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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -7W3N7Y-

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posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 12:32 PM
From 2012

Vatican astronomers are searching for alien life, say authors

Two evangelical authors are set to release a book which claims that Jesuit astronomers at a Vatican-owned observatory in Arizona are using their telescope and another one called LUCIFER to search for extra-terrestrial life.

What is even more astonishing is that the two authors, Tom Horn and Chris Putnam, say in their book that the Vatican is awaiting an alien savior.

Although Lucifer in the Bible is associated with Satan, the word has its origins in Hebrew akin to light.

"The records in the Vatican go back centuries," said Putnam, who is a theologian. "I read two chapters of history concerning the Vatican's interest in extra-terrestrials."

Horn and Putnam were granted permission to visit the observatory on Mount Graham, which hosts the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT), in September 2012.

Horn said these documents show that they believe that we are soon to be visited by an alien savior from another world.

To conduct their research, Vatican astronomers are using a German-owned telescope at the Mount Graham International Observatory which uses the acronym LUCIFER to shorten a very long name.

The Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) has an infrared camera and spectroscope.

Before it established the VATT on Mount Graham in 1987, the Vatican had built several observatories around Rome since the 1500s.

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 12:37 PM
a reply to: MindBodySpiritComplex

'm' for 'magic'?

so many forms of magic!

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 12:45 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

Nice! Thanks for the book. I will give it a read.

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 12:50 PM

originally posted by: SuperStudChuck
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

Doesn’t that make it easy to cherry-pick what you want to see? I kind of guessed it was Gematria, but seems to me that leaves things really open to interpretation.

I’ll do some fiddling with the calculator later... maybe it’s more precise than I think...

SSC, SB2 is operating from a different POV, so the use of symbol and language can be difficult to follow. One thing to observe is that MANY of the conclusions of SB2 decodes have been found here too, only via a different route.

In some cases folks can, and do, simply intuit what is being expressed within a given DJT tweet(s) or speech.

The absolute beauty of the Q and Q+ (and more) symbol system is that it works on many many levels allowing for all to participate should they wish. Some hate SB2 arguing the decodes are baseless, but from SB2's POV they are not and while the connects are often a "huh?" moment for myself, the conclusions are in alignment with what I observe and others here too have.

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 12:54 PM
Long thread (but well worth the read) here by Paul Serran discussing many Q post themes;

- Godfather III
- Three facets of the pyramid; Saud, Rothschild, Soros
- Cabal Overlords
- Pope Francis and Cardinal Pell
- Spirit Cooking
- The Lords Prayer
- Dems infiltrating the Catholic Church
- Moloch Owl & "Their need for symbolism will be their downfall."

“The only wealth in this world is children. More than all the money, power on the earth.” (Michael Corleone - Godfather III)


posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 01:39 PM
a reply to: cherokeetroy

Max Plank Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics

LUCIFER (LBT Near Infrared Spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research) is the near-infrared instrument for the LBT. The name of the instrument was officially changed to LUCI in 2012.

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 01:43 PM
a reply to: SuperStudChuck

Expanding a bit on Cranky's post...
To the untrained eye so to speak and those first discovering Gematria that is often the first quick conclusion.
However, one needs to find enough pattern correlations targeting the subject (person, place, event, etc) where it becomes more of just coincidental cherry picking. The math never lies, but there is often more than one decode path (ciphers as one example) to arrive at a logical answer which may or may not be correct.

This guy posts several videos per day on Gematria decoding of the current events that involve death. Much of his decoding is based on Freemasonry use of Gematria originating from Kabbalah.

Note he is anti-Trump, ati-Gov't, anti-gun and pretty much anti everything and borderline narcissist. He is a survivor of multiple mass school shootings (might explain his demeanor) BUT, aside from his occasional rhetoric rants he makes some astonishing Gematria connections that go far beyond coincidental. Though I don't buy into everything he says but some of his decodes are undeniable, imo. Unlike SB2 which is often difficult to follow this guy explains how he does it all.

The only way you can make sense out of his videos if you're new to it is watch a few of his playlist videos to understand the Gemtaria correlations.

I will say this is not for everyone but I find it very intriguing. Some have spent half their lives practicing it, I only dabble in it now and then. YMMV.

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 01:45 PM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

Another POTUS tweet decode - STORM not SHOOTINGS:
This tweet was next in sequence to the last tweet that I decoded.

Great job by Texas Law Enforcement and First Responders in handling the terrible shooting tragedy yesterday. Thank you also to the FBI, @GregAbbott_TX and all others. A very tough and sad situation!

11:07 AM - 1 Sep 2019

Tweet link

1) Timestamp of 11:07 connects to Q1107

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 28003e No.967875 📁
Apr 9 2018 12:31:12 (EST)

SAT imagery + EITS are not definitive.

At the time this post was made we interpreted EITS as Eye In The Sky.

Now, in relation to Hurricane Dorian, it can be translated as Equatorial ionosphere–thermosphere system: Electrodynamics and irregularities

The equatorial ionosphere and thermosphere constitute a coupled system, with its electro dynamical and plasma physical processes being responsible for a variety of ionospheric phenomena peculiar to the equatorial region.

The most important of these phenomena are: the equatorial electrojet (EEJ) current system and its instabilities, the equatorial ionization anomaly (EIA), and the plasma instabilities/irregularities of the night ionosphere (associated with the plasma bubble events – ESF).

They constitute the major topics of investigations having both scientific and practical objectives. The tidal wind interaction with the geomagnetic field is responsible for the atmospheric dynamo electric fields, that together with the wind system, drives the major phenomena, under quiet conditions.

Drastic modifications of these phenomena can occur due to magnetospheric forcing under solar-, interplanetary- and magnetospheric disturbances. They can also undergo significant modifications due to forcing by atmospheric waves (such as planetary- and atmospheric gravity waves) propagating upward or from extra tropics.

Is this hinting at causes for the high wind speeds in Hurricane Dorian?

2) CAPS only simple gematria for the tweet give:


a) One of the top ten equivalents for 158 is, would you believe it?


b) 158 = 15+8 = 23 = PAIN

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 02:48 PM
Another POTUS tweet DECODE - on next tweet after previous 2 decodes:
This one is from @whitehouse but retweeted by @readonaldtrump...

“On behalf of all Americans, I’d like to express my deepest sympathies and sorrow for the victims and their families. We ask God to comfort and heal those who are suffering and we hope that there will be a full and quick recovery of the injured.“

2:08 PM - 1 Sep 2019

1) CAPS only to simple gematria gives:

OAIWG = 55 ... = 5by5 = Eyes On

2) One of the top ten simple gematria equivalents is JFK Jr

3) Timestamp of 2:08 1 Sep 2019 adds to 2+0+8+1+9+2+0+1+9= 32 = 23 reversed...
"The pain of the shootings will be reversed"?

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 03:04 PM
Apparently the IG report on Comey provides evidence that Obama was aware of, and a participant in, the obstruction trap ran against POTUS. president-elect-trump/

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 03:19 PM
Lest we forget Dorian is over the Bahama's right now with sustained winds 185 mph and gusts of 220 reported.

Vids can be seen here..twitter

It is expected to stay till monday.

Mass prayers are in order for any place this cat 5 touches

Sorry for the slide. Seeing/listening brought tears. need more prayer

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 03:22 PM
Won't fit in magazines.
"We're gonna need a bigger building"?

Jemima the hutt progress to further degrade society.

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 03:27 PM
I’m from S. FL have many Bahamian friends and boat captains etc from Miami. The videos being shared of Bahamas islands is devastating complete chaos. Remember their building codes are not the same as south Fl has and the storm surge has taken over the island of Marsh Harbor.

I’m located N FL thought I left these storms for good. All my friends/family still in south dade most are not worried as news claims storm will make the turn north. Just so hard for me to fully rely on these news sources that we know job is disinformation and panic.

This is a major Fing problem headed who knows where and still getting stronger? East coast get ready!

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 03:49 PM
a reply to: liveandlearn

Amazing that they are getting enough signal to send those videos out.

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 04:25 PM

originally posted by: SuperStudChuck
a reply to: liveandlearn

Amazing that they are getting enough signal to send those videos out.

They must have been in the eye. No vids will play now. I don't know how that works.

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 04:41 PM
a reply to: scraedtosleep

Fighting on the ground, going to the streets isn't necessary and actually probably not as effective or as efficient as continuing discussions online. Compare the reach of protesting on the street vs protesting online. How many people participate(either actively or lurk) on these threads and across other SM platforms vs how many people may see you on a sidewalk? Not only that, to gain more reach in public, someone with an audience needs to agree to cover your movement. Forget about anyone from MSM. And any independent coverage will need to be spread across SM in order to go viral. Social media is key because that's where everyone's at. This isn't so much about changing minds as it is about bringing suppressed information into the public awareness. Once a piece of information is brought into your conscious awareness, even if you reject it, you don't lose awareness of it. You may forget it, but it remains stored in your memory for retrieval. This is about making the unconscious, conscious. It's all about sharing data, putting together pieces of the puzzle. Way more effective to do this online

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 05:16 PM
a reply to: Grambler

Could it be possible that after Epstein's death that they needed him and made a deal to uncover more evidence?
There was a time that I thought Comey was on the right foot with Trump in the very beginning, but somehow I've had the feeling he blew it on withholding evidence?

I understand your point of view though, crimes must be punished but if that means that they lose a lot of evidence yet to uncover that only Comey has access to then ??

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 05:31 PM
a reply to: 0bserver1

DOJ/USAG knows a crap load more about what needs to be done, when, and in what sequence. We, as always, are bystanders until the next election.

I’m still very confident that those who broke the law will be held accountable. We are 14 months away from the deadline.

Until then;

- keep appointing Fed/SCOTUS judges
- keep trolling Dems/MSM
- keep DOJ digging on Epstein Empire
- keep chipping away at immigration and border security
- keep pressure on the Fed
- campaign like mad to retain White House and Senate and try to flip the House
- grind away on China
- see how Q returns and to what means

Business as POTUS Trump usual. Keep winning.

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 05:59 PM
Here's a video from the late Aaron Russo which i picked up from another thread on ATS.
I hadn't seen this before and it looked intriguing so i watched it through.
It's a long video (1 hour 45 mins) so i've highlighted some sections and their times below.
He set out to make a film about whether there was a law to pay Income Tax, but it took him down a much much deeper rabbit hole. Major themes are The Fed, The IRS and NWO.
This was made in 2005 and it was the last film he made. Aaron Russo

0:00:55 to 0:04:40 - Intro and Fed 1913

0:05:00 to 0:39:00 - Main section on the Income Tax investigations

0:39:50 to 0:46:46 - Juror from the Govt v Whitey Harrell IRS case

0:50:15 to 0:52:44 - Joe Lewis' treatment by the IRS

0:57.08 to 1:09:00 - Fed Reserve. When did America transform itself from being a truly free country

1:11:20 to 1:14:30 - GW Bush Executive Orders and Project Echelon under Clinton

1:17:34 to 1:22:00 - Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips

1:28:07 to 1:30:30 - Election rigging software from 2000 through to 2004 elections

1:30:30 to 1:39:35 - NWO

Here's a quote from 00:37:00 - "Supreme Court decisions do not apply to the IRS"

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency first by inflation then by deflation the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered... I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.” ― Thomas Jefferson

ETA: Video found on this thread
edit on 1 9 19 by Diaspar because: (no reason given)

posted on Sep, 1 2019 @ 06:54 PM

“Trump doesn't think he's 'ever even heard of a Category 5' hurricane. Four such storms hit the US since he took office”

“Trump has previously indicated several other times that Category 5 hurricanes are unprecedented weather events that either he or others had never heard of or witnessed.
In the days between the landfalls of Hurricane Irma and Maria, he said he "never even knew" they existed and said days later that "people (in Puerto Rico) had never seen anything like" the storm.

In October 2017, Trump claimed "nobody has ever heard of a (Category) 5 hitting land," and earlier this year, he again said he had never heard of a hurricane of that intensity. ”

Perhaps he’s not talking about the same type of storm. Just perhaps...

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