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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -7W3N7Y-

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posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 02:21 AM
a reply to: F2d5thCavv2

ANOTHER lie to Congress, by James Comey. He DID KNOW about additional leaks to the media, by his deputy, Andy McCabe.

Now we’re learning through emails that Comey knew a lot more about it than he has always claimed.

Comey has feigned ignorance or amnesia (as he always does) about the media leaks. These newly revealed emails show he well knew and approved.

So this is yet another blatant deception by Comey. He’s a master of prevarications and lies.

On top of it, the unscrupulous James Clapper, former DNI under Obama, was working behind the scenes trying to convince new FBI Director Christopher Wray not to fire McCabe.

Why hasn’t Wray ever revealed this? Another reason why Wray should be sacked.

posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 02:48 AM
a reply to: crankyoldman

And furthermore...Confirmed by Michael Flynn's attorney Sidney Powell, on Hannity Tuesday night:

In this interview Ms. Powell confirms something we have previously presented; Rod Rosenstein authorized Robert Mueller to target Michael Flynn Jr., in order to provide leverage for a Flynn guilty plea.
Much more flynn-jr-for-leverage/#more-170545

Going after General Flynn's son is how the brutal Russian KGB used to operate.

posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 06:38 AM
More and more details are emerging on the methods and actors in the "Spygate" story - Please read beyond the very brief "snippet"

Enter the PuppetMaster - By Col Jim Waurishuk, USAF (Ret.), National Security Analyst September 10th, 2019

In my honest and professional opinion as a senior intelligence officer, having served on the White House National Security Council staff is this, and I’ll be blunt — Barack Obama knew everything because he was involved in everything..........

.......The real problem they had and the reason for the meeting was how to implement the plan of attack since in roughly two weeks Obama would no longer be President and they would lose control of essentially all government apparatus. Worse, the likelihood of their whole plan of the coup would be revealed.......

Obama has perpetrated the greatest Constitutional crisis in our nation’s history. Think of it, a self-serving, outgoing President waging war on his successor. Subverting the U.S. Constitution. Using the most horrendous East German, Stassi strategy tactics as a standard operating procedure.

Additional link
New docs reveal frantic Obama State Depart. efforts to undercut Trump

“These documents show how the Obama State Department, staffed by Clinton donors, improperly, and perhaps illegally, rushed classified information to their anti-Trump allies in the U.S. Senate,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The Obama State Department was central to the conspiracy to smear President Trump with Russiagate lies and innuendo. The Justice Department must expand any Spygate criminal investigation to include this agency.”

IMO - When we can We need to stop referring to these actors as DeepState - a broad term that provides COVER for individuals - Calling them out and laser focused sunlight will cleanse the soul

Media Blackout - Assange

We cannot expect corporate media to stand up to the corporate state. We have to do it ourselves, or any citizen of the world can be next. Will you heed this warning?

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posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 07:41 AM
18th aniversery of 911

1 + 8 = 9
9 + 1 + 1 = 11


Just saying
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posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 09:06 AM
New POTUS tweet pointing to Q Post ACTION COMMAND... We Will Never Forget:

1) Note that the CAPS only are within a picture rather than the tweet... and they give simple gematria of:
Equivalents: One World Trade Center, Im shocked haliburton, Complaint department.


Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: fX85VkAw No.150679159 📁
Nov 23 2017 21:54:44 (EST)


a) Note that bolded date/timestamp encodes tweet date of 11th Sept because:
1+7+2+1 = 11th
5+4 = 9 = Sept

b) This post likely references Q229:

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 3LaVfhm8 No.150870083 📁
Nov 25 2017 13:30:47 (EST)
Deleted: Nov 25 2017 13:56:13 (EST)
_FREEDOM-_vGER_US_yes_000BVx_LO_yes_[… + 1]_Conf_y

Note bolded part of timestamp again encodes Sept 11th.

Also this post was deleted to stop too much scrutiny?
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posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 09:30 AM

originally posted by: SilentWindofDoom
18th aniversery of 911

1 + 8 = 9
9 + 1 + 1 = 11


Just saying




Psalm 23

I’ll take door number 2
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posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 09:39 AM
I've just had a mini-Epiphany... not sure if it's been mentioned before...

1) Deep state, cabal and other black hat operators are reading Q posts to try and understand what is going to happen when,

2) However they cannot directly reject the contents of the posts without Outing themselves,

3) Therefore they are giving IMPLICIT CONSENT because they cannot reject the posts contents.

In effect, Q team is using the same tactics as the cabal have used against us for centuries to get their preferred reality to manifest?

If so, brilliant!

posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 09:53 AM
POTUS retweet of Andrew Pollack parkland tweet points to interesting/timely Q posts with tweet date confirmations:

Broward schools put this MONSTER in class with my beautiful daughter.
They knew exactly what he was. They gave him a gun.
PARENTS: Do you know what's really happening in your kid's school?
I didn't. You don't get that excuse
My book is out. Read it

7:03 AM - 9 Sep 2019

1) POTUS retweeted at 06:12 AM, Sept 11th, pointing to Q612:

Q !UW.yye1fxo No.63 📁
Jan 27 2018 00:09:55 (EST)
/_Council on Foreign Relations/_📁

Note bolded section of timestamp encodes tweet date of 11th Sept.

2) Andrew Pollack's tweet time of 07:03 points to Q703:

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 237dde No.324395 📁
Feb 10 2018 03:33:29 (EST)
“Rest in peace Mr. President (JFK), through your wisdom and strength, since your tragic death, Patriots have planned, installed, and by the grace of God, activated, the beam of LIGHT. We will forever remember your sacrifice. May you look down from above and continue to guide us as we ring the bell of FREEDOM and destroy those who wish to sacrifice our children, our way of life, and our world. We, the PEOPLE.”
Prayer said every single day in the OO.
JFK - Secret Socities.
Where we go one, we go all.


Note that timestamp encodes retweet date of 11th Sept

Also, Secret Socities is referring to Council on Foreign Relations (above)?
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posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 09:54 AM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

Rel, consider how that works on the personal level. If one is accused of something, and one does not rise in one's own defense, many will assume that one is guilty as charged -- without a bit of proof! The deep operators probably feel some serious frustration in this regard, thus the push to silence Q.


posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 10:00 AM
Now that would a a Ka BOOOOM

Flynn Could Fry 4 Treasonous US Presidents
exposed the world’s biggest terrorist sleeper cell headquartered in US-Radical Islamist Fetullah #Gulen’s network net worth $200B
The real reason Flynn was targeted

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posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 10:14 AM

originally posted by: carewemust
a reply to: crankyoldman

It's interesting how President Trump pretty much ignores Jerry Nadler, no matter how many lies Nadler makes up about President Trump. It must be because Nadler's statements are such obvious lies, they actually strengthen President Trump's position.

Does anyone know what skeletons Fat Jerry has in his closet? We know about Adam Schiff and the Standard Hotel. Tlaib & Omar are Islamist infiltrators, and AOC is essentially an actress hired to play a member of congress. But what is Nadler's game?

posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 10:22 AM
a reply to: AndyFromMichigan

Rest assured that Nadler has been getting paid behind the scenes by the Soros' and Epstein's of the world for a LONG time. He has as much dirt and as many skeletons as the rest of them. You cannot be in Congress for decades and remain clean, especially if you are a loathsome rat like Jerry Nadler. Just look at the man's physical appearance for one thing. He is a gormless troll.

posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 10:25 AM
a reply to: AndyFromMichigan

I don't know but I bet fat Jerry picked all the meat off those bones years ago.

Does anyone know if Adam Schiff is a descendant of Jacob Schiff? This guy

posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 10:32 AM
a reply to: AndyFromMichigan

His net worth is 17 million, he's trafficking something


posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 10:37 AM
a reply to: SilentWindofDoom

President Trump to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, regarding her insensitive 9/11 statement.

posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 10:43 AM

DJT retweet

Look at that, we post about Steve M. last PM, and DJT retweets Maria on Steve M. this AM.

Mnuchin: Fannie, Freddie overhaul key for future of housing link to article: dismantling another of the Obama legacy problem children.

posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 10:47 AM

DJT tweet

This relates to my above post.

"Balance Sheet." I noticed a thread on ATS yesterday with monetary experts arguing about the "budget" and who ruined what. Not once was the term "Balance Sheet" used in the arguments. Not once.

"Boneheads" ????

posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 10:50 AM
a reply to: crankyoldman

Look at that, we post about Steve M. last PM, and DJT retweets Maria on Steve M. this AM.

I don't know, Cranky. YOU being an "influencer", I can visualize. ME being one ... I have to sweat just to get houseflies to shift position


posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 10:58 AM

originally posted by: crankyoldman

"Boneheads" ????


Boneheads = Skull and Bones Society


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posted on Sep, 11 2019 @ 11:20 AM
a reply to: crankyoldman

I do hope that is all "code" for something else, because it is fiscal nonsense.

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