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[WL2019] My First Big Win

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posted on Sep, 9 2019 @ 10:18 AM
My First Big Win

Walked through the wet cold grass in my well worn flip flops like I have done
so many times before. This day felt different the sun was just coming up but seemed hotter
intense for being early September.

The shine from the lake burned my eyes my sun glasses lay back on the old porch swing
not going back the grass is wet and cold and I have butterflies in my stomach. This is it
this is the day I feel it, never had too much luck if it were not for bad luck I would not have any luck at all
so they say.

The lake was small but alive circles from a myriad of dragonflies dipping into the lake and doing their thing
crickets chirping a occasional rattle of a cicada so warm today feels different.

My rock the only one thing constant in my life is this rock it hurts to sit on it but it's mine.
My pole is a 5 foot ultra lite ugly stick with 4 pound test I have had this pole for 34 years only had to change the reel once
it has seen better days its well beat up I still love it , unconditionally.

Damn, it's been awhile I should have change my line runs through my head ..Quite, you pay attention now
this is no time for such nonsense just enjoy the lake the sun the trees and smell of the warm water
and the sun baked pickerel weed and the algae. I have waited for this worked for this all year put money away
for this dreamed of this when I lay my head on my pillow at night.

Snipping a lil' piece of worm with my fingers I am sorry worm runs through my head .. it's only a worm ugh.
Okay this is it my first cast I decide to flip the line working the edge of the lake in front of me for small sunnies or perch
what ever I can snag for bait.
My way to quite the noise that fills my head I repeat I am allowed to enjoy this this is what you have been waiting for this is the prize
you work so hard for.
Everything becomes so clear sitting here on my rock flipping the edge all the noise is slowly mellowing.

I stand and breathe take it all in the sun is even hotter now directly in my eyes intense, I wondered if this will be
like the light I will follow in the end if I choose to go.

A tiny tug brings me back it's a perfect size not to small not to big sorry I say to this little fellow, so sorry.
Run my hook through it's back no turning back now it's a done deal.
This is it I am ready I flip the bail I am blinded by the sun but cast it sails far
I know it does I can feel it I can feel it inside somethings different today it just might be my day.

My eyes are stinging now it's so hot and my heart is pounding bugs are buzzing around my face I don't care.
Almost immediately instantaneously my pole dipped and my drag whined and screamed oh my God I didn't check my drag
it's whizzing and screaming my heart I felt light headed pounding pounding heart then the line tightened then loosened
oh no did I lose him then out of no where he jumped flipped mid air this huge green monster with bug eyes and a tail a wagging
oh no did he spit the hook ran through my mind then the line screamed again my two feet planted firm and hard it felt like feet below the ground.
It hits me hes at least 10 pounds of pissed off bass that felt like 20 the excitement is just overwhelming.

Then then it hits me how am I going to land this monster alone no net no nothing. How? I say out loud ok he's tired
he's tired no no you're tired not him. The distortion of excitement I am not believing this is real I am still sleeping in the cabin dreaming
this like you have so many times before. Composure comes reality sets in I am reeling him in lift my pole and bend at the bank right there in all his glory a horse of a bass 10 plus had to be ...GRAB HIM GRAB him and I did I grabbed him like no bodies business with every emotion I had deep inside me. I lifted him with the strength I didn't know I had I raised this beautiful monster that I always wished and dreamed of and he allowed me to kiss him gently on his cheek I thanked him repeatedly as I lowered him back to the edge of the water and released him and in one big splash he was gone leaving me with a muck covered tee shirt. This is the day I won the lottery.

The End

posted on Sep, 9 2019 @ 11:53 AM
a reply to: starlitestarbrite

Liked the ending.


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