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Am I the only one who just doesn’t care about the latest “Trump Impeachment” saga?

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posted on Sep, 28 2019 @ 09:03 PM
It's just another example of the left doing what the left does.Namely, become hysterical idiots when Trump pulls their strings. They over-react, they act without having any of the facts, aided by the frothing mad dogs the ratings hungry media have become.

This, too, will pass and likely leave them with yet another glaring failure because what is being overlooked here is that while a number of Americans actually are anti-Trump, it is only a very very few that are actually on board the leftists crazy train. They grovel at the feet of the DNC out of sheer fear. They posture on internet forums in seeming lock-step with their freakish overlords only because of some weird, indescribable fear and hatred of either Trump himself or something they have been conditioned to think he represents.They would jump off the fruitcake train in a heartbeat if those guys actually had a moderate tone or leader.

The oddest thing about it is they honest to God have no actual or factual basis to react to the man the way they do. They can't actually give a real reason for the hatred. Something 'someone said', or 'something they read 'or.........

His arrogance? Crude remarks? A cocky persona that somehow actually manages to be effective? Hell man, even the right sees THOSE things about the man.

Without abandoning all perspective or reason.

So nah, hard to really give a damn about just another of a hundred lame attempts to bring the man down. The MOST investigated, scrutinized, analyzed and badgered politician in US history would have LONG been far gone if he really was the monster the idiots imagine him to be.

Even the die hard anti-Trumpers don't really take the DNC antics seriously.

I mean, look at them, lol.

So play at your latest 'impeachment' DNC, no one is really paying much attention to you guys anymore. Not even your eternally cowed and over-hyped base.
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