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Hollywood stars demanding the blacklisting of Trump supporters, isn't that totalitarian or fascist?

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posted on Sep, 6 2019 @ 05:18 AM

originally posted by: TemplarLoyalty
a reply to: Bloodworth
Did you seriously just reference a person of color as "colored"? And no, they wouldn't damage his business or name if he is able to explain why he fired them or refused to hire them based on political affiliation because political affiliation is not a protected class. lol. Absurd.

You fire a BLM member and they will organize and protest your business until it's gone.

Who will a liberal judge believe? a white business owner or a person of color who got fired because he supports the president.

I know people of color who are fed up with their jobs and make this stuff up to sue and get out.

One guy worked for a wealthy law firm. zero racism and he left and took the company for half a mil.

When colleagues heard what this guy received, everyone was in shock.

They asked around how a judge could even grant that, and the people that went to the trials said , you had a person of color of the stand.

He was a shoe in.

What was worse was the same guy was going through a divorce and again he made out like a bandit in that case.

In this guys case since he is anti trump, he will be a hero.
But imagine that poster wrote , I will fire anyone who likes barrak Hussein Osama.

Headlines say this business does not hire Osama supporters.

BLM, antifa, LGBTQ will destroy you

posted on Sep, 6 2019 @ 06:01 AM
a reply to: Bloodworth Ugh. It's always about the political affiliation of a judge versus what is RIGHT and JUST, I guess. I guarantee you that in all of those cases, there were other facts that were either conveniently left out of the stories you read or just outright manipulation of the facts in the case (aka lies).

Yeah, sorry man but I don't feel bad for you. With regards to the OP, you can't support a political candidate who embraces hate and then expect those targeted to not fight back. It just so happens that in the entertainment business, a lot of the people you just referenced happen to work in that industry. It's kind of like demeaning soccer balls and publicly ostracizing soccer balls and then being surprised that a soccer ball manufacturer refuses to hire you.

Weird analogy but it IS 6am.

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