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Model Scout Millionaire Who Offered Epstein 12 Year Olds As B-Day Gifts Disappears

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posted on Sep, 6 2019 @ 09:53 AM

originally posted by: ambassado12
a reply to: tanstaafl

This has already been debunked.

I know... but you have to try when some new moron brings it up again thinking they hit the jackpot.

Epstein was a member at Mar-a largo

Actually, there is no proof of this. I have read from multiple sources (hearsay, of course) that he was never a member, when he went there it was as the Guest of a Member.

and Trump was partying with adult women and Epstein was invited because he was a member. Epstein was also later banned for harassing one of the members daughter. There were no underage girls from the video and the club would never allow it. All the women he was with looked fully aged. NYT is a deep state tool and they know Trump's DOJ are coming for them through their child sex slave operations so they are trying to do anything to connect Trump and Epstein but so far they have nothing and it has all failed.

I know... anything who has half a dozen living brain cells can clearly see that if there was any truth whatsoever to this BS about Trump being a pedo, the evidence would already be out there and he would have already been impeached.

The fact that all they have is circumstantial evidence, innuendo and rumor is actually proof that he is not.

To address the specific issues brought up...

@Theyy ignorantly proclaimed:

14 phone numbers, they must not know each other .

Epstein's primary purpose was to get dirt for blackmail on the rich and powerful. The fact that he had Trumps numbers in his book does not mean that Trump gave them to him, he likely got them from assistant(s) or others. He had the numbers because he was trying to get dirt on him. For years. He obviously failed.

@reimage ignorantly proclaimed:

Not to mention all of Trump's flights and connections to Epstein over the years as well.

One flight. On the smaller jet (not the Lolita Express), from Miami to NYC, no girls on board.

Other connections were incidental to their living in the world of the wealthy.

@Extorrisa ignorantly proclaimed:

Here is a pic for you:

Double Date:

Double date? Try being at the same party together. Maybe Epstein introduced Melania and Trump. So what?

Do you not realize that Epstein had to maintain a facade of being a half-decent human being? Or do you think t hat everyone could just read his mind and know he was a pedo perv?

The rest of your innuendo and hearsay is just that. You don't know what really happened with any of it, nor do I.

I'll say it again... if - if it turns out that Trump is a pedo perv like Ep, then I will be the first to light the bonfire under his ass and send him to Hades where he would belong.

Happily, this is far less likely to happen than for Obama to not only be prosecuted, but to be convicted of and go to prison for running the SpyGate Op.

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