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Why do so many dislike David Icke?

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posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 07:49 PM
Hey guys lets get this into perspective...

just because some of you dont beleive in his reptillian theory dosent mean you shouldent stop listening to him altogether.

His reptilian theory is only a fraction of what he talks about.

Like Alex Jones and others, most of Ickes effort goes to exposing the global conspiracy - his reptilian theory is a side-part.

Icke and many others including top historians thinks there were multiple ET races that came to earth around the Sumerian/Babylonia era - this could quite easily be considered an historical fact - the evidence and proof that supports this is vast around the world.

He also says the white race of humans were seeded by an Aryan martian race who firstly interbreed with the Annukai (fallen engels, watchers, ect) and then this end product eventually interbred with the human race and the end product of that is white people today. The evidence for this is also vast. A lot of biblical, mythological and historical texts from around the world and from many cultures and religions all mention something about the Fallen Angels (Annukai) decending from the heavens (space) and "coming unto the daughters of men" (raping them). Also, the Sumerian texts and tablets actually visually depict breeding programs by testtube with weird looking reptilian monsters. When these were found in 1850, no one though life being created in tubes was possible. Now look.

Also, did you know the Church hoarded most of these mythological, biblical, historical and religious texts that speak of what I've been saying and locked them away proably in a deep vault under Vatican City would be my guess.

I plea Christians and anyone else here that follows a religion to stop and realise that its all a pack of lies and the whole point of religion is to trap and limit the mind and throw it into a false reality and perception of history of the world.

The Church is a tool of the Illuminati - The Pope is a tool - he knows what religion is all about and he knows the truth of the world and of history. Do you see how evil they are... for hiding the truth of our history under a load of rubbish they feed us?

All religions started in Babylon and all Christianity is, is recycled Paganism and inturn, Paganism is recycled babylonian crap. Same with all other religions.

The twist in Icke's theory is that he thinks the main core of people behind this global conspiracy are a hyrbrid breed of Draconian/Annunkai/Human and so they posess a special kind of DNA that if preserved in its purity enough, can allow shapeshifting - it explains why interbreeding of Royal families and other Illuminati bloodlines such as the Rothschilds, dosent it?

Also, there is evidence to support some major global players behind the global conspiracy can actually shapeshift... many eyewitnesses and even people working in the global conspiracy have claimed so. Princess Diana and Cath O' Brian to name two.

Hey let me give you skeptics some really good advice. Read Icke's "The Biggest Secret" as its his most detailed and revealing book on the origins of man, the reptilians, ect. If you read one icke book, make it that.

I was of course skeptical when I found out Icke beleived the top Illumianti guys behind the GLobal COnspiracy were of a reptilian/human mix and could shapeshift and my skeptism soon desolved after I went down to Waterstones and got The Biggest Secret. Same with my mother, my auntie and a friend of mine

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posted on Apr, 8 2005 @ 03:15 AM

Originally posted by Vertu
Some people hate David Icke, some think he is nuts.

Personally I think, he is a victim of hardcore mind control. No doubt, he is wise. But where does this wisdom really come from? His simple consciousness is just not enough to set up a well designed series of books, which is completely based on disinfo, aiming against natural human thinking.

If he was telling the Truth, he would be behind bars, or be murdered like Princess Diana. Turning against the Poer Elite of any nation is always very dangerous from a fragile person like David Icke.

But since none of his statements are true, he has nothing to fear. At least, the British Royal family will have a great laugh.

Ok, Simple is nothing to do with it. NONE I shall repeat NONE of us are simple or stupid the ones we call stupid are the ones that do not have as much knowledge as the rest of us.

I went to school that's it. No college degrees no diplomas etc. etc. DO NOT CALL ME STUPID I'm am far, far from it. Just because you turn a blind eye to the outragous because you and many others like you cannot comprehend stopping your daily routine to actually stand up and have a voice for once with everyone else on the globe.

David Icke used to be a football journalist so how and why would he want to become a rogue journalists wanting to tell people of the power and dangers that be.

Let me show you just a small extract of a text document from the bilderberg website

There he is – the fellow who blandly refuses to see any threat to our society – who reckons that if he does his little bit in his own regular groove, takes good care of the family and pays no attention to any alarm bells off stage, then the United Nations, the European Union or the Universal Declaration on Human Rights will ensure no harm ever comes to him – for him, all that stuff about the price of freedom being eternal vigilance is just outmoded rhetoric. Sophisticated wise guy that he is, he knows that if there was anything in these conspiracy or subversion scares, he would be hearing about it on the telly. He faithfully reads his newspapers – accepting both fact and comment – if it’s not true, he says, why on earth would it be printed? As for any hair raising stuff about centralised control, totalitarian police states etc. well it could never happen here could it? After all, western so called democracies are the epitome of freedom and tolerance committed to bringing peace and harmony in the world or so his elected representatives and the media have successfully convinced him. Forget it – let’s have a bit of light relief, there’s “”Who wants to be a Millionaire” and “Gardener’s World” on TV tonight and tomorrow Arsenal are playing Man United. From J.S. Gibb “The Lemming Folk”

Now you see why people like me find it just a little difficult to accept the secret meetings of EU, G-8, etc. etc. WHY SUCH SECRECY???

Do not even think about telling me about "Not in the interest of the public" and "Threats to national security", "They owe me nothing" and any other silly excuse. They owe me everything, they make life changing decisions for millions worldwide and not one thing from the public is said. This is also wrong and should never be allowed to happen. If you have that much power you should have no privacy. Unless of course these meetings and summits were conducted for personal achievement's but I HIGHLY doubt it. They would have to prove it.

John Swinton, a chief of staff to the New York Times at the time of the American Civil War, addressing the New York Press Club some years later.

Have things changed since Swinton’s time? Yes, but maybe not for the better. Polly Toynbee, writing in the Independent several years ago said: “Journalism is grubbier, nastier and more trivial than ever before...” She has a point - look at the tabloids and a host of other publications, and see what a mass of trivial irrelevant material now passes for so called news, distracting us from thinking for ourselves about what really matters to us.

The same applies to television - more and more channels turning out more and more soaps, quiz shows, comedy shows, chat shows, pop shows - an ever increasing diet of trivialisation, interspersed on commercial stations, with adverts that endlessly sell us all the things they tell us we have to have to make us happy - the dolly bird images that all women must live up to, and the macho images that all men must live up to.

How miserable we can become if we don’t measure up to these smooth cultivated images, or can’t afford all the paraphernalia that goes with them. (And aren’t we always being persuaded to go more and more into debt by borrowing more and more money to get it, by “listening” banks and “action” banks who join in this orgy of advertising.)

Ms. Toynbee went on to imply that broad-sheets such as the Independent, the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Financial Times were highly reliable and informative. However newspapers like these and mainstream radio and T.V. networks cannot possibly give us a full picture, or a comprehensive analysis, of what is going on in the world. Look at the big corporate interests that own them and advertise in them.

And even if they don’t actually own the BBC, look how these interests and their friends in government make and influence appointments to senior posts, and dominate the Board of Governors, ensuring that it is no more independent than any of the others.

In the old Soviet Union and its satellite states in eastern Europe, government controlled the media. Nothing of substance could be published without the prior approval of the Communist party commissars. Yet today, in the United States in particular, the situation is broadly similar although most people are blissfully unaware of it. In the US, for example, it is a select handful of super-rich and tightly knit financial interests who own the big media outlets. ABC, CBS, NBC, Time, Newsweek, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune along with numerous regional newspapers, radio and television outlets. The big names include David Rockefeller, Edgar Bronfman, Rupert Murdoch, and Conrad Black. Big media can effectively control government by deciding who and what it will or won’t support. In the UK, Murdoch owns the Times and the Sun and Black the Daily Telegraph.

The mainstream media is very much a closed shop and generally only those willing to do the bidding of the power elite need apply! However that’s not a problem for a lot of media people because it seems that a broad swathe of these people actually have a very limited view of the world – they get all their information from establishment sources – they don’t really pay attention to or investigate what protesters are saying. They enjoy good pay and lavish life styles and they simply can’t understand why anyone would see a problem with the world as it is – after all, it serves them well enough!
More than 200 years ago Thomas Jefferson said that he felt sorry for those who thought that they knew what was going on through reading the newspapers, and a little over 100 years ago Benjamin Disraeli made a similar remark, and the same applies today, in many areas, to the mainstream media. Look how so much of it still unquestioningly promotes the dual concepts of “economic growth” and “free trade” without ever stopping to examine the real effect of the unrestricted pursuit of these aims on the planet and the millions who inhabit it. Why not? Because it is owned and/or controlled by the wealthy elite who see the whole system as being to their benefit.
Another small piece from the txt document I have found.

No our media is not controlled at all, is it???

posted on Apr, 8 2005 @ 06:27 PM

Originally posted by Nygdan

If he just presented this information in a more credible fashion

What do you consider some of the best arguments he makes?

The fact that it is quite odd is that all of the U.S presidents are related to one another, coming from the same bloodline. Being this such an 'open-class' society and all, would not some average intelligent person by now reach the rank of presidency with out being related to the others?

Also, that in nearly every country in the world has a legend about divine reptilian creatures even in the Nordic mythology where its location is too cold for a habitat of an exothermic being. They wouldn't know what a lizard, frog, turtle ect. is let alone what one looked like.

The Cathy O'Brian case.
For one, Who in the right mind would ever want this happend to them? This could not be the work of some odd sick fantasy, but then again it can, if you think about it .

The possibility of trama based mined control is there. Its just takes some one in with the right mentality and money to execute such a sick act.

I know I have others....I just cannot think of them right off the bat.

posted on Apr, 8 2005 @ 06:35 PM
Actually, the Nordic people traded with others in the Middle East, so some of them would have seen lizards.

But, why can that be a reason for lizards/reptilians to exist?

Do not many religions also speak of the Moon as a God, the Son visiting them, Birds that also became men, etc.

Why not Bird/Human hybrids?

You could go on, just because they're mentioned in every civilization does not mean anything and is not an arguement for the Draco-Reptilian Race, whatsoever.

Also, if you go far enough back in history you'll find out most people are related. (Evolution or the Bible Theory, both agree on this.)

posted on Apr, 8 2005 @ 08:43 PM

Originally posted by Odium
Actually, the Nordic people traded with others in the Middle East, so some of them would have seen lizards.

But, why can that be a reason for lizards/reptilians to exist?

Do not many religions also speak of the Moon as a God, the Son visiting them, Birds that also became men, etc.

Why not Bird/Human hybrids?

You could go on, just because they're mentioned in every civilization does not mean anything and is not an arguement for the Draco-Reptilian Race, whatsoever.

Also, if you go far enough back in history you'll find out most people are related. (Evolution or the Bible Theory, both agree on this.)


posted on Apr, 8 2005 @ 10:13 PM

Originally posted by Nygdan

If he just presented this information in a more credible fashion

What do you consider some of the best arguments he makes?

My favorite aspect of his writing is the quantity of information he presents to support his claims, as it is information I have read in many other places, and that I have some faith in. His conclusions are far wilder than I can accept at present, but his data alone is what I consider his best contribution. Things like the chronology of events on the morning of 9 11. It is curious to say the least, how that unfolded. Either NORAD and the Air Force were caught sleeping (I find that unlikely), or something worse was afoot, though I know not what.

posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 07:35 PM
I like David Icke, I believe his methods for dealing with the problem are both uplifting & empowering whereas a lot of conspiracy theorists just tell you to run to the hills with an AK & spend the rest of your life living in fear
to be honest it's pretty easy to tell the people who've either never read or listened to him because they'll bring up the lizard people straight away whereas if you had been present at a lecture or read the material it would have took you a very long time to get that far & you would have already waded through the tons of referenced & deeply sourced material that forms the crux of his outlook
personally I don't believe in the lizard people, for me thats when I stop listening but it's hard to ignore his other research

posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 08:23 PM
does anyone know what lizard really means..perhaps you can look up totems and lizard..i dont think it has anything to do with people actually having lizard skin..its much deeper than that..

posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 10:44 AM
Part of the problem is the fact you can read anything into anything, I remember a few years ago someone deciphered the plots to assassinate Abraham Lincoln, Leon Trotsky, JFK, Martin Luther King Jr and much much more in a novel. The novel was Moby Dick.

The difficulty is that the ancient languages like Sumerian, and other forms of cuniform writing , can be even more easily doctored to present the message you want. It took the origional translators many many years to even begin to understand the language.

If only Ike and his ilk were serious historians who didn't dismiss these ancient civilisations as nothing more that the slaves of a reptilian race and as a result belittle all their accomplishments.

posted on Apr, 14 2005 @ 06:40 PM
David Icke's new book is completed

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posted on Apr, 15 2005 @ 07:07 PM
please excuse my ignorance where all these wonderfull conspiricies are concerned but I rather thought that our connection to "reptilians" was more of a genetic marker, perhaps not yet accessed I may be wrong but in a state of war the best way to discredit any theory is to have each other fighting over who's theory is correct. The most human approach is to believe the facts as given to us by the accepted authorities, and scientists.This is logical and less fearful, I do not know even a small,percentage as you learned conspiritors but I do feel strongly that when we are ready for a truth of such magnitude we will be able to accept it unconditionaly, not from what we have learnt but from what we already know but have not unlocked yet, chill out everyone we will all know one day

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 02:13 PM
My experience of Icke is that he is a con artist, who is only interested in feeding his huge ego, and taking your cash to fund his travels. His research is very amateur, sensationalist and very very poor. Sadly there are a large number of vulnerable people out there who he can take advantage of with his idiotic hollow earth theories etc.

He is a nutcase, and virtually all of his so called theories are other people's anyway, which he passes off as his own.

He is a con artist par excellence, and peddles more disinformation than information. What other nutter would ask for £10 to ask him a question?! He's doing another talk in May - must need some readies.

He should get a job.

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 11:29 AM
An acid test with icke is this. Take a few of the theories in his book(s), and start doing your own research. When you start finding all sorts of holes in his theories and claims, try asking him to justify his standpoint.

He won't respond, and / or he will ask for money to ask him a question. The conclusion you will probably reach is that he doesn't give a **** whether his 'information' is accurate or not. All he cares about is taking your money, feeding his massive ego on his trips overseas, and making a quick buck / book.

There are many vulnerable people who are gullible enough to believe his nonsense, and that of his sidekick chris everard, and sadly they don't appear to realise that everard and icke are simply scam artists.

posted on Feb, 17 2008 @ 09:23 PM
reply to post by Novusordo

You mean Cathy O' Brian claims she was a CIA sex slave, there is a distinct difference which you seem to have trouble grasping.

It is possible she was, but it's far more likely she wasn't.

If I told you that Richard Nixon hypnotized me into having sex with him while a giant lizard watched us, I would hope you wouldn't believe me unless I can provide some pretty damning evidence. Most logical people would, and this is the problem people have with Icke.

posted on Feb, 17 2008 @ 09:26 PM
I don't think it's *just* because he makes ludicrous claims with little to no evidence behind them, I think it's because he'll roll out a book with a claim that he says is of critical importance to the whole cosmos, but will abandon that claim and move on to another one he'll claim is of equal importance once the book with the first claim has sold enough copies.

Look up charlatan in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure his face will be there.

posted on Feb, 18 2008 @ 02:26 AM
I've read most of the comments on this thread with great interest and I'm a bit saddened to read the word "hate" in relation to Icke.
You may or may not agree with him and admittedly some things he says seem a little farfetched e.g. 'shape shifting', something I find rather unbelievable as well.
However, we are still able to make up our own minds at this point in time and I hope it remains that way.
As to his other claims -NWO, illuminati, etc etc ...... what if there is truth in what he writes??? I heard of these things when Icke was still in nappies!!!
I think everyone should keep an open mind and test for yourself by reading and research whether there is evidence in what he writes about.

There's no doubt that some in high places manipulate events for their own interests.

In any case ... since this is a conspiracy forum let's air them

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posted on May, 27 2008 @ 11:58 PM
I may not agree with alot David Icke says but David Icke is an outside the box thinker and if many people thought outside the box instead of following like Sheep maybe we would still have most of our freedoms.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 12:10 AM
reply to post by Driver

But didn't you know.. Science says we are all the same..

We have an Ancestor that hobbled out of Africa and we all sprang forth from her.


All Humans are not the same no matter how much "Scientific" Mumbo jumbo they try to shove down our throats.. And the disturbing thing about this is...
People Believe it.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 01:12 AM

Originally posted by Novusordo
I've been visiting these boards for weeks now and have always seen "dis-inf" on the same line as "David Icke".

Firstly, it is totally illogical that he is spreading disinformation and also becuase, what would be the point of him doing this?

I also hear people saying he is a "tool" of the NWO.. again, totally illogical and again, totally pointless.

I personally think that most people will fall back on anything no matter how illogical or ridiculous as an explanation for his seemingly ridiculous claims and talkings and hence such ridiculous accusations such as "dis-informer" or "NWO tool".

I say these people are ignorant and really have proably just heard and/or seen just a fraction of the ammount of proof and evidence David has for everything he says and thus, these people who slander him are doing so on very little knowledge.

I dont mean to be seen as an Icke fanatic... I just genuinly believe that the majority of people just have not seen the ammount of media he has done about the stuff he says.

Since you have asked ... I dislike David Icke for the following reasons:

1) - he accused Sir Laurence Gardner and Secharia Sitchin of being shape-shifting reptilian aliens, who murdered, sodomised, cut up and ate children at illuminati ritual sacrifices. He naturally assumed Gardner's title was bestowed by the House of Windsor - whom he famously identifies to this day as evil reptilians etc etc - and was wrong (as he often is on facts). Rather than apologise and withdraw, he went further with slander, which is still on his website to this day. [Incidentally, Sitchin's lawyers got onto Icke so fast that most of you never ever got to hear of how he treats fellow researchers who dare to hold differing views. Gardner decided to ignore the nonsense, rather than dignify it with a reply. This was all the evidence Icke followers needed for guilt]

2) - Icke then posted claims by Arizona Wilder (a person who considers herself so psychically powerful that the Illuminati need to use her powers at their grubby ceremonies) alleging she saw Gardner at said rituals.

3) - Oh yeah, not wanting to miss out on a good bashing, Stewart Swerdlow just happened to remember his own recollections of seeing Gardner at said rituals

4) - Nexus at that stage had run several of Gardner's articles, which caused scores of readers to ask me who to believe, and/or why did/does Nexus support reptilians. Caused me untold wasted time explaining to idiots that I don't eat babies either.

5) - Prior to this Icke was regularly seen waving Nexus around at public talks, as evidence of all he was saying being true. At this time, he was publicly saying the holocaust didn't happen.

6) - Nexus became linked to Icke and his holocaust denying (even though I never met the guy, and certainly do not deny ANY holocausts). I had shops being threatened with firebombings if they continued to sell Nexus. I became the evidence that the whole new age movement was a neo-nazi right wing conspiracy here in Australia. Took some sorting out I can tell you.

7) - he doesn't check his facts properly

8) - he doesn't give credit to his sources (ie uses their research without acknowledgement)

The things I DO like about Icke:

1) he has caused lots of 'ordinary' people to THINK, and many of them begin an information journey out of mainstream thinking

2) he delivers his information with great passion and is a good communicator/orator

3) he has suffered more public humiliation than anyone I can think of - ie Terry Wogan Show, and the re-look at it - all on national TV!

4) he now believes we 'create our own reality' - something I agree with too.



posted on May, 28 2008 @ 10:08 AM

Originally posted by Novusordo

Originally posted by EvilLink
i'm sorry if you find my whole pahragraph to be about my personal belief, but so is yours, that's what this is, and i'm sorry if you didn'y notice this, but everything on this site is personal belief, exsept when it isn't, in which case it's news. that's the way you can get people to think your way, is to explian yourself, and what did i say that was quote "hear-say crap?"

lol dude, you know nothing of Icke and you have an opinion on him.... when will people stop this

And dont tell me "I've skim read a few of his articles" becuase you dont know the half of it.

I had the misfortune to live approximately less than 100 yards from his apartment a few years ago at the height of his 'son of god' phase. He used to parade around town in his Turquoise track suit with his 'girlfriend', wife and kids spouting off his crap.

This man is an absolute 100% barking fruitcake.

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