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Metaphysics: Learning to Love

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posted on Aug, 7 2019 @ 02:05 PM
I feel that emotions constitutes a branch of metaphysics in multiple regards. This is one of those branches that the normal person can look towards and understand instantly that it exists and is real partially by way of the emotional stimuli that is experienced daily in regards to Emotions.

I will share what I have learned a bit about the subject as a psychic-medium.

What is Love?

A lot of people know of the mentality of love in which describes a way of Love. Free and fun-loving is what some might point towards and living with care and kindness within our lives can be a loving way to live. This is not just a starting point but rather a home for how we want to operate at times. There is also potentially a literal mentality energy in regards to that of love pertaining to the overlapping layers on our head area in which is sometimes discerned by psychics and things of that nature. There is many other kinds of compositions and machinisms of love but one of the most important I feel is that of the Emotion of Love in which some of us have been able to identify in regards to falling in love. That warm loving feeling in the chest area and heart centre in which is a partial indicator that one is in love.

An emotion?

The Emotions that we feel in our Heart Centre and Emotion Area is potentially a stimuli that tells of the spiritual around us. We feel and experience emotions daily which lets us know that we are more than flesh and blood and that we potentially have a soul. It’s one of the things that spiritualists can point towards in a scientific way that can lament upon learning in which you are going through in regards to Spiritual Education. The Science of Anatomy will potentially reveal in the future what spiritualist of today are letting know of in the communities that have emerged partially by way of the connection that the internet has created as well as connectedness of nature. Emotions I feel are part of Nature and that myriads of different informations out there letting know of other kinds of stimuli as well that could potentially be considered nature as well.

What exactly is an emotion?

We experience emotions potentially in multiple kinds of ways but the main way that even the average person on this planet discerns the stimuli of emotions is that of feeling and some might point towards touch in which I feel could be considered but the utilization of the word feeling potentially points as well at times to the multi use that spirit employs in regards to certain words in which we use. Feeling almost laments upon another describer word that we use in which explains another kind of sense we have partially in regards to being able to sense emotions. We feel emotions and potentially touch emotions in a certain kinds of way. Visually how amazing would that be if the Spirit World was looking upon Emotions similar to how they look upon physicals. It speaks of how the different perceptions pertaining to sense and what exactly we are. That there could be life within emotion itself is a possibility I have noticed through my own psychic research, spiritual communications and experiences

What kinds of emotions are there?

Imagine the composition and colour of physicals and other-dimensional beings impacted upon certain actions. That spiritually we could change colour based upon certain energy promotions in which even the energy promotion compositions themselves could potentially be affected upon the action themselves. Even moods could be impactful in regards to how we sense certain kinds of energies. The colour and composition of emotions being impacted at times in regards to the kinds of emotions we create and the thought that we are feeling certain kinds of emotions by our mood. So there are potentially multiple kinds of emotions that look and feel certain kinds of ways based upon many different factors, one in which has to do with the kind of emotion one is creating. Perception labels sadness to be blue and Happiness Yellow but the there are potentially many different colours associated with the different kinds of emotions.

What exactly does it feel like?

Many different kinds of stimuli. There is a lot of different kinds of feelings associated with the kinds of senses that we are able to experience in regards to that of emotion. From the breathlessness of fear to the high pitch illumination of Joy, the sorrows of despair to the mourning of sadness. To be able to describe some of these experiences without having to use the literal words in which it is trying to describe can be difficult especially since we use those very words to describe other kinds of things within life. We know it to exist by way of how we experience emotions and it is one of those senses in which has been described and understood in ways in which can seem kind of crazy that we don't fully know the metaphysics behind emotions especially in regards to how we have approached emotion in regards to the scientific communities. This speaks though of the glitch within the system especially in regards to some equating seemingly lack of proof that we have spirit when it partially lies within emotional research. Even describing some of the emotions that exist to regular folk sparks remembrance and understanding in ways in which let know that emotions exist.

What exactly does it affect?

We as physical beings on this planet experience emotion to a certain degree as to acknowledge it’s existence but what exactly is it? Analyze the emotions in which you feel daily and you may become more aware of the truth that exists behind those emotions. As a Psychic-Medium I have come to the believing factors that there is life within emotion. That the emotions that we create impact other kinds of spiritual entities behind the scenes in ways in which would make us pay more attention to our emotions. I have come to the believing factors that there is life within emotion through my own experiences. That the emotions that we create impact other kinds of spiritual entities behind the scenes in ways in which would make us pay more attention to our emotions. Affecting relationships and mentality, behaviour and personality upon emotional utilization. For some it might affect the setting and interaction in regards to ourselves. Again, seen within Near Death Experience tells of how in certain dimensional existence they can feel emotions to a heightened degree. The imaginings of being able to feel some of our emotions to such a degree especially the negative ones can give one a clue to the kinds of affect it can have on spiritual entities within radius of some of those emotions. For some realms the emotional climate of person might be weather patterns seen in the sky. It's makes one think about when we look up at the skies and the kind of weather systems we a re experiencing could be the mood atmospherics of the planet. Either way emotions affect many different things and it's not just in a visual sort of way but just as how we perceive emotions to be in an extra sensory sort way knocks upon the door that there are many different kinds of senses in which some spirits are perceiving emotions.


posted on Aug, 7 2019 @ 02:06 PM
Is there a difference between feeling emotion and creating it?

Yes, although just because we feel emotions throughout our life doesn’t mean we aren’t creating those emotions as well by way of different spiritual mechanics. There is discernible difference though upon creating emotions and feeling emotions. Throughout our life we feel emotions naturally based upon certain situations in which can feel to be less of a willful endeavour in which behind the scenes spiritually it might very well be a willful endeavour. With that being said there is real emotion mechanisms that we can utilize to create emotions daily at will on our end. When you compare the stimuli of feeling emotions and creating emotions there is at least on the onset a difference. Imagine someone moving your leg in which in how it is experienced make you feel like your moving your own leg. Certain spiritual mechanisms being revealed to understand the difference between moving your own leg and someone moving your own leg. It might seem strange but understanding how Channeling works from the spirit can be equated to this example that spiritual entities are working through our own movements at times and that ability to be able to sense that. The same could be said about emotional implantation in regards to the emotions that we feel and being able to discern the difference between spiritual influencing and that of our own emotions as well as understanding the difference between feeling emotions and creating emotions.

How do you create Love?

I learned from certain meditational techniques to be able to invoke the emotion of love where I then was able to understand the methods of emotional creation. As a psychic I am able to feel certain spiritual mechanisms that certain normal people might not be able to fully feel but regular people do know that emotion exists by way of feeling emotions daily. Being able to emulate the emotions you feel at times by way of emotional creation is a part of the learning. I learned from a spiritualist that explained these methods in what he called HCR that being Heart Chakra Radiance or Heart Radiance. White Light visualization techniques in which lent towards learning how to love. That would eventually lead towards the ability of being able to create one of the most wonderful emotions daily.

What is Heart Radiance?

The importance of love within the confines of spiritual development cannot be overstated. It is one of the keys to the secrets of life. Loving from your heart centre is very much a needed endeavour in today’s world in which can help the Spirit World in many different kinds of ways. One of the key things that I want you to take away from the Methods listed in regards to Heart Radiance is to continue to try using the methods until you can discern Loving Emotions and understand that ability to Create Emotions.

I learned methods on how to love from a teacher of mine called Avadar at a young age. I had been able to discern spiritual colours in which upon searching the Internet as to answers as to what exactly I was viewing, I found an answer in which struck a chord within myself that let know that the colours I was viewing was potentially thar Karmic Spiritual Colour of Spiritual Entities around myself. He developed certain Teaching earlier on in his life in the late eighties and early nineties in which has been refined today in how to love.

I believe these teachings have been taught before through various metaphysical teachers in the past not only within the confines of this physical earth but also on other planets within different dimensions. Where the power of love manifested through the layers upon layers of life to uplift generations and inspire the awareness of those touched by the lover. Some of these teachings on our planet may have been lost to time over the years only to reemerge within certain timeframes but some of it might have survived within the

Love is powerful enough though to break through the collective consciousness in many different kinds ways, potentially the Spirit Realm giving us hints and clues as to one of the sacred things in life. Our experiences also give credence to some of the perceptions in which has emerged. The act of love itself has existed for near close to forever and relationships and bond created through those acts potentially remain to this day. It’s augmented by the information coming out of the various psychic and spiritualist research happening today and in the past. Near Death Experience Research is one of those fields and just based off of scanning some of the Accounts I can say that there is let know of love and experiences of love within them in which points towards love being a secret to life in which in the Spirit Realm might not be as much of secret as it is on this Physical Earth Based Culture. Even within the Culture itself Love shines through into pop culture and societal perception in which is partially based off of the act of Falling in love. For some of those acts heart feelings manifest naturally and radiance amplified partially by way of the Spirit Around us. In which we can emulate in certain ways to be able to facilitate the emotion of Love daily.

My Teacher had labelled the Methods and Modes in which he came up with down here as Heart Chakra Radiance. HCR for short. I sometimes refer to it as Heart Radiance as I would discern a difference in regards to the Heart Chakra and that of the Emotion Centers within our Spiritual Bodies. Either way what we are ultimately referring to for the most part is that of love.

The point of these Heart Radiance Methods is to learn how to love but you could certainly apply the methods in regards to other types of emotions and energies. The Modes of heart radiance are there to eventually allow someone to be able to love at will without visualizations, meditations, and/or intimacy. Where you would be able to create the emotion of love at will through the action of wilful projection and creation of Love from the Heart Center and potentially from other areas as well. Where you would reach a point in your practice where you would be able to send love from the emotional body and centre at will and to then be able to use the actual emotion throughout everyday life.


posted on Aug, 7 2019 @ 02:06 PM
The following are the methods of Heart Chakra Radiance(HCR). They were developed from my teacher Avadar early on in his life.

“Mode 1: While breathing normally, visualize a sphere of white energy in your chest, or more specifically, in your Heart Chakra – the most important chakra for spiritual growth. Then, without holding your breath, visualize radiating white light out of this sphere in every direction at once. It is suggested that one first use this technique in light (alpha) meditation in order to become accustomed to it.

Mode 2*: While visualizing Mode 1, program yourself simply through desire to radiate those aspects of spiritual white light – called Programmed White Light – that would help you grow in the fastest possible way. Once you start doing this, the improvement is immediate and requires no new concentrated effort; you improve as you use it.*

Mode 3*: This is a natural evolution from the previous modes. Through* the application of mode 2 it is eventually realized when the will alone is sufficient to radiate: visualizing is no longer necessary because a certain degree of proficiency has been developed.

Mode 4: Because of the difficulty in visualizing this, this mode is not recommended until Mode 3 is performed fairly easily. With the Heart Chakra being the primary focus, radiate as you would from Mode 2 with all of the seven major chakras – all at the same time.”

I have also developed my own modes in which I adapted off of Heart Chakra Radiance:

Mode 1 – I want you to try and visualize a white orb in your chest area. Envision this orb enveloping the area where your heart is and envision white light pulsing out of it. Just as you can use white light manifestations to defend yourself you can also use it to invoke a loving response. I advise using Heart Radiance in a meditative state during first attempts. If you are having difficulty with the above visualization, you can try envisioning white light radiating like a stream advancing from your heart outwards in a forward fashion rather. I initially used this alternate method with success.

Mode 2 – There is an emotional centre at the core of the emotional body which I believe usually overlaps the physical body. This emotional centre is often located near the heart chakra and is not only where you can feel emotions but also where you can create them. After a while of picturing pulsating white light, I want you to try and emanate love from your Emotional Centre. The visualizations are there to lead towards a loving response, but the envisioning alone is not what creates the emotion. A willful projection of that emotion may be needed in order to actually be creating that emotion.

Mode 3 – The emotions that you feel in your emotional centre is sometimes not your own. It is my understanding that spirits sometimes implant their own emotions within our own emotional core to elicit an emotional response. So emotions that you feel without you willfully producing them may not be yours which is not to say that there are times when we present emotional responses in which can feel involuntary. Learning to control your emotions may be a part of this but I also feel the influencing of your emotions might be a part of this as well. Keep this in mind as you continue to learn how to create love out of your emotional centre. Practice until you are able to generate a loving feeling from your emotional core. You are looking for a warm fuzzy kind of feeling in your heart area. The emotion of love is what you are trying to achieve from this technique. If you have somebody you truly love in your life, not just the word or the idea, then use that to your advantage. Radiate towards that person in conjunction with the HCR methods. Emulate the Love you feel towards that person and harness that into daily emotional output. It can be a warm fuzzy kind of emotion. Think of all the positive emotions that you have experienced in your life and try and pinpoint if you have felt love before. Through continued use, you will get to a point where you can radiate love at will without having to visualize or be in a meditative state. I am advocating for safety in regards to loving when you are driving or doing something in which needs concentration.

Mode 4 – Once the ability to feel the love develops and you start to understand how to invoke love more clearly, you can start to radiate different types of love. Compassion the emotion of loving care, Loving Happiness is sort of a joyous warmth, Humility being a type of selfless love, Inspiration being a motivational sort of Love, Sensual can be a pleasurable kind of love.

Mode 5 – So we have been focusing more on the emotional core within the past four modes but I now want you to try and focus on your emotional body. So think of an egg as a metaphor in regards to the emotional body/core. The core is the yoke in which is usually located near your heart area and is where you predominantly feel the emotion and can create emotion. The body is like the egg white, usually overlapping your entire physical body, in which can be difficult to feel at first. You don’t usually feel an emotion in your head or hands even though there is an emotional body overlapping the physical. Comparing the difference in what you feel emotionally between the core and body can vary. Keep in mind that I did not always know the emotional body existed because I could not feel it clearly at first. I started to be able to feel the difference between the emotional body and core once I was able to differentiate between the core and body through emotional discernment and awareness. Loving from your emotional body can feel muted compared to loving from your core at times. This emotional body is difficult to feel at first but the same methods you used to achieve love within your emotional centre can be applied to your emotional body. Using the first four modes in the context of radiating love from the entire emotional body. Being able to love out of your hand or head area rather than just your chest/heart area. Keep practicing and I feel that you will be able to feel it and differentiate soon enough. This mode is to be attempted once you have a better understanding of what Heart Radiance is about. If you are still new to HR and are currently still working on the first four modes, don’t be dissuaded if you are still having difficulty understanding.

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posted on Aug, 7 2019 @ 02:07 PM
So, there are many reasons why one should practice Heart Radiance.

When one loves I feel they raise their karmic progress through the act of love. It potentially affects other dimensional afterlifes as well in which for the most part can be beneficial. Loving creates positive karma as it is considered a moral emotion by the light. This potentially gives you greater access to the light after death should you love daily. There are many reasons why higher light access can help a great many depending on what you decide to do with your life and there is nothing wrong with choosing your own way regardless. Those who love are potentially developing the strength and power of their own emotional centre/body through the use of Heart Radiance not to mention the benefits and impact it can have on the environment and atmospherics around you. Think of exercise in the physical and it strengthening the physical body and potentially the physical setting. The same idea can be applied emotionally and spiritually in regards to emotional creation especially in regards to that of love.

You are potentially healthier as a spiritual being who has this higher access to the light due to many variables and circumstances. Advanced sight and natural enlightenment are a small percentage of some of the benefits that you may experience from attaining higher light access. Imagine multiple kinds of surfaces to the light that by way of Karmic progression can give you access to plane levels located higher up, some in which are tethered to abilities manifested form garnering higher plane level access. Think of literally gaining to access to certain continents on Earth by way of positive karma through the act of love and morality in which upon gaining access to those continents also creates natural abilities by way of having access to those places. Both access and ability in certain dimensional existences is sometimes tethered both naturally and not so to the kinds of ethical actions and non-actions one presents. By way of being incarnate for some they streamline their karmic progression through acts of morality by way of karmic modifiers. Some of this has to do with the circumstances of one’s own life and being incarnate presents certain kinds of variables to the Light in which can cause rapid progression upon loving and other kinds of actions. This creates opportunity to be able to increase ones own progression through acts of morality in which can then be utilized in many different ways. Imagine that by loving daily in the physical and other-dimensional that you could reach level of light and dimensions and as well as non-dimensions that would take quite more time and effort in trying to achieve that in certain areas in the Light.

Your emotional awareness can become more heightened through the daily radiance of love and greater empathetic awareness in that you sometimes become more aware of the spiritual elements around you whether it happens through natural means or spiritual intervention. There are spiritual entities and guideships in which are aware of whether you would want to become more empathic or psychic in which the utilization of love can lend towards in multiple capacities. Don’t let this deter from tloving daily though as I said there are those that understand how you would want to utilize the love you create and if you did not wish to be psychic it shouldn’t create that kind of awareness in certain capacities. You will potentially become more aware though of your emotions through the use of Heart Radiance leading towards being able to tell the difference between implanted emotions from the spirit around yourself and that of willful emotional creation.

Radiating love from the heart helps spirits on the other side in many different ways. Love can naturally attract those within the spirit who also love and can lead to all sorts of different relationships both in regards to the positive and the negative. Sending that love towards a spirit or incarnate can create an emotional bond and strengthen certain bonds that already exist. The strengthening of relationships through the act of positive emotional output I feel is very much a truth. You strengthen your relationships through the act of love. I feel that love also adds substance to a great many things behind the scenes. Lightworking and visualizations of white light can benefit from love in multiple capacities. Lending strength towards those visualizations both from spiritual facilitation as well as literal utilization of Love. In fact, there are multiple kinds of regular endeavours that benefit from Love. Spiritual attachment in regards to some of those actions that we do throughout life can lend towards the daily creation of Love. Intimacy benefits from love in a very literal way and discern the energies that you feel in your chest area upon pursuing intimacy and invoking life within those acts can create pleasurable experiences. Loving towards music is one of my favorite ways to use love. Just as loving can strengthen the setting and surrounding in regards to those places so can it help those that help facilitate those loving feelings in which some can make the case that music can be a facilitator of different kinds of energies like emotion. The music itself potentially caries a spirit of it’s own in which will benefit from the use of Love. Heart song is one of the most beautiful ways to promote the emotion of Love.

Loving towards your guides can create a closeness between you, specifically loving gratitude. The sacrifices that they make is deserved of loving appreciation. You can also do the same in regards physicals as well but I feel that most incarnate will not feel the emotions you send towards them in certain capacities but that they will potentially experience those emotions once they pass on depending on how they set it up pre-life and their are dimensional selves in which will potentially benefit from that emotional creation. Try to practice Heart Radiance as it will help with your spiritual health as well as your physical health. The closeness of a spiritual relationship benefits from love as it creates a bond that ties you together. You can feel relationships at times. You can feel the lifeforce through emotion at times. I feel that sending positive emotions to that person can help a relationship. This does not necessarily have to be intimate in nature. Platonic love exists, the love of friendship and family is very much real.

Learning to send love from your emotional centre can be difficult specifically if you can not fully feel your emotions to a certain degree. Keep in mind that elements of the spirit realm like to sometimes suppress our emotions so that we can not clearly feel it at times, leading us to sometimes become dissuaded into not loving daily which ultimately can hinder karmic progression. There may be times when you love but are being suppressed to the point of not being able to feel that loving output. This works both ways though, there can also be times when you feel that love crystal clear which is an indication that spirits are amplifying your love. Continuing to practice with love, even through times where you cannot fully feel the emotions, is very much needed.

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posted on Aug, 7 2019 @ 02:07 PM
Most people would be surprised to learn that a lot of their own emotions are being influenced by spiritual beings around them. Spirits can manipulate and exacerbate our own negative emotions and also do the same in regards to our positive emotions. They can provide constructive energies to provoke a positive emotional response just as they can do the same in regards to the negative. They like to pass off their emotions as our own at times. A great many of us just assume that it is always our own emotions we can feel during life but there is usually a duality. When there is a heated argument, a loving experience, times of sadness, even moments of sensuality those emotions we feel are partially from the spirits around us. So keep in mind that the emotions that you feel may not necessarily be your own. Example: We drop our favourite coffee mug and experience anger because of that. There are negative spirits hanging around us inciting that negative emotional response with their own emotions tricking us into thinking that we are angry. There are spirits who like to stoke the flames of our own negative emotions for a wide variety of reasons which is not always malicious in nature. So you may feel anger near your emotional core but that doesn’t mean that you are the one who is actually creating that emotion. I feel it is more of a willful endeavour, not something that is necessarily passive. So while you may feel that you are presenting an angry emotional response you might actually just be feeling emotional implantation. There are many who do this to promote positive emotions of love, happiness, and other similar emotions too. It can be difficult to differentiate between implanted emotions and that of your own sometimes. When feelings get impressed upon you from spirits, it can feel like it is advancing from the perimeter of your emotional core or it can even feel like it is coming from your emotional center without you willfully projecting the emotion. Oftentimes it translates to being able to feel such emotion within the lower chest area and mistaking it for your own emotion.

I feel that creating a journal in which to record the emotions you feel on a daily basis can be beneficial. So think about where you feel emotions and what kind of emotions you feel daily. Analyze your emotional output throughout the week, evaluate your own emotions and you may get you to the same conclusion that I have arrived at.

The aiming of your own emotions operates in unison with what you are intending to do. If you intend to love towards the person that is sitting next to you, then that is what potentially will happen depending on how you set it up pre-life as well as other variables. You can send love towards incarnates as well as spirits beyond.

Try out the methods to invoke and create the feeling of Love daily.

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