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Top 10 rock bands from the 90s

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posted on Aug, 19 2019 @ 10:35 AM
a reply to: metal5643

Red Hot Chilli, Peppers Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots were my fav rock bands from the 90's. There are some great female performers from the 90's also; although, they're not complete bands. Such as Alanis Morisette, Cheryl Crowe, etc. Prince also, but I'm not sure if one would consider him as an individual or a band either.

posted on Aug, 19 2019 @ 10:52 AM

originally posted by: AlexandrosTheGreat
How are talking about an unparallel movement in the history of music...the grunge era of music tied or perhaps even surpassed the genius of the Baroque period breaking a long confined to limitations world of music. It takes 25 in all honesty to do that time justice. It is like asking someone to name the three best romantic composers. Schumann? Liszt? Offenbach? Tchaikovsky? Debussy? Grieg? Wagner? Verdi? You would again need more like 10 or 15 slots. Same for classical ones. But if it must be ten here goes without any time taken to be sure so probably would be edited if I had time
Tied for 1. (Because the latter, 1B, is really a 70s-80s band but was winning hrammies and putting out best selling albums in the 90s and after...just 5 or 6 years short of 60 years!)
1A. Smashing Pumpkins 1B. Fleetwood Mac
2 The Cranberries
3. Our Lady Peace
4. Alice in Chains
5. Pearl Jam
6. System of a Down
7. Artificial Joy Club
8. Toad the Wet Sprocket
9. Stone Temple
10. Tool

awesome list thanks for sharing

posted on Aug, 19 2019 @ 11:16 AM

originally posted by: Flyingclaydisk
There were "rock bands" in the 90's???? Really???? I don't think so!

If you want to talk about rock bands you need to go back further, like a decade or two. The real rock bands were in the 70's and 80's!!

Think about it...

Just compare the OP's list of bands (half of which I never even heard of) to the following:

1. Led Zepplin
2. Van Halen
3. AC/DC
4. Black Sabbath
5. Aerosmith
6. Rolling Stones
7. Rush
8. Rolling Stones
9. Metallica
10. ZZ Top
11. Deep Purple
12. Pearl Jam
13. Scorpions
14. Queen

Now go back and re-read the list in the OP and compare them to these guys! It's almost laughable.

I agree with you, but you have to recongnize the difference in eras.

All the megagroups you listed came from a time where album sales were king. You bought an album, and listenwd to the entire thing time after time after time.

That wasn't necessarily true during the 90s.

posted on Aug, 19 2019 @ 11:30 AM
a reply to: metal5643

Top 10 90's rock/grunge/metal
In no particular order...

Alice in Chains
Pearl Jam

My opinion of course, results may vary.

posted on Aug, 19 2019 @ 11:40 AM
I could list a million bands from the 90s that I feel were at the top of their game so I'll just list three that really did it for me..

They released a few albums and a couple of great songs during the 90s.
Over the past few years they reunited and put on some great live shows.
They also have one of my favorite lyrics in this song, "If I must be lonely I think I'd rather be alone"

Save Yourself

Shame (live in Philadelphia from 2016, what a great night this was. )

To this day I still listen to certain TON songs and albums.
Great imagery, funny personalities and the ability to just go really heavy in the world they created.
The Philadelphia Halloween shows at the Troc with all the toilet paper pretty much sum up my youth.
Talk about being a lucky guy the dummer , Johnny Kelly in both videos got to play in a band with Peter Steele and Glenn Danzig which to a lot of people are about as good as frontmen get)

Love You To Death...

September Sun ( a later release for them)

DANZIG (Classic lineup)
Not much needs to be said about what Glenn Danzig has contributed to punk and heavy metal-hard rock.
Of his three bands the middle one Samhain are my favorite though most people know The Misfits and all 3 have played a part in my musical journey.

Quality on this first video isnt great but I remember the first time I saw this video and thought that summed up what I thought music was. Hell I think I still have the VHS some place and to this day Danzig II still is in my rotation.

Here Black Wings...

And then their is this..Classic Danzig in all their glory. John Christ and Eerie Von with the rhythm , Chuck Biscuits banging away on drums and Glenn with his voice at its peak IMO.

How the Gods Kill...

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posted on Aug, 19 2019 @ 03:21 PM
In no particular order...
Faith No More,
Jane's Addiction,
Butthole Surfers,
Blind Melon,
9-Inch Nails,
I could go on, but if you don't dig any of these bands, we probably wouldn't get along.

posted on Aug, 19 2019 @ 04:03 PM
This was hard as the 90's wasn't my favorite era for music, but there was some really good music put out, and some really well recorded songs as well. This is a currentish list, bands move around all the time. This took me way more time than it should have.

#10 Radiohead

#9 Korn

#8 Foo Fighters

#7 Rage Against The Machine

#6 Rob Zombie

#5 Tool

These Last 4 are nearly equal in quality to me and are in my general rotation.

#4 Primus

#3 System Of A Down

#2 Danzig

#1 Morphine

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posted on Aug, 19 2019 @ 05:35 PM
The 90's is without a doubt my favorite era in music.

Most of the bands that would have popped into my head if asked are already listed... STP, AIC, Radiohead, Tool, White Zombie / Rob Zombie, Korn, Primus, Janes Addiction and so on.

A couple I didn't see listed but still listen to regularly would be


And Candlebox:

I'd love to post a song from one of my favorite 90 's bands, Acid Bath... But they have strong copyright mojo and finding their music online is difficult.

I honestly could fill a few pages with others, many obscure or one offs.

However what I really miss about 90's music is how many bands and songs either crossed genre or were difficult to put into one in the first place:

Again, I could go on with tons more.

I'm an OG metalhead through and through - but that era... Where a local rock station might play Sepultura and then follow it up with something like the above... There was something magical about that. Something that got lost when local radio got bought up by corporations like Clear Channel.

posted on Aug, 19 2019 @ 05:46 PM
a reply to: Jdubious

You should change title to "My personal top 10 rock bands of the 90's"

Alice in chains, Tool, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Stone temple pilots, Soundgarden, Smashing pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, Janes Addiction, Sublime, Korn.......

Any 90s list without most of the above is just a Schitty list.

posted on Aug, 19 2019 @ 07:39 PM
a reply to: opethPA

Type 0 Negative is still one of my all time favorite bands. They got me through a LOT of tough times and depression. Granted, their earlier thrash stuff I'm really not into much, but Bloody Kisses, October Rust, World Coming Down, Life is Killing Me are all great albums. I listen to them often.

Her Black Wings is also pretty dope.

posted on Aug, 19 2019 @ 09:01 PM
a reply to: metal5643

Awesome thread I really enjoyed everybody's opinions and civility, this could have easily made it into the mud pit.

posted on Aug, 19 2019 @ 09:10 PM
a reply to: metal5643

I love Hot Action Cop. Stumbled on them playing video games with my son when he was little lol

posted on Aug, 20 2019 @ 10:00 PM
a reply to: Hefficide

My God, I completely forgot about Acid Bath! Friggin' excellent.

"...she runs through fields daisies, yeah it's just a shame that they eat their own babies, who cares..."

Thanks for bringing that back from the depths of what's left of my consciousness. I have to go digging through my albums.

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