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That Bitcoin....a Buy in a week or less It Needs one more Tiny Drop Lower Then Pounce

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posted on Sep, 29 2019 @ 01:37 AM
a reply to: UKWO1Phot

Why do that when you can short alibaba?

Or buy call options on the VIX / TLT??

If the markets green monday and volatility drops I'm buying calls on TLT, TVIX, VIX, VXX or whatever I can get my hands on through robinhood

If TLT is low or - Monday I'll short GLD and SLV, if TLT is high I'll do the opposite

SPY broke support at 294.31, I forget where the next level of support is now but I'll take out spy puts itll hit that next level of support soon as well

When it hits support I'll buy a call if I get a bullish candle with high volume and confirmation if it breaks supports I'll just take another put out until it hits its next support
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posted on Sep, 29 2019 @ 03:48 AM
I logged in to reply to this .... ANYONE who 'thinks of' Bitcoin as an "investment vehicle" is a FOOL!

IF you do not have a solid understanding of Btc AND a few hundred thousand dollars to Throw away, forget it!

Sure there are people who can afford to gamble on anything and they call it "investing" ... a word with many meanings

BUT even More Incredibly, Bitcoin's (not 'all cryptocurrencies', ONLY afaik Btc and it's blockchain) True Purpose of Btc is NOT what most people think it is

I became 'aware' of Btc upon it's birth via a science site I visited

the first Bitcoins I bought were less than $100 back in 2011-12 iirc and after seeing the possibilities, I I continued to use Btc online for about 3 yrs

I was one of the first 100 people in the World to get a Butterfly Labs Btc ASIC and began mining BUT by that time the Big Banks HAD Changed "how Btc COULD work" and so I bailed. I still have the ASIC in the cupboard

From the very start, in 2009 Btc fascinated me as the concept of crypto currenci'es had been around in the scifi world for a while, however the "computing power" did not exist Until about 2005 . . .

The whole concept of a p2p based digital currency with No central 'controller' was very appealing in So many ways

BUT after ToR was 'cracked' ...
I actually watched it get 'taken over' and gee,
coincidentally the Silk Road was 'taken down' that day.
Amongst other things most people were Unaware of, but I digress, back to Btc

BITCOIN IS NOT WHAT IT APPEARS and that's The Whole Idea ... and F'in brilliant one it is too

Question; How the hell a bunch of people have become so 'invested with' a cryptocurrency NO ONE is sure created it!?

And not just that, Nakamoto's intial stock makes him worth around $40 billion! Yet "he" hasn't spent a cent!
What gives? My BiL is a Dbankster economist, has been for 30yrs and "all it far from what it seems"

The 'answer' lies with the 'powers' of the 'miners' computing power and it's register, the Blockchain

Like SETI uses the idle computer processing power of the connected computers, Btc's "miners" provide the 'distributed computing power' that AI's Need
technology could not provide that 12yrs ago --- Just as it couldn't 'support' Btc;s code until around 2005

I'd guess the code was written long before the p2p network's computers 'caught up' to be Able to run it

The DS play a loooong game with as many possibilities as can be "imagined" catered for

FFS they wanted countries to "create a market for CARBON"! These cats will use Anything as "an excuse to become richer"

That's how they 'rate themselves' amongst each other!


JPY/GB as a long time lurker I though more of you .... I hope you are only confused and not misleading on purpose

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