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Vegetarian Future?

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posted on Mar, 6 2005 @ 08:17 AM
Factory farms are only the tip of the animal cruelty iceberg. Animal testing, the fur trade, the animal entertainment industry, the companion animals industry (puppy mills, etc.) and the wool market are some of the other horrors we've allowed by way of ignorance. .When I dared to see what was happening all around me, I was completely overwhelmed by its enormity and could only take it in little by little. It's not easy to adopt a new perspective and surrender the comfort of false reality. But then again, isn't most enlightenment achieved through suffering?

Honestly, I didn't ask or particularly even want to evolve into a vegetarian. I miss eating meat. Nevertheless, I will never willingly eat animals again. Compare this mind shift to losing your virginity. Once you've lost that innocence, you can never turn back.

It was seven years ago when I first went on-line and a whole new world opened up for me. Learning about the lies and conspiracies that make up our multifaceted reality was a devastating experience. I felt the world had forsaken me. The shock of my initiation left me numb. Then came depression for all that I'd lost, followed by anger and finally acceptance. Sound familiar?

I started my alternative education with medical conspiracies followed by the whole extraterrestrial thing. Later, my investigation of religious frauds put me in a slump for months. "Aye too Jesus?" By the time I got to political conspiracies I was angry and bitter. But it wasn't until I read "Fast Food Nation" about a year and a half ago, that I got into nutritional propaganda.

That book that opened yet another door for me. Learning about e-coli, salmonella, Mad Cow and the conditions that created these horrors, eventually led to my awareness of animal exploitation.

Animal exploitation is the most extreme form of prejudice. Just as man has realized blacks weren't make for white people and women weren't made for men, in time all will know, animals weren't made for us either.

Being at the top of the food chain doesn't give us divine right to do as we please but rather the responsibility to protect those below us. "Might doesn't make right."

What will happen to the animals we call food when all men become vegetarian? I assume their numbers will decrease to approximate the worlds other animal populations. Their propose after that? What purpose do monkeys or tiger have? Nature has a plan for every living thing. Just because we've lost our connection to the earth, we shouldn't assume that animals have. They will know their place and what to do I expect.

Until that time I'll live a meatless existence and wait for you to follow me.


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