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Thoughts for my sick friend

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posted on Mar, 4 2005 @ 06:14 PM
OK, where to start? My idea with this thread is that everyone could give some practical as well as "spiritual" help for my sick friend.

Here is the story: My friend Michelle has had to have surgery for "Diverticulitis". As is my understanding, this is 'bulges' or weakened areas in the intestines. I believe it may be caused by not having enough roughage/fiber in the diet. She had one surgery, went home to rest, then had complications and had to go back to the hospital......this resulted in another surgery and she now has a colostomy bag, although this should be temporary (2 months).

As you can imagine, she is very upset and depressed over this - as well as feeling generally ill. She doesn't want to see anyone (I don't blame her) and is crying alot - very depressed.

My thoughts for this thread are: Can anyone help with some practical advice?
And, even more importantly: I am very interested in the idea of the mind's part in healing. It is one thing to tell someone "cheer up, its not forever, you'll get better" - well, this is pretty much empty BS. Rather, what I am pondering is peoples thoughts on how they overcame serious illness through mental will, etc., how the mind pulled them through, etc. Any ideas appreciated!

I am hoping to get some good ideas and then pass them to Michelle and maybe this will help her. I really hope so because she is only 35 and way too young for such a serious thing. I also believe, with the right state of mind, recovery will come faster.



posted on Mar, 5 2005 @ 12:27 PM
The only thing i can offer are my thoughts and prayers to your friend. I hope she fully recovers and is able to live a good life.

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