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The Treason and Lies of Zionism

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posted on Mar, 11 2005 @ 08:45 PM

Originally posted by LogansRun
All I have to say is excellent post. You are one of the most well informed individuals I have run across on this forum. You bring to light a very important point with this. I just hope no one blasts you as an "anti semite" or a "supporter of terrorism".

Oh, I almost forgot....

You have voted Xatnys for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have one more vote left for this month.

Thanks for such kind words, LogansRun.

I too hope to avoid such labels. I strive very hard to ensure that my words and actions can be seen for what they are. I feel that by keeping my posts as transparent as humanly possible, I can let truth and understanding be the traits applied to me and you fellow researchers.

Thank you again, I hope to continue to move forward in the same manner as has been largely displayed thus far.


posted on Mar, 12 2005 @ 09:57 AM

Arguably one of the most well connected men in American politics, this is none other than Don Rummy. He is the "Alpha Rat" of the Pentagon, and everyone who's anyone knows him and owes him, for one thing or another.

In the above photo, ol' Rummy was working as Reagan's special envoy to Iraq. He was over there trying to convince them to allow a huge corporation, Bechtel to build an oil pipeline. Such a small world, isn't it?

Anyway, this man has his fingers in every pie that is, was, or will be. He gets around. To further illustrate that, we'll look into him in more detail with the following articles...

First up is a Guardian article of Jan. '05 called:
Pentagon Spy Network Revealed

A previously unknown intelligence programme set up two years ago by the Pentagon has been operating in states deemed to be "emerging target countries", the Washington Post reported yesterday.

Providing further evidence of the centralisation of power around Donald Rumsfeld, the Strategic Support Branch was created to give the defence secretary the "full spectrum of humint [human intelligence] operations," according to Pentagon documents quoted by the paper.

The programme reportedly conducts operations in friendly and unfriendly states where conventional war might not even be a distant prospect. It deploys intelligence officers, including linguists, technical specialists and interrogators, alongside secret special forces in countries such as Somalia, Yemen, Indonesia, the Philippines and Georgia, the Washington Post said.

So a centralization of power that has Ol' Rummy as the "ooey gooey" center? Wow, that's a shocker... Actually if you didn't know, it should be. So this is his own personal "arm" that works in friendly and unfriendly states where we can't simply go blow stuff up, although he has secret special forces that he controls as well...

Next up: Rummy the War Criminal:
Rumsfeld cancels trip after accusations

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld cancelled a planned visit to Germany after a US human rights organisation asked German authorities to prosecute him for war crimes, Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) has learned.

Rumsfeld has informed the German government via the US embassy that he will not take part in the Munich Security Conference in February, conference head Horst Teltschik told dpa on Thursday.

The New York-based Centre for Constitutional Rights filed a
complaint in December with the Federal German Prosecutor's Office against Rumsfeld accusing him of war crimes and torture in connection with detainee abuses at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.

Rummy on the run? Probably more for show than anything, as he's largely "untouchable". But the fact that he's a war criminal shouldn't surprise us, or make us lose faith in the "system" right? Right?!? Well, we shouldn't be shocked by him being accused of war crimes for torture, as the next article shows.......

Elite force threatened detainees with drowning and suffocation; Rumsfeld knew about the tactics

WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon's inspector general is investigating charges that the military's elite Delta Force abused Iraqi prisoners far more seriously than anything known at Abu Ghraib, including threatening them with drowning and suffocation, NBC News reported last night.

NBC reported that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld knew about the Delta Force's operation and directed U.S. military officials to bring some of the methods to prisons like Abu Ghraib. The network cited "several top U.S. military and intelligence sources."

The report could not be verified last night.

A Pentagon spokesman denied allegations of prisoner abuse at Delta Force facilities.

If true, the NBC report would contradict Pentagon assertions that abuses in Iraq were carried out by just a handful of wrongdoers, and not authorized or condoned by Rumsfeld or any other senior commanders or policy makers.

The report came yesterday as Pentagon officials acknowledged that interrogators at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba sought to use harsher methods than those in standard military policy in late 2002 and used them until military lawyers objected.

The Pentagon in late 2002 began using aggressive interrogation techniques on a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, who then confirmed suspicions about a planned attack on U.S. interests, a U.S. official said.

But good Ol' Rummy isn't all about direct torture and killing. No, he has a "softer side" as revealed in this next article:

Sick From Aspartame? Meet Donald Rumsfeld.

Aspartame was passed despite FDA scientists' disapproval by a significant force in politics: Donald Rumsfeld.

When we started the documentary, "Sweet Misery", we did not know that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was the CEO of Searle at the time aspartame was approved. Not until our first interview with Dr. Jim Bowen.

According to a G.D. Searle's salesperson, Patty WoodAllott, Donald Rumsfeld stated "he would call in all his markers and that no matter what, he would see to it that aspartame be approved this year."

Like I said, he's got a finger in every pie.

Finally, for now; Timeline For War.

Timeline for War

The Timeline was written by AMEU executive director John Mahoney, with considerable input and editing from AMEU board members and staff.

March, 1992: The Pentagon. Paul Wolfowitz, undersecretary of defense for policy for President Bush, drafts an update of America’s overall military strategy called the “Defense Planning Guidance.” In it he argues that the U.S. might be faced with taking preemptive military action to prevent the use or development of WMD. The official ultimately responsible for the document is Bush’s defense secretary Dick Cheney. The draft is actually written by Wolfowitz’s protégé and top assistant Lewis Libby.

Sept. 1, 1992: New York. Ramzi Yousef, the nephew of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, arrives at JFK Airport. Born of a Palestinian mother, his goal is to punish the United States for its support of Israel, knowing that the U.S. government every year sends military and financial aid worth billions of dollars to Israel. Ramzi says that he and his uncle, an engineer who had studied higher mathematics and jet propulsion in the U.S., have been planning to bring down the towers of the World Trade Center, the ultimate symbol of America’s worldwide financial muscle.

Feb. 26, 1993: New York. Ramzi Yousef, with others, sets off explosives at the World Trade Center. Later in the day he flies out of JFK for Karachi, disappointed that both towers were still standing and determined to bring them down at another time.

Feb. 27, 1993: New York. A group calling itself the “Liberation Army” sends a letter to The New York Times saying the World Trade Center bombing was in retaliation for American support for Israel, and warning that if America did not change its Middle East policy, more terrorist missions would be carried out, some by suicide bombers.

Many pages, but well worth your time. I know it's not just about Rummy, but you'll get the point.

More to come.

Next up, we'll look at the world of conspiracy through the Hegelian Dialectic ...

On it's way...


posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 09:11 AM

Hello folks,

I took time off from my writings to gather my thoughts. I tried to write this expose' is the spirit of truth, freedom, and peace. That we, all men/women of this world could understand one of the various forms of control that permeates our society.

I'm afraid that many have, through their own failure to read my material, taken this expose' the wrong way. This is quite saddening.

I am not a hater. I love people, plain and simple. I believe that we, all of us, have the same basic desire for freedom, equality, and unity. For various reasons, we are kept from that goal.

Control comes to us in many forms, friends. I can't tell you that Neoconism or Zionism is the "end all be all" of the system of control. Nope, there are many, many things that are part of an intricate system.

So then, why make this thread in the first place? Simple, this form of control has a very visible (if we choose to look) history to it, one we can track and observe.

Many things about NWO/ILLUMINATI theory cannot say the same thing. This one subject has the ability to free your mind to many other aspects of proper, serious NWO investigation. Subjects ranging from the Federal Reserve, Basics of Military Interventions, Economic Coercion, and the list goes on and on. They are interesting to research, because by doing so; you see more and more control mechanisms. And then you see how they all tie in together.

This article was not one about race or religion; it was not about hate or prejudice. It was about peace, and compassion, tolerance and unity.

I have no hidden agenda. All I want, for all of us, humans I mean; all I want is for us to be free and live our lives in the manner that is best for ourselves, as a whole, our nations, each peacefully together, and our world, and its natural resources to stop being exploited on us in order to control us.

If you really research the NWO to any serious degree, what do you end up with?

Systems of control.

And what, in turn, does that leave you with?

Energy control.

The principal of the NWO's control, at its most bare, it's most basic, is the control of YOUR (our) energy.

The use of mankind in various forms of building that is productive for NWO agendas, but counterproductive for mankind on the whole.

We toil away, working for fiat currencies, to buy mass-produced items that hold no real value (mostly). We flirt with CREDIT and allow our possessions to own us.

We live in a dreamland, built on our own consumerism; we drive economies with vanity and complacency.

And why? So we can fund the next war? So we can help to build the elite's and their global conglomerates into larger systems of control?

We are the fuel of the NWO, our energy, and those who wish to control us the most realize this.

What's more, those who realize this want YOU (us) to never come to understand this. It's this form of understanding (which I'm oversimplifying) that is the greatest threat to them. To realize that our forefathers were sold into a consumerist form of slavery and then lulled into sleep is to understand that their control is not real.

Their control is only a reality because we, on the whole, allow them to keep this hold on us.

And that's the bottom line of what we're dealing with here, friends.

A facade.

A rouse.

Expertly crafted by ancient societal engineers, to ensure that few would ever come close to understanding the nature of the game that we find ourselves in.

Why did I give this, vastly simplified, view to you? Because a serious researcher will see the inherent truth in it and thirst for more, that they will find on their own.

Also, I wrote this to show that the petty concepts of racial superiority, or religious supremacy, or any form of hate, is insane, and no true person that believes in freedom should waste their time with it.

We are all the same, friends, we all have the same feelings of love, we all have the same feelings of fear, and we all have the same forces of control forced upon us.

Once you wrap your mind around that, you'll understand that hatred and strife against each other is a waste of time, a waste of life, and itself is a form of control.

Don't hate, don't ever feel you are better than another, remember that we are all the same, and that we are all in this together.

I hope we all find peace, truth, and freedom, one day we shall.


[edit on 22-3-2005 by Xatnys]

posted on Apr, 4 2005 @ 11:43 AM
Even if I have to do it myself...

Switching gears, going to post things in here that highlight not only Zionism and NEOCONISM, but other aspects of the NWO.

No real commentary for now, just wanted to post this:

Visible Signs of the New World Order
Nancy Levant

When our President says, “It’s a new world,” he’s right about that. However, this new world has yet to be explained to the American people in any way, shape, or form. So, what does the New World Order mean to us, and how will it affect our lives and the lives of our children? First, let’s make clear what a New World Order (NWO) means.

Through many decades of behind the scenes deals, treaties, and agreements between governments all over the world and international corporations and banks, a new kind of government was planned and organized. Today, that government exists.

This new governing body has a central bank, called the World Bank, as its apex or Executive Branch. Just beneath the World Bank is the World Trade Organization, which carries out the economic missions of the World Bank. We’ll call this the Economic Branch of government. Next are the Legislative and Judicial Branches combined, which makes and carries out the laws necessary to fulfill the missions of the World Bank. The Legislative/Judicial Branch of the New World Order is the United Nations.


More to come


posted on Apr, 4 2005 @ 11:55 AM

An Indictment of the American Mind

More than 30 per cent of people are more depressed during the winter, according to research into the impact of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) on mental health. After suffering through some of the most adverse weather in decades, no doubt that many are downhearted. But most of us will bounce back, it is only a temporary feeling. Surely, this despair is not the sign of a permanent disorder! Only those who profess crazed political thought need to fear. This is a case study in one such individual, who dared to expound such ideas and became a perennial patient in the process..

Most of this account is taken directly from the source, a political prisoner Stephen Ames, locked up in a Pennsylvania Mental Hospital, an enemy of the state, for steadfastly proclaiming these heretical ideas. You be the judge as to his sanity . . . dissecting the NWO would be a good start:

The rest of the article can be found here. It presents a very interesting view of many things which I will endorse in a general sense. Like everything I personally write, personally read, personally study; please don't take it as the "word of god" and get up off your butt and investigate it yourself. I never take things at face value right away, and nobody should. The greatest weapon we have against the "NWO" is our free mind's ability to ponder and question!!!

You want to really understand what's happening? You can't do that by just passive reading, you have to get ACTIVE in your investigation. Need to follow up the sources and see where the trail goes. You'll be surprised how things begin to tie together if you look in the right places........

More coming.


[edit on 4-4-2005 by Xatnys]

posted on Aug, 20 2005 @ 04:59 PM
I figured I'd post in this to "bump" it.

It's worth reading as it's pure thought, no hate or bias is involved.

I've been writing a sort of follow up to this which I will be posting on here soon. Deals more with the prison-esque nature of the world and where it's headed.

Keep searching for "the truth".

posted on Aug, 20 2005 @ 05:26 PM
I think you nailed it Xatnys

But I do get the feeling this so called group you call Zionists or Zionism is above labels and are nothing more than a bunch of meglomaniacs that think they have bloodlines to Jesus or the House of Judah therefore they think they can sit on Christs throne and dictate what they interpret God wants(which so far has been kill, plunder,divide, destroy,and absorb).the so called Illumined ones.(rule by divine right and lineage) I didnt say illuminati...I said illumined. Ya say Illuminati nowadays and everyone immediately thinks Weishaupt and Barvaria,,,this goes way way way back.

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