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British citizens no peeking: Has HM the Queen passed or is she in her final throws?

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posted on Aug, 17 2019 @ 05:52 AM
Sorry if the above sounded rude Elethia - you're a good person with amazing work ethic and optimism I have high respect for. I was a bit drunk and had a loose tongue, I do apologise.

I sadly don't share your optimism - I think UK politicians have lost international respect in their handling of Brexit. They can't even organise a piss up in a brewery and their behaviour in parliament during the process has been an international advertisement of incompetence, division and no one having a coherent plan post Brexit.

Labour are in a mess, infighting and they're more interested in creating as much chaos and damage as possible in the Brexit process in the hope it'll turn into a massive failure and they'll wind the next election by default.

Most of the Tory front bench hold investments in NHS privatisation and use offshore tax havens to avoid paying UK tax. They also hold millions in speculation, investment and markets (as most wealthy people do and uncertainty is a major driver of profits for people using game theory - Mogg has famously been an investor and rread the financial times from age seven and uses applied game theory.

I don't see any of them having the negotiating ability, putting the interests of the country first above their own wealth or politcal career or the mental capacity to arrange deals that are more beneficial than what we already have.

I remember you mentioning your granddaughter is on placement in the NHS while studying at Uni - She should have access or be elligble to apply for access to British Council records for 'educational purposes' which dis a front for MI6 intel on every country in the world detailing what is going on worldwide for the nex five years (like the US Depart of Commerce). There's a link here: - her professors will have access to them on the staff intranet and she could potentially ask the to see for educational/career purposes,

Though UK Security Services and handling of data is so incredbly inept that the top secret UK intelligence reports and where they're conducting espionage can it can be read by absolutely anybody - which collating this post I used a famous search engine and within the first few pages noticed a poorly formatted certain University webpage was 2017 - 2019 Iran Nuclear threats developments - and this Is after both Russia and Iran both hacked UK Universities and arrested SIS agents for spying working under the guise of teachers (and why Boris Johnson probably handed the innocen woman currently arrested in Iran for spying after he fasley made a statement she there to teach jurnalists.

Tl;dr I don't see any current politicians capable of negotiating good deals and if US, Australia, etc were such great allies they'd have made public statements saying they wish to create a mutually beneficial trade deal. Trump is businessman and is openly standing on an America first basis (can't blame him) so instead offering fair deals they're publicly refusing to do a trade deal with the UK unless we privatise the NHS, allow the import US food which isn't fit for human consumption.

In the next few days John Bolton is going to declare there will be no trade deal unless we pull out of Iran Nuclear Deal and adopt the US warhawk policy instead petitioning the UN. We also have to ban Huawei from the UK because of the US's failed attempts at US-China Trade and also threatten to sever all security ties/kick UK out of Five Eyes. - they're officially declaring we need to be even more of America's bitch than we currently are before we can begin to negotiate with them.

I can't fathom how a US-UK trade deal would be anything but far worse than what we currently have, behind the PR smchoozing and soundbytes they're treating us as an adversary.

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