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Apparently I Was Born In The Wrong Body

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posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 10:38 AM
a reply to: sapien82

Sure I don't know what that means either it's just a sentence i heard a couple of times.

At the time it helped me find out more about myself, so...

Actually thinking about it it's a stupid expression, coming from the same racial identification background as any other identity trough skin color.

It's the base on which racism thrives!

Cut a homosapiens sapiens open and what comes out is always blood red.

Sincerely NoClue

posted on Aug, 30 2019 @ 02:55 AM

originally posted by: sapien82
a reply to: NoClue

You are black on the inside!

What the hell does that even mean

My guess is that the voice was meaning to tell him he "should have been" born black.

Not like a cosmic mistake was made or anything.

More like, "you would have made a good black person".

skin colour and gender does not determine culture , or religion , beliefs and world views, nor your state of consciousness or your spirituality

Skin color is one of the least meaningful traits. Apparently a population can evolve all the way from white to black or vice versa in as few as 200 generations, if their environment selects for one over the other.

Other traits are much more meaningful.

Australian aborigines have been a distinct lineage for over 50,000 years. Nobody anywhere can claim to be quite that separated from the bulk of humanity.

the fact that you are a homo sapiens sapiens does however determine these things because you have access to consciousness
the same as every other human on earth !

and that is the reason we can all say we are similar and have similar cultures and similar beliefs in gods and spirits
because of our access to consciousness as a human being.

It also determines things like your leg to height ratio, and your average height, for that matter. Do the men grow beards? Do you handle warmer or colder temperatures better?

Ask yourself: why is South Africa the only part of Africa that ever got fully overrun by European settlers?

There isn't strong evidence either way for most of the rest. So science just shrugs and goes with the assumption that the rest doesn't get determined by it. That is usually the default hypothesis if you don't know.

But... I find it odd that attempts to integrate people from some of these other ethnicities into European culture have failed so badly, and so consistently.

You would think that there would be more success if indeed the stuff happening after our birth had more to say about our final personality than the stuff we start with at our birth.

Why does the age crime curve for African American males center at the age of 22? While the curve for white American males centers at 17 and a half? Do you think maybe African American males' brains simply reach maturity a few years later?

Imagine if we were to move the juvenile age to 22 for them. The jails would be so empty.

posted on Sep, 10 2019 @ 11:51 AM

originally posted by: IAMALLYETALLIAM
a reply to: Lumenari

This isn't me saying it. These are indigenous elders that believe I am one of them born in a European mans body.

Except for the part where you explicitly stated they told you this AFTER you described to them that you felt like you were secretly an indigenous person. So no, this wasnt some unprompted statement. This was somebody basically telling you what you wanted to hear after you had already talked about it, then you pretending like somebody told you this out of the blue. You believe it because you want to, they say it because that's the kind of goofy mumbo-jumbo people say about nonsense like this, especially when the other person is clearly gullible enough to buy it.

I couldnt possibly roll my eyes any harder at this...

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