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Beyond the Imaginary Curve

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posted on Sep, 4 2019 @ 10:38 AM

originally posted by: sapien82
a reply to: oldcarpy

I thought that Libel or slander under the defamation act 2013 its a criminal offense if proven to defame a person

No, the civil remedy is damages under that Act. Unusually for civil claims, they do have a jury in some cases.

posted on Sep, 4 2019 @ 11:20 AM
a reply to: oldcarpy

Cheers mate , I forget you know the law !

Old"dredd"carpy , thats your new role in the post brexit UK

first Judge , Jury and Executioner

posted on Sep, 5 2019 @ 10:18 AM
a reply to: sapien82

You are welcome for the advice. I'll send my bill via PM.

Hope you are sitting down......

posted on Sep, 6 2019 @ 06:39 AM
I've watched a few of this guys videos now and I honestly cant stand the guy
he just uses circular arguments and never offers any of his own evidence which contradicts what he is debating.

it's the same model for all of them , they call Science a hoax , but never offer their own evidence which supports their claims.

They constantly try to pick apart things, like the human eye , perspective , and say we cant rely on the human eye to do things , he also says he only trusts things which are quantified , all the while ignoring the fact
that the human eye and how light works are well documented and "quantified"
Also perspective as well , its all well documented and understood , yet this guy clearly just doesnt bother to learn it for himself his own personal incredulity and intellectual dishonesty seem to serve his own agenda in proving to himself that all of science is a giant Hoax to keep us all dumb.

I guess if he keeps believing that he will never learn.

He asks a couple of people on the street near glasgow university, mostly kelvingrove park and surrounding streets
they offer their reasoning for the spherical earth model as what they were taught in school.
He has yet to meet anyone with an actual scientific background and question them and get their reasoning.

there are so many things on earth we have that wouldnt be possible at all if the earth were any other shape than an oblate sphere

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