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The problem with good people

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posted on Sep, 8 2019 @ 03:03 PM

originally posted by: carsforkids
a reply to: GeauxHomeYoureDrunk

Good and evil, just like light and dark, cannot exist without each other.

Are you sure about this? Because I see it in the complete opposite.

Light must exist or all you have is non existent darkness. There are no
degrees of dark in the absence of light. No speed to darkness. Darkness is
what you have if nothing exists. The only way to defeat the darkness is with
the existence of light. Light has speed light has degrees and different colors.
Light exists without darkness because darkness does not exist. And so to say good
can not exist without evil is just as untrue.

Fairly certain that at this point you are being obtuse and arguing out of boredom, so adios to you and good luck with your hypotheticals!

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