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posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 05:20 PM

originally posted by: PilSungMtnMan

originally posted by: EndtheMadnessNow
a reply to: crankyoldman

Tell me about it. When No name died it was like Graham's clone also died and the real Graham emerged from his shell.

Maybe no name took something to the grave. Or his DMS didn’t exist or it failed.

The contention at the time was he was freed from No Name's blackmail or even more subversive level of control.

Might explain some aspects, but him becoming a leader is still mind boggling.

Cruz is similar, his run at the office was horrifying, yet his recent Goog attacks were actually pretty solid and even his physical structure is far less off putting. Again, attributed to liberation from HRC's blackmail.

posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 05:31 PM
Elizabeth Holmes’ “Theranos” fraud was actually a plot to surveil the blood and DNA of everyone

Theranos was really about building a blood and DNA database of everyone.

She looks like a hybrid.

Fraudster Elizabeth Holmes was once featured on the cover of Fortune Magazine, celebrated as the next Steve Jobs, and heavily touted by the left-wing media as a god-like savior of humanity.

Theranos has now been dismantled. The company no longer exists, and Elizabeth Holmes has been criminally charged for materially misleading investors who lost nearly a billion dollars in the massive fraud.

The jury selection for the trial will begin on July 28, 2020, and the trial will commence in August 2020.

Watch the informative and intriguing video at link above.

She speaks like a demonic male voice, rarely blinks, large abnormal wide-open eyes, one seems larger. Skip to 20:00 min mark in the video.

Elizabeth Holmes (Stanford dropout) Theranos wiki page is also chilling.
She founded the company in 2003 at only age 19. Cerberus may have also been involved via Safeway grocery.

Whistleblower Ian Gibbons (biochemist), Theranos' chief scientist who committed suicide in 2013.
Whistleblower Tyler Shultz was a Theranos employee from 2013 to 2014 and the grandson of then Theranos director, former U.S. Secretary of State George P. Shultz!!

Holy # look who was on Theranos "All-star board"...

which included William Perry (former U.S. Secretary of Defense), Henry Kissinger (former U.S. Secretary of State), Sam Nunn (former U.S. Senator), Bill Frist (former U.S. Senator and heart-transplant surgeon), Gary Roughead (Admiral, USN, retired), James Mattis (General, USMC), Richard Kovacevich (former Wells Fargo Chairman and CEO) and Riley Bechtel (chairman of the board and former CEO at Bechtel Group)

Were some or possibly all the Big board names were likely scammed?

This story gives a whole new meaning to smoke n' mirrors Blood money.
Big Pharma/Vaccine industry is far bigger. 🙄

posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 05:44 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

She is a Demon i think!!!...although she faked that voice...

ETA: If she knows too much she might be a potential suicide(d) victim before this goes to trial...a year is a very long time!

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posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 06:01 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

Little known .... Hard to believe for some .... Factoid...
Families that have shown llittle or no history of genetic dispostion to disease .. are prone to have encounters... Upgrades - and "gifts" have been involved...encounters don't involve DNA .... At least not the spiritual ones,....but DNA is the key.... and it seems they are searching out the who's who .. lol you think something advanced doesn't already know ? Think again
One day I'll give a proper introduction..I promised Southerngift that in
I have not forgotten...timing has always been everything lol

But disegard this..sorta out of my character.... isn't about me.. it is about Humanity.... Trust the Plan
Again..forgive ymmv and yes I am still posting responsibly


How many family members have you had under study by Bell laboratories ....π .. don't laugh
Full throttle
Rip sis ... ... Carry on

edit on 8302019 by MetalThunder because: Compelled.. driven ... And being honest

Late Eta. .. those who review will see lol
You think I'm kidding ?lol
One life .. live it,. Full throttle ..rock the nation for goodness sakes

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posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 06:13 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

She strikes me as just Zuck or Brin or the rest of the stooges sent out front. Eventually a clone bot. What is interesting is the new "version" of them is this rather asexual plain non-threatening version of what a human might be. Obamaesque if you will.

As for the effort. The tech is actually remedial. All things vibrate, all vibrations can be identified and logged. Taking a blood sample and identifying what's what is rather pedestrian even for an app.

So what was at play? Could the effort have been to create the company, promote the idea, explode the company thereby exploding any future versions? If you wanted to do this kind of thing right now any investor would say "uh, Holmes means I'm out."

Of course there is that bit about real time tracking of all changes in human thoughts, vibrations, patterns etc.

***lots of competing factions often makes it hard to discern much from the ground level, especially when sifting through the rubble.

posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 06:43 PM
New Mexico preparing to seize land at Epstein ranch

"The original leases to Epstein appear to have no beneficial use justification to the State, but rather appear to simply have been taken by him to increase privacy & the landmass surrounding his estate. This sweetheart deal must be canceled & reassigned to a NM ranching family."

"Taking back parcels of state-owned land could make it easier to search the estate – the only one of Epstein properties that has not yet been raided by authorities. Some of Epstein’s accusers have said they were assaulted at the ranch."


A lot of investigation, maps and photos of Zorro Ranch, JE's land and surrounding land in NM here:-

Coreys Digs

How is it political figures who are fighting for harsher laws for human trafficking, creating a human trafficking task force, a community children’s foundation, and have worked at the highest levels of defense in our country, are completely blind to the actions of a man and his co-conspirators, who coincidentally owns their father’s land right smack in the middle of all of theirs? And then, to go on and accept campaign funds, long after he was a convicted sex offender, is rather astonishing.

He funded the Governors, AGs, Land Commissioners, and likely others, for decades. To say that this tight-knit group of politicians, including former President Bill Clinton – who traveled on Epstein’s plane 26 times – were not involved in some level of conspiracy, would be foolish at best. To suggest that deeply connected politicians, defense connections, and Hollywood all surrounding Epstein’s ranch, is not suspect, would be even more foolish.

posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 06:44 PM
Geraldo giving Comey both barrels. Laying HRC defeat to Trump AND the coup attempt to overthrow Trump at his feet.

Geraldo Rivera: James Comey 'attempted a coup' against Trump in true 'swamp' fashion

posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 06:44 PM
a reply to: Diaspar

Gee,is anything real about this woman? That court trial is going to be quite a show.

posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 06:49 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

I'm beginning to consider the possibility that time travel actually may be possible.

What if Q told us that not only is time travel possible, Q is doing it.

"Future proves past".

How would Q know what the future holds in order to prove the past?

posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 06:52 PM

originally posted by: EndtheMadnessNow
a reply to: Diaspar

Gee,is anything real about this woman? That court trial is going to be quite a show.

She is a disaster. You hook up with this chick you better say goodbye to your $$.

posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 06:52 PM
President Trump is at Camp David.

posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 06:53 PM
More info on Goldsmith (Epstein was playing the piano at James Goldsmith's mansion sometime in the early 70s)

Here's a pic of Goldsmith with Robert Maxwell

Sir James Goldsmith and Robert Maxwell during Malcolm Forbes' 70th Birthday Party, 1989 at Tangier Country Club in Tangier, Morocco,

Another interesting point --Iris Annabel Goldsmith (the 15yo who was killed in the quad accident on July 8) died on the same day that her grandfather, Amschel Rothschild committed suicide by hanging in a Paris hotel room in 1996

Two days after Epstein's arrest

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posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 06:54 PM
a reply to: MetalThunder

Meanwhile, plenty still line-up to drink the kool-aid.

Pine-aid. 😂

posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 06:58 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

Some just enjoy playing the fool

Tick Tock

Peace brother

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posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 07:05 PM
a reply to: MetalThunder

Yep, and some just need....

posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 07:06 PM
a reply to: CanadianMason

Scientists show future events decide what happens in the past

An experiment by Australian scientists has proven that what happens to particles in the past is only decided when they are observed and measured in the future. Until such time, reality is just an abstraction.

Professor Truscott said that the experiment showed that;
“A future event causes the photon to decide its past.”
There is also good evidence that quantum processes take place inside our brains and within our body cells, as reported by the Guardian last year. oLvzShunt9uEKT6TcJeGb9nHhIdi57lE

Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Teleports DNA From One Location To Another

Nobel Prize winning scientist Luc Montagnier, previously known for his work on HIV and AIDS, claims to have demonstrated that DNA can be generated from its teleported “quantum imprint.” This is a discovery that, were the scientific community to get on board, would represent “the most significant experiments performed in the past 90 years, demanding re-evaluation of the whole conceptual framework of modern chemistry,” (source) according to theoretical chemist Jeff Reimers of the University of Sydney, Australia.
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posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 07:18 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

2nd reply
Ya know if we all shared what we've been told to hide...the world may just be changed... I've been shut down too long... But actually I'm right on time LoL
Again a bit cryptic ..but those who get it ..will

I anticipate a Q moment.... Let's see.. fools need not apply ..yeah you Mikey lol

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posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 07:24 PM
Trump Iran photo tweet raises worries about disclosure of U.S. surveillance secrets

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday posted on Twitter a photo of what appeared to be the site of a failed Iranian satellite launch, raising questions about whether he had disclosed U.S. surveillance secrets.

Patrick Eddington, a former CIA satellite imagery analyst, said the photograph tweeted by Trump appeared to be a classified image taken by a U.S. spy satellite.

Q1306 (partial)

Apr 30 2018 10:51:06 (EST)
Define the terms of the Iran nuclear deal.
Does the agreement define & confine cease & desist ‘PRO’ to the republic of Iran?
What if Iran created a classified ‘satellite’ Nuclear facility in Northern Syria?
What if the program never ceased?

posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 07:34 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

That's practically a monopoly....practically.

posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 07:39 PM
a reply to: Diaspar

Sounds more like a nuclear naval mine than a defunct missile warhead, which would quickly become inert on the sea floor.

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