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Hunting with bows for hobby -not survival

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posted on Sep, 15 2019 @ 11:26 PM
a reply to: Oleandra88
What kind of bow are you talking about?

A old fashion instinctive archery bow, it takes a lot of practice to learn, and even then there not that accurate, and even then they just dont have the power of a gun or a compound bow.

But in bush situation or survival situation, an old fashion bow is the way to go as you can always make more ammo for it, or you can make the bow and whole thing with basic tools.

I have a compound bow however, dont even own a gun, and have not shoot one in years. In fact I just shoot for fun, which is why I got more of a target bow, instead of a hunting bow. Used to have a smaller bow, but in all things, would not even have the time to go hunting even if I cared to go.

My current bow, if your familiar with bows, not sure they even make it anymore. But its a Mathews Wake, its pretty hefty, and with everything on, quiver, arrows, sight, stabilizer, I think its over 7 pounds. Its not something I would take hunting with, but I have done that, and just ended up going for a nice walk in the woods.

Either way was not to serious about it, more of a camping trip then anything. However I would not rule it out as a weapon or for hunting, in anything its probably the most accurate weapon I have ever used. Yes even more then a gun, at least up to 100 yards, not only that the impact alone from the arrows would go through most body armor like kevlar like butter, a bullet wont do that even at closer ranges.

In fact at anything close to 30 to 50 yards it will go through whatever animal or even person, and maybe even pass to a second that is behind easy. I have shot through animals at 30 yards and had to dig up my arrow from the ground, and it was all still intact, those carbon fiber arrows are pretty dam tough, and so are the broadheads, I could shoot it at a brick wall and it would still be usable after.

With certain type of arrowheads which are kind of illegal in some states, you can go through bone like nothing and still would come out the other side and likely through whatever is on the other side. If anything I would say that for hunting, the compound bow is much more better then a gun or riffle. NO noise, deadly, freaking accurate, I am pretty confident that even at 100 yards I can hit anything the size of a basketball no issue, I mean sure you can get more accurate with some riffles, but only the heavier higher caliber ones, and even those wont have the penetrating power of a bow at those ranges.

And also, your hunting, your not running around reloading and firing or shooting every minute. Its a one shoot done deal even with a gun. Most hunters who hunt with a bow take a gun anyways, but that is mostly for protection incase something just jumps out of the bush at them, as its a faster draw and shoot. But guns are not as effective at hunting as a compound bow would be.

Unless offcourse your shooting at things at 200 yards or so. Which would be to easy I suppose. And also depends were your hunting, here in WA you cant see 10 yards in front of you because of all the bushes and trees, and if you ever been into the woods out there, most places 10 feet is the maximum distance you can see anything, the rest is a sea of green. On the plains, or anywhere were you have just grass and trees here and there, I can see were you can just hit them at 300 yards or farther with ease using a riffle.

posted on Sep, 15 2019 @ 11:52 PM
a reply to: galadofwarthethird
This guy is something to behold!

posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 12:29 AM
a reply to: vonclod

That guy is a showman. All that stuff is for movie purposes. I dont shoot a recurve or do instictive archery, I was actually at one time thinking of picking it up. But dont have the time for that now a days. There is only one advantage to recurves used at hunting that I see.

And that is in the 30 to 70 yard ranges. Since you have a lot less power, you have more of a curve to your arrows trajectory, in places were there is a lot of bush or tree limbs in the way, which here in WA would be practically everywere you could go. Lets say you see a target at 50 yards away, but there are bushes treelimbs and all kinds of things in the path of the arrow travel. With a recurve it would literally dip over most of the low hanging things in the way and you would hit the target.

With my bow, it would blow straight through small branches in the way, or just get stuck in big ones or deflect off them, guns would be the same no clear shot. But that stuff that guy shows on that video, is all just for show. Trick shooting would also not work well with something like what I use, things like shooting at a plank and bouncing the arrow off it, would not work because it would go straight through that plank and likley whatever else is behind it at the ranges that guy was shooting.

There are so many things wrong with what that guy says, that you could write a novel on it.

Or, here, this lady explains some things why it works good in the movies, but not in real life. Also, who is stupid enouph to shot while running? Its almost complelely useless for hunting, even the ranges he is hitting stuff at, if your that close to anything, you may as well club it to death, or it will club you to death if its a bigger animal, and pray to crom a bear does not rush you, as it would not even feel the arrow from that fancy speed shooting hes doing, wont even likley penetrate past the fat and muscle, it could barely penetrate the freaking cardboard and foam at 10 feet.

That whole shoot through mail and chain, is bull. You can go prove it for yourself, take a knife, and try with all your strength to punch through mail and chain with a knife? Anything you do with a full force puncture with a knife would have way more power then even if he was pulling back a 200 pound bow, which he is not, at most its like 30 pounds, but for those fast shoots its like 15 pounds. You could kill animals or people with it, but only if they let you.

May as well hit whatever is attacking you over the head at that point. Its the equivalent of trying to kung fu block mike Tysons punch. Sure you can do some spiffy stuff with a bow and arrow, but its called trick shooting for a reason.

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posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 01:24 AM
a reply to: galadofwarthethird

Shot placement, many record Grizzlies and Polar Bears were taken down with small caliber varmint rifles,

Also the guy with the trick shots, imagine he shoots them while riding a horse, with poisoned arrows.

posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 01:36 AM
Currently i have a Mission Craze Compound bow. Smaller size, great adjustment for the poundage strength, awesome engineering. If any complaint maybe some shielding for melee combat. Have not killed with this one, but have in the past. If you are going to go hunting then pay your respects, say your grace and enjoy your meal.

Performing the act of killing at least once removes the disassociation of sacrifice from our prepackaged steaks. The world has been working this way for millions of years, it keeps thing real.

As for hunting just for fun. There was a time I was young and stupid, has some bad influences. I finally learnt respect once I felt the pain of another. The ones that go too far shut themselves off to this, they get wrapped up in the excitement and energy like a hit of adrenalin. Kinda like a blood lust when on the battle field of war.

The insight I got is that we are defined by the implications of our actions.

posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 02:05 AM
a reply to: Mach2

Did the 4-H thing and still have a huge green Clover Leaf sew on patch kicking around somewhere nearly a 1/2 century later..Good point.You put your passion and hard work into one animal and then you build an emotional connection to the animal when you remove it from the crowd and put it under your wing...which you self-manage into a huge sense of respect and thankfulness when you let the dynamic ripen properly and go full circle and sell it or harvest it.

You learn about contrast...but you don't have to give anything up you still have a set perspective on the herd....just more respect for both the individual and the really does lead to better Farming practices in many cases IMHO.....4-H made a big difference in my rural community in terms of teaching the youth a new more progressive way to view the lifestyle they are living and the job they are doing.

posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 02:22 AM
a reply to: kwakakev

I understand you.

Ive never hunted for sport or fun. I mean I love the hunt and everything about it ( except the hauling the field dressed dear out of the woods.. its heavy and Im small) but I cant just kill something because I love the hunt. I can go stalking or scouting if I get the urge. We are NOT the only species that kills for fun, but Id like to think we can decide to refrain from sport or trophy hunting for many reasons.

Target shooting w bow, gun, sling, whatever.. HECK YEAH!!!

posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 03:03 AM

originally posted by: Oleandra88
a reply to: Anathros
I get that it is a natural experience, we did that for thousands of years, it is a instinct.

What would you personally say is more efficient in killing? The bow or the rifle? Both being fired from someone skilled of course. Does the sound from the string notify them shortly before the arrow impacts and would it make them move a bit?

Does your experience compensate that already up front? Honest questions, no judgement.

Yes, I always try to double lung with my bow. That said, I always aim 2 inches high because they tend to drop at the sound of the sound as oppose to jumping. The rifle is more efficient by far but I've only lost one deer that I've shot with a bow. Yes, I was sick over it but it does happen. I tracked it a good mile before losing it at a creek. That was years ago before the expandable broadheads became available. With Rage hypodermic expandables, those days of tracking deer more than 75 yards are over. Most deer pile up within 20 yards these days.

The old saying "aim high, watch em die..aim low, watch em go" still applies to both bows and rifles.

posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 03:13 AM
a reply to: galadofwarthethird

I can't argue with much of what you said, I was just showing archery being a bit more dynamic.

My whole childhood was around archery, my dad shot professionally. All the summer camping trips were to archery tourneys. Great memories, he shot compound, was very good. He did not do trick shots like Lars, but could robin hood arrows fairly easy..for demo purposes. He made arrows, custom handles for compounds, stabilisers, releases, did leatherwork, it was all about the archery.

I shot lots of recurve, some compound too, but became more interested in shooting smallbore at the gun club

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posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 03:30 AM
a reply to: solve

I know Bellas great Grandson.I have worked and Hunted and hiked the Slave Lake area.She was Squirrel Hunting.She was well known for head-shots on Squirrels with open-sight .22.Its a small world.As to the thread....IMHO the last thing a hunter needs to think about is the kill shot...that's naturally occurring and mechanical....and style is everything.You can shoot deer from your Deck in the country.You can ditch hunt from you Truck.You can bait hunt over a salt lick.You can get some buddies and push bush.You can sit up in a tree.You can stalk your way thru the Forest.You can sit in a blind.Today you can buy a Drone and pick your animal.

Its all about style.Hunting and killing are different.Hunting is a process and killing is an act.

All this less-pain and more damage BS just cracks me up....I have killed a lot of different things and I don't think that a single life was sacrificed by nature easily comfortably or in any way "better" than another...nothing wants to die....there is no "better way" to kill....that's some kind of psyco-babble to ease some odd type of conscience issue...for Sport Hunters so they don't feel guilty....I NEVER felt guilty killing for food any way I needed to.I know an old Native hunter who routinely lung shoots moose with a .22 then just lets them die and he goes back and harvests them.Path of least resistance to a meat hunter who doesn't wish to expend time and resources needlessly.

I have belly-crawled up to a bedded sleeping Whitetail and touched it....I was a white kid in the country who wanted to be Hiawatha.....and I didn't even hunt then...I have never ever had an experience like that since and don't think I ever will...I kicked those Whitetails arse...3 of them....and I almost got a hoof in the face when they all grass was still hot where they were just wanted to see if I could do it.....yes you can do it....and NEVER EVER during my hunting years did I ever even bother to try to do anything like that many things that happen in the Forest it was happenstance and simply a situational the way most meat hunters who live in the Woods find and harvest animals ...they already know where the game is and when to harvest it so they just work it into their never look a gift horse in the mouth in the Woods so you are always ready to harvest whatever is ready to be taken wherever and however you can using the path of least resistance.

If you "think" you are a hotshot hunter or some woods Pro and you have a difficult time believing that anyone can stalk sleeping Whitetails and touch one...well you are a putz...and you know how to kill but not how to hunt....because the reality is that NO HUNTER EVER TRIES TO DO THAT....and to do it you cant think like a Hunter because a hunter thinks a path of least resistance because of perspective...I am willing to bet my left cojone that less than 1 in 1000 hunters can name me the top ten plants and trees soil types grasses and mosses and worst of all BUGS AND WEE CREATURES you will find within 2o yards of a creek or stream while you are laying there on your belly trying not to lose your bladder 40 yards then 60 yards...while you are at it you also need to visually map the terrain so you know where your scent is going at all need to use the terrain as much as the deer do....especially with scent see a deer knows how its SUPPOSSED TO isn't looking for you 24/7/ if it smells wrong in their safe spots they know immediately...LMAO.....and to all you hunters out there don't BS don't even think about the layers upon layers of details that nature presents for you to utilise….its not the HUMAN smell that animals scent its the DIFFERENT SMELL....its all about contrast.

The problem is that its an intimacy issue.....if you know the Forest where you hunt intimately then you know it as well as your prey...but you are an intelligent the easiest thing to do for you if you know the landscape is to hunt game....once you know their habits and the landscape its so easy as to become simply another bloody chore you have to do.....I used to get in trouble for screwing around when hunting.....till I got older and could just go out on day 1 or 2 and finish my work....yes is what it is.

People think when an animal runs away in the forest it somehow ends up 100 miles away from 5 seconds...out of sight and out of mind....but this is far from how it works.....once you know the terrain you now the safe spots and the safe egress routes as well as the blind know how sound and scent travel and you know where Nature provides sound and scent as cover for animals on the lam....and you know where your prey comes from and where it will go under pressure.....literally the killing is mundane and means little in fact its kind of sad because it means everything exciting is over for the moment.

I waved hello to a Boone@Crockett Mule Deer every week or so for 5 years on the way to do my chores until he stopped showing up at his safe spot...the top of a steep odd river-valley hill/mound that had gravelly sides around it but a nicely treed top....he could scramble up the sides and get to the top but it was so steep and treacherous that nothing really came up after him so he was extremely weird and would eat during broad daylight and would not bolt when he saw danger.... never had friends with him and he was a MONSTER IN EVERY WAY...I knew someone would take him sooner or later because he was to close to a road.I didn't kill him because he was a genius.But I think someone else did because he was a beauty.

I don't hunt anymore....but right now even though I got rid of my gear....I have a whack of brand new Crossbow bolt Broadheads I cannot seem to part with...nothing else just a couple dozen spanking new wicked looking broadheads that will never be used ....weird I know..but I keep them.

I guess its not weird upon reflection because I know the only thing I cannot easily source out is the its the most important part of the doesn't take much to kill something with a sharp instrument...and it doesn't take much to put a sharp instrument into an animal...but its dam hard to find a reliable sharp instrument in nature IMHO....I never did learn how to Knapp

To top it off as I aged I learned that its the fat of the animals we need...not the meat....I always knew that fat was key to survival for all of us but not the real important reasons protects your brain from inflammation....while at the same time eating meat causes inflammation....its a connendrum until you learn enough to figure it I cook my meat with vegetables then give the meat to my buddies dogs....all I want is the fat.

Watch the last Alone really close attention to the health of the winner after he nails a how hard he is fighting for that how hard the Wolverines are fighting for that fat.....witness the overall value of that Moose Fat.Most of all look at how he set up his moose for harvest by working with the terrain and with the tools he he used pre-planning and sound.

Fat helps you think better because it protects your brain ...and we need it regularly.
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posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 04:22 AM
Doesn't matter to me how the animal dies as long as it ends up on my dinner table. I've killed thousands of animals in my life. Sometimes it's humane sometimes it's not. I hunt and I fish and it's all about the end results to me. I only take what I plan to eat. I don't do it for bragging rights.

posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 09:34 AM
a reply to: one4all

All i was saying in a post that things are possible, and i can not recommend trying a headshot,

Cleaned enough trophies and witnessed enough terrible injuries that have healed, but remained as a source of pain.

Lungs, heart, good places, every hunter knows this, and still i have to clean trophies that have random bullets and arrows stuck in the head, and healed, dodging the brain cavity.

But on a side note, very cool you know the relatives, Wish i could one day see that grizzly skull in person.
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Also to clarify, small game is small game, also self defense is a different situation.
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posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 12:22 PM
a reply to: Mach2
I read the rest of all posts on the thread. I will answer to all of your reply to me in one message. I live very rural, I grew up where I live currently and I like it here. Just some of my favorite memories, because you seem thinking I live in the city.

I climbed in barns, built tree-houses with others, jumped into the corn heap from the next floor, fished, helped unfishing a little lake, when they drained it and catching the fish they threw up to us children, putting them in water tanks quick. Had rabbits. I had a small Swish pocket knife with me and I was never afraid of getting dirty or bruising my knees. Like Lumenari, I built bows too but not on her level. Most kids here knew how to built bows, arrows or slingshots from wild hazelnut growing here and there. I could change the back tires on my bicycle when I shredded them regulary by hitting the blocking brake and kind of drifting with the back tire sliding.

posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 12:30 PM
a reply to: Lumenari

Together with friends and one of the friends dads, we made some bows, arrows and slingshots out of hazelnut wood. We never came to the idea to laminate them but they were good enough for some fun, until we got interest into other things, or redone it alone without an adult around. Very basic bows, no lamination. The slingshot I found more interesting and I did a few.

We could shoot on square hey boxes, too exactly like you in a big open barn. We had a hideout up there with a rope ladder, you guess it, from hazelnut and rope

The rope stretched a bit so we thought the adults will not climb up often and disturb us. That was the plan, the next day there was a huge ladder
Good times!

posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 12:45 PM
a reply to: Graysen
No I am not judging anyone.
Can you not form a opinion without judging? I can.

I can think something is wrong or right, or what someone is doing is wrong or right. I just try to understand the reasoning behind it. By that I mean changing perspective and trying to see their view.

It is the whole idea of this thread!

Please point out where I judge bow hunters?? You came here and the first thing you do is attacking me, making a statement. But not to me but to the reader. You come into this discussion, and tell to everyone what you think about me. without directing it to me. What you judged about me and my intentions.

Well done! I would call it hypocrite-ish but that would mean I did judge in the first place. I did not.

posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 12:54 PM
a reply to: galadofwarthethird
I asked in general what bows you, as in the hunters who prefer bows, use. I naturally thought it are high powered bows because they make the most sense

The area where I once went to hunting with, was a needle wood forest with some leaf trees mixed in here and there. We sat in a kind of little box on long stands (5m above ground). Many hogs and boars here. Little tanks on four feet, they can break your legs or worse when they run into you I heard.

The field of vision was slightly uphill in a tree free area, like a big gap in the forest. Some animal routes crossed there, they were visible with the binoculars, streaks of fresh bent grass.

No one runs around here firing around and reloading.

posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 01:35 PM
a reply to: Anathros

That was what I thought could happen, them noticing the swirl of the string before the arrow arrives. Moving the head a bit or putting pressure on their legs for a jump. Thank you for the insight, I appreciate it very much.

I believe most hunters out there are sensible to this, it also aligns with their goal, a high percentage of success. A fast kill does add much to that, is logic.

posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 01:38 PM
a reply to: wantsome
Perfectly natural, too. Like I wrote before, nature is far more cruel.

posted on Sep, 16 2019 @ 02:12 PM
a reply to: Lumenari
Not the typical American bow-hunter, I mean like not tied to any country at all. Just opinions and viewpoints. I hope I did not come across like I claimed that I have the final answer. I do not feel moral higher. Same eye height.

Just sticking my neck out and looking for others opinion. Thank you for sharing yours! It was a interesting read with the laminated bows.

posted on Sep, 17 2019 @ 12:21 AM
a reply to: solve
I would not recommend trying to shoot grizzlies or polar bears with small caliber varmint rifles, for the same reason I would not recommend driving and steering with your feet, and using a stick to push the gas and brake with your hands. I mean it could be done, if you wanted to, but its not smart or effective way of doing things.

All animals in the wild, will back off if you scare them and stand your ground they will likely veer off. And I said likely. That just means your taking your chances. But most if not all are just there to survive and find something to eat, if you show them your not food, they will leave. So yes, speed shooting them at 10 yards with a 15 pound quick draw rate, may scare them off, and its its something bigger like a grizzly, it probably would just wobble off and not really notice the arrows sticking out of it till latter.

Or it may not scare them off, in which case if you dont kill them, you will become food. A gun fired in the air or to the side would also have the same effect.

Basically, this is the way you want to do it.

This is not the way you want to do it, as depending on bear or animals mood, they wont likley just knock you over and leave. Not everybody is as lucky as this guy in this vid is, but it does happen.

And for the whole close range bow shooting. You got to understand that the whole reason bows were made and invented was not to shoot things from up close and personal. They are a medium to long range weapon.

It worked for the mongols and others, because they were mostley they were fighting unarmored battles, no people in chain and plate mail, mostley leather or just cloth, so ya, you could ride on a horse shoot off a few arrows and take off. It was a valid battle tactic in those days and skill.

But so was shooting a volley of arrows from 200 yards away.

And since were imagining things, I can imagine him riding on a horse and speed shooting with poisoned arrows. But I can also imagine just shooting him before he even got on a horse, or as he is charging, and then going to get a drink after.

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