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US Shadow Government Being Exposed?

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posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 01:57 AM

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posted on Jan, 18 2020 @ 02:22 AM

originally posted by: Bmore
Hello, it's real. All of it. Beyond what you could possibly conceive.


you don't just register and spam your own book links in 2 of 3 first posts.

unless you wanna annoy your target audience, of course.
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posted on Apr, 17 2020 @ 09:38 PM

There is a great research thread, the Omega Agency research project, discusses the shadow government in great detail.

As the former/previous Lead Scholar/Research Tzar and FSME of that project and subject, I urge those interested to read and dig through the source and notes.

Much more than that was learned, and if possible please, don't disregard apparently unrelated topics as they do have a aspect which may be connected.

Some times the dots that aren't obviously connected, end up being so indirectly.

The government of old, is struggling to hold on as the swamp drains. Don't forget that.

United We Stand, The Rest Is, Not An Option!

Let it be known, those who knew, tried...

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posted on Apr, 18 2020 @ 05:18 AM
I am tired.

There was a time, when I had energy and the luxury of keeping myself as informed as I can about the 'truth about reality', and this included all the TRUE power structures of this world, and all these shady groups that always attempt world dominance and total control of all people (and probably eventually, all living things).

I was simply curious, and wanted to know everything about 'reality' (whatever that means in the end), and how everything works, and all the basic human questions. This curiosity led me to interesting paths, shocking, scary and sometimes exciting.

The deeper I walked that path, the fewer people, I noticed, had been there, or were even aware that the path exists. I learned about UFOs, other planets, higher civilizations.

I learned about the history of this planet - first the official one, then the 'cracks in the official story', and eventually, the true history, that includes things like Atlantis and Mu.

With so much information surrounding us, even a long time ago, but especially after the internet started appealing to the masses enough that its suddenly exponentially popularity allowed all kinds of information to start flowing in it..'s increasingly difficult to discern truth from non-truth. Truth is one, but non-truth can appear in so many, often appealing forms, that it's easy to fall off the path and start walking within disinformation, being convinced of illusions being real, and so forth.

A lot has been written about the 'shadow government', which isn't really an american thing, but a global control system in place, operated by a handful of people that have, for all intents and purposes, sold their souls to evil forces.

It's difficult to talk about 'shadow government' for MANY reasons, one of which being, that they really do operate 'in the shadows', only popping to be seen when they need the publicity to change something major (although they alway have the option of using their 'wealthy puppets' for that).

If you have ever had the feeling that someone 'in charge' is just following some 'higher-up's' orders instead of making his/her own decisions, you may be right. Someone is clearly controlling the strings of every public figure you ever see, except for the few that basically avoid the publicity for the most part.

Another reason is that the 'shadow government' is so tied with all kinds of 'nonsensical-sounding' things, that, in my evaluation, are probably more real than the masses are allowed to realize.

When you research these things, you bump into all kinds of esoteric concepts, from different planes of existence to extra-terrestrial visitors, UFOs, ghosts, chakras, meridians, 'Cosmic Oneness', spirituality, moloch, weird child-effigy-sacrificing rituals.. the list goes on and eventually becomes so disturbing that it's easier to just stop and try to forget you saw anything.

People that think they know what 'shadow government' means by simply using their logic and pointing at what's VISIBLY going on in the world, public figures, 'rich people' and 'wealthy families', don't even stand yet at the door of the rabbit hole, let alone have found their way inside yet at all.

All this didn't happen by accident, organically, and by 'stumbling politicians doing rich people stuff' and sometimes meeting in secret.

This separates those that 'really know' from those that 'only think they know'.

Human psyche is fragile. There's only so much it can handle. And with things that get so weird, strange and disturbing, it's easier to just back away, 'explain it away' as 'crazy conspiracy theories' and trust the so-called 'authorities'.

It's also psychologically safer, so I do not blame anyone that doesn't take the deeper, weirder, more 'nonsensical'-sounding 'rabbit hole' stuff seriously. If I had to choose between becoming completely bonkers and trusting a comforting illusion, maybe I would also choose the latter.

In fact, I started feeling so disgusted and disturbed by everything I discovered, and finding more truth started seeming a useless effort of diminishing returns with ever-more demanding toil, I decided to stop trying to find out the truth about anything anymore.

I wanted to just forget all that odd crap, just try to live as normal life as I can, as long as I have to, on this wretched planet with clueless, half-animalistic people, and just try to make the best ouf of a bad situation.

I wanted to just escape into living my life the way I want to live it, and when the time comes, exist this world and let that be that. (And hopefully never come here again)

However, with everything going on, and this whole 'cashless society' stuff, not to mention 'microchipping' being pushed suddenly so hard, and limitations being imposed on travel and mobility (which was sort-of necessary for my simple plan), I am going to give one last attempt at explaining the 'shadow government' to best my ability, the way I see it, and what I have found to be true.

I might be wrong, and it is just my limited view of seeing things, and my research has been lacking and the results are partial, so I have to try to piece a 'whole' out of 'messy fragments', so take it with any kind of amount of sodium chloride you want.

I hope it's informative to someone - I am simply offering it as an explanation of reality, so if it helps someone understand existence a bit deeper, I couldn't ask for more.

posted on Apr, 18 2020 @ 05:18 AM
'Shadow Government' is a hazy term, and refers to the power structure with strict hierarchy and has many intertwined conspiracies about many people.

But it's a lot more than that. It also has to do with legal system, corporations, militaries (military-industrial-complex is a term not many really understand anymore), but also the astral world, worldwide karma, more total population and mind control than people usually dare consider as possibility, cruelty and evil of almost unimaginable proportions, scale and detail, and it expands beyond and trancends the usual confinements of time and physical reality.

(This part might be hard to swallow for some people)

Who is the most powerful ruler of this planet? Who has the most wealth, most land, most power and most possibilities to control others and advance and impose an evil agenda upon most people of this planet?

Presidents are mere puppets, although one of them seems to be struggling to be a more unpredictable, individual force.

The visible governments are a joke.

There are no people that can live for hundreds, let alone thousands of years at a time, that it would take to make this kind of long-term agenda a reality (the frog can't jump out of the kettle when it realizes it's in trouble, because the warming water has made its muscles weak).

So we must be talking about someone more 'eternal' - otherwise, why would anyone sell their soul to commit themselves and their lives totally to an evil scheme they won't even be around to see?

But let's examine why governments even exist, first.

The purpose of a government is to help a country's (which is now a legal definition, but I could talk about what 'country' really is for pages and pages, let's just put that aside for now) people live a free and prosperous life as well as possible, while protecting their rights and securing their spiritual condition, while making things more convenient.

Governments are needed, so we have peace officers to protect our rights, so we have libraries to expand our knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the world, so we can cultivate, elevate, expand and heighten our humanity, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and our whole being as spirits, as well as our culture, towards divine perfection as freely and as conveniently as possible.

Government provides necessary structures, from roads, learning centers (though 'education' really means 'indoctrination' nowadays), the economic structure that helps everything grow and prosper, and punishment for those that try to trample upon other people's rights. Government can be the greatest thing to help a country's (or planet's) population to truly prosper - and I didn't even mention hospitals (healthcare system), fire stations, phone and internet infrastructure, post offices, public transportation and so on (I am _NOT_ going to mention 'military' - which is nothing more than a standing army of brainwashed, crazy murderers ready to commit atrocities for whatever ideology is fashionable at a given era, as something -necessary-).

In a good world, people would be happy to pay reasonable taxes (though 'income tax' still seems odd to me, as it would be more logical that only 'wealthy corporations' should pay tax so they could give back to the community that made them wealthy in the first place) to a good Government, that uses this money to build, keep up, maintain and help the necessary infrastructures and services that make life so much easier and more convenient, so people can elevate their culture and truly prosper.

(I will leave the 'wage slave' vs. 'freedom of spirit' discussion for another time, but I'll just mention that if things were arranged properly, no one would have to work more than 1 year during their whole life, and yet everyone could live as well as the most wealthy people right now - especially with current state of robotics technology)

We all know that governments used to provide a lot of this kind of useful, convenient services, but like fire, governments are good servants, but bad masters. As long as governments served the public and provided a more convenient lifestyle, they were a blessing. But when'power structures' are at play, the people with a disturbing agenda are there, molding and shaping everything towards serving that agenda, regardless of if it helps the people or not.

Privatization of governmental functions has been seen as a good thing, but what this really means, is that instead of a government that people consented to being governed by, suddenly just 'some guy' (or some 'hag') just starts doing these jobs. Suddenly a privately owned corporation is handling your love letter to your cousin, and that corporation is completely free to not only set its own rules, but change those rules any time they see fit, and there's nothing the public can do about it.

No one consented to a specific, privately owned post office. I think even the functions of the police have been outsourced to corporations, so the 'silly notion' that Robocop presented to use in the eighties, is probably actual reality right now.

So, the 'peace officers' easily turn into 'policy enforcers', and suddenly they are not protecting the people and their rights anymore, but instead, are free to harass them as much as they want, as long as the corporation gets more profits from fining people for violating this or that policy.

posted on Apr, 18 2020 @ 05:20 AM
(How many people are in prisons for victimless crimes, BS tickets, trumped-up charges, or other non-violent and non-human-rights-violating 'crimes'? How many people would walk the streets in freedom, if the government and policy enforcers were protecting PEOPLE's interests instead of corporations'?)

All of this is not some random occurrence, but a part of pre-planned agenda, that has been in place for a REALLY long time.

There are so many things that make this 'shadow government' not only a very difficult thing to explain to any 'layman', even readers of ATS, but also create tremendous power and wealth for this small group of people, and ALSO hide them behind smoke and mirrors and all that red tape.

It's hard to discuss 'shadow government', because it has to do with -everything- - even that 'double city of London'. There's always something sinister hidden, and often hidden in plain sight, too. So almost no matter -what- weird thing in this world you research, if you go deep enough, you will end up researching 'shadow government'.

There are a few key things to take into consideration, that have really helped them, and have to do with why they're so well hidden and yet yield so much power;

- Roswell UFO incident (and reverse-engineering)
- Freemasons and masonic lodges and 'degrees'
- Occult rituals

- Incredible amount of 'levels of secret' (Is 'Cosmic Top Secret' even near the top anymore?)

- The Legal System (most people don't understand or even believe the difference between 'lawful' and 'legal', although it's all spelled out in Black's Law Dictionary, that these 'legal systems' use)

But there's still more.

As I mentioned earlier, all this is not in place just because some old geezers decided to play a game on humanity, and thought it could be fun to have some power and wealth.

The next thing I have to say about the 'shadow government' is the most important, and yet the most incredible, perhaps most ludicrous-sounding one. The most unbelievable, perhaps. And so be it. I don't want to stress anyone's psyche, but I think there might not be much time for people to know this stuff, so I am just telling it all (well, not ALL), take it as what you will.

People come and go, but the power stays in the same hands.

How can this be? Well, the power that's pulling all the strings, the answer to the question I asked earlier, is not any regular geezer or a hag. It's not some group of people - they are merely tools that willingly participate, because there's something in it for them.

They are like the people in the old story that sold their souls to the devil to gain Earthly riches.

Religious people will call it the devil, but in my opinion, that's just a name for the forces that TEMPT people, to test their character and resolve, their nature, their spirituality, their loyalty and their faith. Remember the initiation the Christ went through in the pyramids? It had nothing to do with any religion, cult or masonry, it was a pure, practical, spiritual initiation.

The reason why even the Christ had to be initiated that way, is that he can be enlightened, and thus as pure as possible, to bring us the message as un-distorted as possible.

This is why Christ had to be a very highly advanced soul, and why a normal human body couldn't contain such a high-frequency soul. This is why they needed to artificially inseminate an Earth woman, using seed from a very high-level male body that's stronger and thus can contain even a high-frequency soul.

This was the reason why Mary remained a virgin - she was artificially inseminated with this higher-quality seed - it all makes sense, when you know the background story.

The extra-terrestrial beings that helped the Cosmic Messenger come to this planet, were evolved and highly advanced people, so when they were sometimes seen by ordinary people, especially using their technique to 'appear' and 'disappear', they population at the time figured they were some kind of supernatural beings and started calling them angels.

It didn't hurt that such highly evolved beings, just like the Christ himself, of course seemed to radiate light when you looked at them (which is what the 'light circle' around people's heads in old paintings try to depict (there's only so much you can do with paint, so this method allowed a nice, symbolic way of depicting such a glow)).

To get back to the point; a pyramid is the best place to conduct initiations, because it preserves life, due to combining a planetary energy and cosmic energy, and focusing it very powerfully to a certain point inside the pyramid.

We all know (or should by now) that razorblades get sharper, or at least stay sharp in a pyramid-shaped container, if it's placed to a specific place inside of it, and if the pyramid is constructed to certain, specific proportions.

A pyramid constructed properly for this purpose, acts as the same way as a magnifying glass does - it gathers and focuses cosmic energy from space, as well as planetary energy from the ground, to the place where the initiate's body is resting during the initiation.

This means the initiation can be prolonged and can take as much time as it needs, without the body suffering from not having normal nourishmental cycle going on - it's nourished by these powerful energies, relieving the initiate to complete the initiation without having to worry about the body.

posted on Apr, 18 2020 @ 05:20 AM
I know all this might seem very weird, insanely stupid or just unbelievable, nonsensical and too esoteric for most people, but if it is the truth, it's my responsibility and duty to share it regardless.

Now that we know all this, we can realize that what's depicted in the bible as 'temptations', actually just describes the initiation of the Christ, that has to of course happen before he can teach anyone. He has to let go of his animalistic side and become enlightened, so he has nothing inside of him that can divert him through anything egotistical or personal or animalistic, or lust-based, etc.

Basically he had to become an enlightened Zen master - which was easier for him, because he was a very high-level being (not a regular human being) before incarnating.

I could talk about 'states' of beings, from the first to the third (third-state beings don't need physical bodies anymore, and they have a lot more responsibility - for example, the Christ's responsibility is this whole solar system, we aren't even near the second stage yet, so we basically have no responsibilities yet - we're like kindergarten in the Cosmos), but I'll skip it for now.

I WISH they taught all this in schools.. but no, they teach about cirrus clouds and how pyramids were tombs to glorify some pharaohs' massive egos (the only explanation a narrow-minded, nihilistic 'archaeologist' could think of! Don't let TRUTH be limited by the minds of the people teaching it)

Remember; there's always the good explanation, and then there's the REAL explanation.

Now that we know all this, we can put things to perspective; the 'devil' isn't the evil one, he's only a depiction of the TEMPTATIONS that people have to go through to evolve spiritually - devil tries to fool people to think only of 'Maya', the material, to obey their lusts - and if people can still seek the spiritual, and see that it's actually real, while 'Maya' never is - only then can people be free of such temptations.

So 'devil' is basically doing the Creator's work, helping people go through challenges and initiations to improve as humans and souls and spiritual beings.

However, there are more tangible, actually evil beings in other dimensions, that are very much part of all this. The 'shadow government' is actually lead by these people that do not fully live in the physical side, and thus, they don't have limitations to worry about, like 'lifespan', for example.

Now, when we look at things from THIS perspective, we can start to realize what that 'moloch-worshipping' is all about!

It's not that evil people (you can even go back to research the Názis and the SS, the esoteric stuff hímmler was obsessed about, and how hítler seemed to be completely fascinated by all that - well, it wasn't just a flimsy fluke) just dabble in these things by coincidence.

It's the other way around. The evil from the other side controls people on this side.

Yes, I said it, it sounds absolutely crazy, I know. And I am not 100% sure it's true the way I put it, but if you take this core thought and at least try to mull it around and use it as a puzzle piece, you can realize it fits SO many otherwise strange things in this world.

So, to put it in other words and other kind of terminology, you could say that powerful demons that live on other planes of existence (other dimensions, whatever you want to call it), are playing a very dangerous game using greedy and evil people of this planet as their pawns and the game is becoming more serious every decade, and now, every year.

In my research, the 'end goal' - how you win the game - is to get a planet's population completely and utterly under your control.

This can't be done if people are free to think. It's not enough to suppress thought, the way they did in the book 'Nineteen-Eighty-Four'.

In the 1990s, I attended a 'spiritual seminar', where someone pretty nutty was talking. I didn't take it very seriously, as she was talking about mind-controlling microchips implants, some supercomputer being built in France area that has everyone's data the 'shadow government' has collected, and is somehow also connected to these microchips that mind-control people..

.. It all sounded SO crazy and nutty, I didn't even want to consider it as a possibility.

But now there IS LHC - a VERY 'super computer' indeed - exactly where predicted.

Now people are already used to microchipping their dogs, and 'microchipping people' is already becoming a reality. Some people already have chips inside of them, and a few of them have had it for years.

So, from what I know (and remember, I might be wrong), I think the 'end goal' of this game is to have everyone 100% mind-controlled, so not only everyone's actions are controlled by these evil entities (like moloch) and their faithful servants, puppets, lackeys and goons, but also everyone's behaviour, attitudes, personality - and ..

posted on Apr, 18 2020 @ 05:21 AM

..are completely controlled by them. Or at the very least, controllable. You may have some free thoughts, but suddenly you feel a tremendous headache until you think of the right thing. Or you can't seem to form any thoughts that aren't exactly how 'they' want you to think.

Or they implant thoughts that you consider your own.

Think how much damage they can do, not only to individual people, but masses of people, if they ever reach that goal!

They can make 1000 people fight another 1000 people until 2000 people are dead, and think of it as a fun sport and laugh. We will be videogame NPCs, except that we are living souls that feel pain.

I don't want to bring this thought further than this, but I am sure many readers can realize how horrible a situation this would be for everyone.

So when people so easily toss around the term 'shadow government', with such superficial, conformist and flimsy 'explanations', and I know all this, I can't really just read it and move on.

I am tired, I don't want to do any of this anymore, I just want to live my life.

But I HAD to tell the truth (as I see it), maybe the last time.

I really hope I am wrong, though, and the world is actually a great, safe place, where nothing will ever be wrong when it comes to 'authority' and 'power'.

posted on Apr, 18 2020 @ 05:29 AM
Forgot to add a small detail; The reason why hítler was able to 'mesmerize the masses' and why people that read THE SAME speech from newspaper later, didn't agree to much of it or found it not-so-special, although previously, they had agreed 100% and felt like the speech is the best thing they ever heard.

Why would someone just change their mind based on format?

There was something more sinister happening. The beings from the 'other side' were INFLUENCING the audience and their reactions and emotions, every time hítler gave a speech. The 'speech power' didn't come from the man speaking and screaming to the audience - it came from somewhere else.

Another hidden truth you won't find in school books. Truth is more amazing than fiction, but also more scary.

posted on Apr, 18 2020 @ 06:14 AM
a reply to: Shoujikina

Thank you for sharing your earnest research, thoughts, and time to create these posts.

Best wishes for the rest of your journey in this life.
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posted on Apr, 19 2020 @ 02:13 AM
Sometimes, more often than not, I find reading about history to be a good view of the future. Times change, people and greed don't.

One of my favorite, is ancient Celtic knowledge. They knew...

Three strange things in the world: loving war more than peace, loving excess more than sufficiency, and loving falsehood more than truth.

Celtic Triad

Knowledge is power, and knowing, really is half the battle.

posted on Apr, 21 2020 @ 08:46 PM
a reply to: [post=24555094]loam[/pos

To the Enlightened , they have Always been in Plain View . We as individual American CITIZENS have no Supposed Allies in Federal , State , or Local Governments , Including the POTUS at Large . We as FREE MEN Must Decide Personally when our Freedoms are Threatened , and Respond as We See Fit . There are Millions of Americans at Present that Utterly Refuse to Tolerate ANY Conditions Imposed on Our Constitutional Freedoms , and are Willing to Take the Lives of those Who Might Think to Oppose US .C'est la vie for those who Cherish Freedoms Over Enslavement .......

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