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Have Spaceplane Will Travel

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posted on Mar, 5 2005 @ 02:15 PM
With the X-Prize contest being history now, there is a progressive movement in building an industry for a vehicle that can exit the atmosphere and take ticket-holding passengers to a place where only a select few have gone before. Rocketplane Limited, Inc, an Oklahoma firm,
hopes to have it's first commercial space flight by 2007.

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XP spaceplane is based on modified Lear 25 jet. Oklahoma-based Rocketplane Limited, Inc. is moving forward on this design for suborbital passenger flight and other missions. Image Credit: Rocketplane Limited, Inc.

"It’s going to be a cool ride…the world’s largest roller coaster. And you get your astronaut wings too," said Charles Lauer, co-founder of the company and director of business development.

Lauer said the Rocketplane team has spent some $4 million over the last 10 months on the project. Total investment is $30 million to get the first XP built, through flight test, and nudging its way into revenue-generating service, he said

Rocketplane Limited, Inc. has obtained from the State of Oklahoma a $13 million face value Investment Tax Credit to develop a re-usable sub-orbital tourist business at the Oklahoma Spaceport. Rocketplane’s main office and engineering center are based at Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City, and quite appropriately located on Amelia Earhart Lane.

This is news I've been waiting for since I was a kid. I wish I'd gone ahead and studied to prepare myself for this day. This is really exciting for me. Maybe it's not too late to still get into the game. Star Trek will be one day looked at as the visions that set man's mind into motion! Pluto Nash and Total Recall will eventually become a reality!


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