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Why UFO's are man-made

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posted on Aug, 14 2019 @ 05:55 PM
Some UFOs are manmade but the "real" ones are not human in origin. a reply to: ChaoticOrder

posted on Aug, 18 2019 @ 09:06 AM
a reply to: 1point92AU

Perhaps you're accustomed to people not challenging you to validate your arguments.

What arguments?

Instead of constantly saying I made arguments why not just quote them. Quote the question you said I asked, quote the example you said I gave., the theory I apparently formulated?

So I can see exactly what you are misinterpreting or taking out of context with what I initially was giving my opinion about.

I went back and re-read your posts. You made 3 specific statements which clearly are nothing more than opinion and without anything to support them.

Correct, NO arguments were made just opinions and observations, Its what I said they were a few times in my replies asking you what arguments, what question and what theory I made.

If you think is about "winning" then you are too emotional a person to have a discussion with and I would recommend you not participating.

No, its about discussion, I gave my opinion then you replied, in your reply you started to say I asked a question then went to say other things I have done, that is where I completely lost where you are coming from.

The only emotions shown are from yourself.

I said you were speculating, how you expressed that us, humans in 116 years have done this and how you have have tried to impose that onto unknown intelligent life elsewhere. Its just speculation.

Until we actually have knowledge of how intelligent life evolves elsewhere and how their technological advancement evolved its just wild speculation, no matter how fast we have done so, to try and impose that on other intelligent life is just .......... you know what it is but your beliefs seem to make you argue that its true.

I made no arguments, yet you repeatedly said I did, said I asked a question and formulated a theory of some sort.

When all I did is what you have finally realized after re-reading, just gave my opinion,

your responses show who is too emotional and needs to create an argument based on a persons opinion and observations.

I don't know why you would keep saying what you have without simply quoting me so any confusions could have been clarified.

But I am glad you agree that all I did was post an opinion, maybe try re-reading posts more so before replying and saying what others are doing when they are not.

posted on Aug, 18 2019 @ 10:19 AM
UFOs were, historically, a means for 'spirits-beings' to transport themselves

from ancient stone petroglyphs found in arid deserts worldwide, to exotic cave paintings in Africa/Europe done by trained Shaman... to the Medieval landscape painters who recorded the odd, lights in sky...
UFO vehicles and alien commuters were depicted in some way for their future civilizations of men & women to know about.

the Bible has more than a few passages of 'wheels-within-wheels' aircrafts, crystalline Orbs, Angels, and floating
hands that wrote on walls...and other bizzare super-natural episodes that defied the natural order of time or space...

man made UFOs are of physical stuff...the UFOs of antiquity & the Aetheric UFOs of today are 'spirit made & manned'

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie [...] ” (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12).
UFOs are included in the long list of strong delusion that humanity will deal with
->> which come from the other dimensional Spirit realm and will Not be Earth Saving ET's as they will claim to be

posted on Aug, 18 2019 @ 09:24 PM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

Serious? Oh please. Says who? You, and your "serious." Al least if you had said Sirius! "educated and well respected people" that you immediately dismiss with your obviously well-educated mind. "The real question in my eyes is their origin... they are man-made." Wow. Let’s assume (make an ASS out of U and ME) for a moment, because you appear fond of assumptions, that flying saucers are real and made by extraterrestrial entities. Maybe the real questions are more… who is piloting them, where do they come from, how do they bridge the distances involved, why would they come here, are they any threat, why would so many people still disbelieve their existence, etc., etc.

I apologize for the foregoing sarcasm, but your attempt to be rationally serious makes me laugh. It has been my observation over the last 45 years that the more rational an argument someone offers on the idea of UFOs and extraterrestrials, the less that someone really knows on the subject.

All you’ve proven with your radio frequency theories is that they don’t use radio frequencies to detect other civilizations in the universe! The universe has been explored for millions of years by extraterrestrial intelligences. There are thousands of races that have sent out millions of exploratory spacecraft for millions of years. And they all share their data. There is nowhere that is hidden and unknown.

Your ego-centric assumptions of the massive heat signatures that we would readily see are just that, assumptions. We didn’t even know that life grew around oceanic vents at the bottom of the ocean until 1977! Don’t confuse what humans do with their atom bombs and fossil fuel burning and lack of planetary control with what other civilizations do and don’t do, because they are not like us at all. Not only don’t we see what’s right under our feet, but there are few if any alien heat sources to be seen.

More assumptions. “…we would see evidence of life at many different levels of development.” Yes, that’s exactly what we do see when myopia is reduced. There is such a large body of evidence that is easily and wrongly dismissed by the wave of the “rational” mind.

You assume incorrectly that advanced civilizations travel the same way our infant civilization does. They don’t. And to do so the way they do takes far less energy than you assume it does. It turns out that every point in the universe has a location signature in the form of a complex frequency. To get from point A to point B all you have to do is tune the craft you are in to the location signature of point B and you will materialize at point B without massive expenditures of energy and almost instantaneously.

“We are a bunch of stupid primitive apes...” is the reason they don’t want to talk with us? What if they ARE talking to some individuals and you are just not listening, don’t care what they have to say, think they are frauds, charlatans, and liars, or think it just can’t be true because, after all, you are the one with the rational mind. As far as talking to all of us en masse sort of like landing on the White House lawn, can you imagine the pandemonium, chaos, and panic that would engender? They are not even allowed to do that until such a time that we can handle it without going off the deep end. This is decided by committee at galactic levels and their assessment of our readiness.

You know little about our government if you fail to realize how secretive they are, and how much we are being controlled with disinformation. Do you know that over 250 people from generals, to coroners now claim they saw EBTs, extra-biological entities, in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Many did not reveal this until on their deathbeds. But hey, they are all lying or hallucinating, huh. And the ability of the average citizen being able to handle the information. That’s not apparent from the irrationality, fear, and xenophobia of Trump supporters. Boy, you must be privy to their “main agenda” and their manipulations. Be careful while you keep stepping back because you are about to fall off a cliff of human-created destruction. All I see them doing is mainly trying to warn us of our pending human destruction that is becoming painfully more and more obvious every single day.

They are not here to do it for us, by any means. They will allow us to destroy ourselves, as long as we don’t take any other civilizations of which we have no knowledge with us. That’s the only time they will intervene. Otherwise they will let us walk off the cliff like lemmings. They are only here to warn us of our self-imposed impending doom.

“I've always believed time travel into the past is impossible.” “I prefer not to believe an infinite number of other time lines exist.” You are free to disbelieve in any true reality you choose to disbelieve. Some people understand otherwise. I’m so glad you are considering all factors.

You are the only one “mislead[ing] people about their nature.” They want to help, as they put it, because their ancestors are our ancestors. They are our cousins. For some groups the involvement goes even deeper. Some groups are more selfish than other groups. Some are way more advanced than others in their development. There are very few that want to seem like gods to us. Most want us to realize we are all equal entities. Equal in the universe.

posted on Aug, 18 2019 @ 09:43 PM

Would such an advanced species really travel the massive distances involved, expending what I assume is a lot of energy and time, just to cruise around our atmosphere and spy on us or study us.

Why do you assume it is a massive distance, or would take a lot of time and energy? I imagine one day, if we don't wipe ourselves out first, we'll develop much more efficient methods of long distance travel - be it via quantum mechanics, wormholes, extra-dimensional, or who knows what else.

It could be a hop, skip and a jump for a race of technologically advanced beings. Life could be so abundant, that getting visitors is a fairly common event. It drives me a bit nuts when people make assumptions about UFOs or aliens and their agendas, based on human limitations. "Why would they need lights? Why would they bother to visit here? It would take thousands of years, they wouldn't bother!" If alien, their technology and reasoning are also alien, and probably well beyond the comprehension of anyone on this lump of primitive rock.

posted on Aug, 18 2019 @ 10:09 PM
a reply to: atlatlal

This is a good post, atlatlal. Chaotic Order, your question is an/the essential one. Geniuses like Thomas Campbell say the ET question does not matter because we and all consciousness is connected through creator and all information recycled through a process of entropy. Practically, RF energy or transmission is not the communication medium. CE5 has occurred and will continue to using very advanced send/receive throughputs directly into our neurology.

There is also physical interaction through abduction and while it is suspected the complex allowed abduction role playing with military personnel, I can assure you most abductions are not by your fellow Earth citizens dressing up in costumes, despite what Jim Greer advocates. So, your premise about abduction, either hostile or benevolent, is not correct. Furthermore, we all should distinguish between contact and abduction. Question the linguistics of what is being sold. There has been and probably in this time both actions are occurring.

I also believe - know for a fact , actually, that the major governments, and especially NASA, JPL, which are the military are not telling you about our space-time brothers and sisters. I also suspect Drake was later briefed and he never revised the equation. I am somewhat sure he was told to leave it alone for public consumption. All this means your speculation, while in good intent, is grasping at what your scientific level of education and media has conditioned you to know about our physical and biological universe. That will omit a lot of information. The government/complex black book of physics and evolution is not taught in our education system any more than what it takes to understand nuclear criticality and chain reactions were in 1944. You can either accept this statement as possibility or reject; but I think you are an open-minded person and now realize the questions you ask are complex and naturally mind-boggling.

The continuous time loops where space time can bend back upon itself is an interesting hypothesis. I met Michael Masters and there is Jim Pennington, another truth teller. They make the case for extratemporal travelers and what we experience. Phil Corso's son makes this case about Roswell, or at least some of the crashes.

My feeling is everything is related and there is also deception going on amongst the knowledgeable participants to confuse the zoo animals along with benevolent, altruistic watchers helping at time to give us hints. The question of agenda and intent is what everyone is trying to figure out. It's not a simple blanket solution for the question you pose - "oh yeah, it's got to be us."

Right now, there are some pretty smart people who are keeping your best interest in mind and other in check. The future might be more Captain Kirk than you surmise and that's why we are living in a century that trickles data and confuses.

BTW Atlatal, do you have an opinion on Annunaki and human development?
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posted on Aug, 19 2019 @ 07:52 PM
a reply to: play4keeps

First, let me say, “thank you,” for your compliment. Now, for your question. Yes, I have an opinion about the Annunaki (did you have any doubt?) I’m not only going to answer your specific question, but I’ll also say a bit about the “big agenda” as I understand it.

I believe there is some good evidence from Sumerian cuneiform tablets as interpreted by the scholar Zecharia Sitchin, certain references in the Bible, comments by Bashar, and by the Pleiadians that the Annunaki are an extraterrestrial race of tall, powerful beings whose home planet, Nibiru, follows a comet-like orbit that puts them in the proximity of Earth every 3600 years. They are the Nephilim talked about in the Bible. According to Bashar and the Pleiadians, they performed genetic manipulations on a primitive species of humans, supposedly Homo erectus, and created us. They wanted a local race of beings that they could easily control but who were smart enough to work in the gold mining operations of which the Annunaki were fond.

There was also some independent genetic manipulations on the part of the Pleiadians to restore our genetics to what it was originally before the Annunaki obfuscated our DNA to make us more pliable. These are only my beliefs, but they have been formulated over the last 45 years which is how long I have been studying this. Things that I read or heard 45 years ago have been remarkably consistent with some things I’ve heard recently allowing for a relatively unchanging picture of what is going on. Much of the chaos on this planet has been attributed to the Annunaki. I’m not sure why, other than to keep us off center and unstable. They still enjoy our conflicts. The Pleiadians said about 10 years ago that they have been in long-term negotiations with the Annunaki trying to get them to stop being such a negative influence on this planet. It was at that time that the Pleiadians announced that the Annunaki had finally agree to allow us self-autonomy because they were finally convinced by the Pleiadians that we were, in fact, destroying ourselves.

There may also have been genetic involvement on the part of other ET races as we have been visited by 100’s of races over hundreds of thousands of years. One such race are the Grays. But most of their involvement seems to be one of collecting our DNA for the creation of a hybrid race between themselves and us. Bashar is a hybrid. Bashar cautions that no one is “detained” without their prior permission most often obtained during dreamtime. Bashar has said that we are more awake during sleep than when we are awake and that our dreams are often real experiences. I agree with this because of my own experiences during dreams (and I can wake myself from a deep sleep at any appointed time of the night and I do it consistently to the minute).

Bashar also cautions that there are different groups of Grays, some with more selfish motives than others. The majority, however, have our best interests at heart. We are destroying our planet and all the life in and on it. They know this and it mirrors their own parallel timeline when they destroyed a parallel Earth. On their planet they became mutated so they set about to “fix” their damaged DNA with other DNA compatible with theirs. Hence using their advanced technology they have come back in time and to our parallel reality and are using our DNA for this purpose. They really are trying to stop us from destroying our planet. (I administer a Facebook page, A Healthier Planet, on which I attempt to feature one article on most days showing how much damage we are doing to the planet and also the good attempts at correcting things.)

We are on the verge of the biggest revolution and evolutionary step in human history. The Pleiadians presented us with “Human Looking Aliens 101.” The Grays brought us “Hybrid Alien Genetics 101.” The Pleiadians will now take a backseat to what is coming next and that is “Alien First Contact 101.” This will be the Yahyel, a human/gray hybrid race who are experts at making first contact. But first, we must collectively agree that we want a first contact. One of the catches with contacting aliens, is that when we do establish contact, this opens the way for other ET intelligences to openly come onto this planet. The floodgates, so to speak are opened. There’s no going back. Up till now, we’ve had special status as a protected planet, protected from other third party ET groups. The Pleiadians said some time ago that if there was a People magazine of the universe, we’d be on the cover. There is intense interest in planet Earth. In our universe, this moment in the life of a civilization does not come along very often at all. One other aside, the Pleiadians have said that Star Trek and Star Wars were defining moments to them because it brought home the reality for us that the cosmos was inhabited by 100’s of strange looking aliens.

Well, this a bit more than you asked for play4keeps, but hopefully, you and others will enjoy the information.

For those that are interested, I have a blog with only a few entries, but they nicely illustrate other thoughts I've had regarding UFOs and ET's -

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posted on Aug, 20 2019 @ 12:12 PM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

It is quite amazing to think, that it is quite possible, that Hu-Man is growing these machines from metamaterials.
Synthetic living computer systems.

They are not just tools.

posted on Aug, 20 2019 @ 12:17 PM

originally posted by: solve
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

It is quite amazing to think, that it is quite possible, that Hu-Man is growing these machines from metamaterials.
Synthetic living computer systems. They are not just tools.

That's why bismuth is so important in their construction. Square crystal growth that can be repurposed for circuitry incorporated into the body of the craft.

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