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The Blood, Body & Kingdom of Christ = Oil, Israel & Empire

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posted on Mar, 5 2005 @ 09:53 PM
The reign of the Lord is coming.
The second return of Christ is upon us.

And it comes in the form of World Domination
through American Imperialism
in communion with the Land of Israel
and the Blood of the Earth

The body of Christ given for you = Israel
The blood of Christ given for you = Oil
The Kingdom of Christ given for you = Empire

God help a nation hijacked by a minority of policymakers with an agenda that appears to run counter to the greater good.

Can God help us now.
Isn't it this God that is condemning us
to a vile and horrid death
all in the name of his Kingdom being rebuilt?

Or is there an Anti-Christ among us
creating a false return of the Lord
based on a communion with evil?

Is this world conspiracy
and war on terrorism t
he path of the second coming of Christ
or the Anti-Christ?

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