sep, 30 2019 @ 01:16 PM
a reply to: network dude

well, this should be easy, can we see the list for what Obama had done in his first term?


is that racist?

posted on Sep, 30 2019 @ 01:21 PM
a reply to: hyperlexic

Maybe they believe Trump conned them in the attempt to impeach him. Trump is playing 4d chess. Q already said in march, 2018 that they will set up a whistle-blower. So essentially they leak bad info to the deep state mole who got contact with Schiff and set up the whole whistleblower impeachment with bad info.

Trump boxed them into a corner now they can't back out of impeachment while he hammers away at Biden and Dems corruption and witch hunt. Plus, the impeachment will allow Trump to call out all the deep state in full view. There is no way they really impeach him because he has the senate and there are no crimes.

he planned this all along and Nancy tried to hold her crazy wing off but they finally convinced her to move ahead. hahahah

Trump wins.

posted on Sep, 30 2019 @ 02:37 PM
He conned us into believing he is orange man. They can not im-peach an orange. Wrong fruit.

posted on Sep, 30 2019 @ 02:44 PM
a reply to: Grimpachi

Meh, I am probably going to vote for him,

So has he conned you into believing he is better than the rest?

posted on Sep, 30 2019 @ 03:29 PM

originally posted by: hyperlexic
a reply to: underwerks

So how was it carefully crafted by the Apprentice producers 30 years later?

Here is a snapshot of the inside of their brains' thinking compartment where Trump is the stupid orange super villain......

posted on Sep, 30 2019 @ 03:34 PM

originally posted by: hyperlexic
a reply to: Grimpachi

Meh, I am probably going to vote for him,

So has he conned you into believing he is better than the rest?

Not in my case, the rest have convinced me President Trump is not the worst.

a reply to: rickymouse

that is soo turduckin

Carry on.
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posted on Sep, 30 2019 @ 04:21 PM

originally posted by: underwerks
a reply to: hyperlexic

The entire image of Trump you guys believe in is a lie. We'll start with the "successful tycoon" image that starring in The Apprentice gave him. Mark Burnett, the producer didn't tap him for the show because he was such a great businessman, but because he was such a comically failed one:

But the entire premise of “The Apprentice” was also something of a con. When Trump and Burnett told the story of their partnership, both suggested that Trump was initially wary of committing to a TV show, because he was so busy running his flourishing real-estate empire. During a 2004 panel at the Museum of Television and Radio, in Los Angeles, Trump claimed that “every network” had tried to get him to do a reality show, but he wasn’t interested: “I don’t want to have cameras all over my office, dealing with contractors, politicians, mobsters, and everyone else I have to deal with in my business. You know, mobsters don’t like, as they’re talking to me, having cameras all over the room. It would play well on television, but it doesn’t play well with them.”

This is an oddly common refrain among people who were involved in “The Apprentice”: that the show was camp, and that the image of Trump as an avatar of prosperity was delivered with a wink. Somehow, this interpretation eluded the audience. Jonathon Braun marvelled, “People started taking it seriously!”


"People started taking it seriously." The image that Trump portrays that catapulted him to the presidency was carefully crafted by the producers of The Apprentice for their TV show. And you all believed it, when it's really just a con made to sell you a TV show.

Next, the book "The Art of the Deal" that is always held up as evidence of Donald Trumps business savvy, wasn't even written by him. It was written by Tony Schwartz.

“I put lipstick on a pig,” he told the New Yorker’s Jane Mayer in 2016. “I feel a deep sense of remorse that I contributed to presenting Trump in a way that brought him wider attention and made him more appealing than he is.”

“He has no guilt,” Schwartz said of Trump. “All he wants to do is make the case that he would like to be true. While I do think he’s probably aware that more walls are closing around him than ever before, he does not experience the world in a way that an ordinary human being would.”


Next, let's go to some of his campaign slogans and Presidential ideas. "Drain the swamp" and the concept of a "deep state" were marketing ideas developed by Cambridge Analytica. That were tested back in 2016 to see how well they played with you, Trumps base demographic.

We were testing all kinds of messages and all kinds of imagery, which included images of walls, people scaling walls," Christopher Wylie, a former employee at Cambridge Analytica, told CNN. "We tested 'drain the swamp' ... ideas of the deep state and the NSA watching you and the government is conspiring against you."

"And a lot of these narratives, which at the time would have seemed crazy for a mainstream candidate to run on, those were the things that we were finding that there were pockets of Americans who this really appealed to," Wylie added.

Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist and Trump campaign CEO, sat on the data firm's board of directors, which is largely backed by Republican megadonor Robert Mercer.


So when you guys rant about a "deep state" just remember that it began it's life as a slogan designed by the people who were tasked with marketing Donald Trump. To manipulate you into supporting him.

The entire image you all have of him is a carefully crafted con that was developed by TV executives and marketing research firms like Cambridge Analytica. Including the concept of a "deep state" that Donald Trump uses as an invisible boogeyman to explain his own failures and missteps. And you all have taken the bait, and just roll right along with it like it's an actual thing.

The moral of the story is that reality TV isn't real. And you should probably learn as much about marketing as you can so you don't fall for these type of cons in the future. Start with Edward Bernays, his relation to Sigmund Freud, read about his role with the OSS during WW2, then his work for the CIA, then his work for marketing agencies. And you'll be close to understanding the way you're being manipulated.

Whatever you choose to believe, now you can never say you weren't shown the truth.

So this is what grasping at straws looks like.

posted on Sep, 30 2019 @ 10:20 PM

originally posted by: hyperlexic
a reply to: Grimpachi

Meh, I am probably going to vote for him,

So has he conned you into believing he is better than the rest?

Nah, Trump didn't convince me I still think he is a horrible person that can't stop lying, but the left has convinced me they are worse.

Gun confiscation and bans
Open borders - NY passing bills to fine people 250K if you call an Illegal Alien an Illegal Alien which is the legal term
Cancel culture
Push to do away with the electoral college

The left has gone too far on too many issues. They went full retard.

posted on Sep, 30 2019 @ 11:13 PM
a reply to: underwerks

Deep State, Shadow Government and others have been around for a long time...Trump or anyone associated with him did not invent the phrase...

And Trump really is not wealthy??? He conned us???

You're too funny...

posted on Oct, 1 2019 @ 01:00 PM

originally posted by: Grimpachi
So far there is still no check from Mexico. They have not changed their tune of "f**k no."

Yet they have dedicated 20,000 troops to their northern and southern borders, and illegal immigration is taking anose dive.

How much did that cost them?

I am still waiting for Hilary to be locked up.

Me too... maybe not too much longer to wait though... we'll see...

I never though drain the swamp simply meant he would routinely change out those he hired.

Sometimes it takes time to find the right people for the right job. And firing government union swamp rats isn't easy.

posted on Oct, 1 2019 @ 01:23 PM
I cannot recall the tune he had playing as he emerged
from the white smoke.

But as for me, I was hearing “edge of seventeen”

The tingles ...he doesn’t even wait!

It was the tingles.
Just like the boozy musk
and heady takeover of the...
the tingles
it’ll kill ya


# 1050
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posted on Oct, 2 2019 @ 12:07 AM

originally posted by: Lysergic
a reply to: underwerks

I thought he was just a bumbling orange idiot, you make him out to be some sort of master mind lol.

Yeah, he's been a billionaire and lost it all and then been a billionaire again. Pretty crap aye../sarcasmoff

Thing is he has more money now than that poster will ever see in their life.

He's also President too boot.

Now that's two things he has that he has the previous poster will never accomplish in their lifetime..

posted on Oct, 2 2019 @ 12:25 PM
a reply to: Grimpachi

And that sums it up for me too.

Well written.

posted on Oct, 4 2019 @ 12:51 AM
a reply to: underwerks

Wow this really is one of the most simpleton and juvenile level attempts at persuasion I have ever seen. But I am sure enough people pointed that out. What I will add, in case nobody has already, is a question. Do you truly think that his not being as successful a billionaire as his flashy businesses suggest, his having someone ghostwrite most of his book like many people do, or the fact that the producer of the Apprentice claimed (after the fact I might ad) that he hadn't hired Trump because he respected him but for another reason are reasons to consider ourselves the victims of a political con job!?!? Really, how do you conclude that without the glaringly obvious smacking you on the bum with whatsthatgottodowithitism till your butt cheeks are ruddy (that means red)?

I am flabbergasted that many people in this day and age of absolute access to information still suffer from a complete and utter lack of even elementary knowledge and capability when approaching the most rudimentary of subjects and the most menial of acts; furthermore, the obliviousness that even when the task at hand is so low on a scale of Bloom's Taxonomy, they perform at embarrassing low levels of is both pitiful and pitiable.

posted on Oct, 4 2019 @ 09:56 AM
I would have to disagree trump is not successful in business. His ability to brand himself and surround himself with the people you say made him could easily be thought of as success. Is he a rags to riches story? Absolutely not. He's cashed in on that success to be the leader of the free world and handed a pretty OK business to his children, he won't have to worry that Barron trump will be without to say the least.

Im sure you could insert ANY major politician into your last paragraph about public manipuliation, it certainly doesn't just apply to trump alone... I find the argument we sheeple fell for trump a bit misplaced when the entirety of media has been full throated screaming he's got to go and supporting the inevability of Hillarys election.

I'm not sure if painting a conspiracy of marketing geniuses from the early 1900s to now leading to a trump presidency really makes him a conn, although I do agree we all have been victims of manipulation. An example of which, during the 2016 debates, following the 3rd debate the media even before responding to the debate cautioned us trump could challenge the legitimacy of the election when he loses, framing a trump lose as an inevitably, and trump as corrupt before a single vote was cast.

What's truly frightening is the cognitive dissonance experienced by all with regard to any and all things trump. How to we all seem to KNOW the truth but can't agree what that is? That sure does feel like manipulation.

a reply to: underwerks

posted on Oct, 4 2019 @ 10:04 AM
He conned them because the evil harpy of Satan didn't win the election. and everyday i wake up thankful she didnt win

posted on Oct, 6 2019 @ 10:13 PM

originally posted by: hyperlexic
So I keep seeing this from pretty much every democrat online in person and on the news.

Trump has conned us all and we have all fallen for it. Im starting to think they dont know what the word means

When you get conned you dont get what you want or what you were promised in the end right?

Trump has delivered on every promise. There are glorious sections of boarder wall being built as I type.

The economy is at record levels. Unemployment is at record lows , the stock market just keeps chugging along.

Where is the con?

What do the dems promise and do they ever keep them? Ask yourself that and maybe you will see who is being conned

Trump didn't con anyone..

Trump won because the supporters of the opposition were too busy screaming incoherently at the sky, licking toilet bowls, dumping into their hands and then smearing their own feces on effigies, identifying as lawn chairs, waving communist flags around at every opportunity, beating up old folks and Asian reporters, burning cars and rioting and calling every person not like them a NAZI and white supremacist (including colored people)

Dems' lost because the majority of the anti-Trump movement are BAT$@%t crazy and nobody with a grain of clarity want's anything to do with that..!!

Trump is trying his best to keep his campaign promises, but then you have the opposition throwing one spanner in the works after another to derail what he is trying to get done, then calling him out for not keeping said promises..

It's all fine for the opposition to list the things he hasn't got done, but how stupid do they think people are that they can't see the reasons behind his failings are because of the constant and relentless interference..!?!
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