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Mass shootings madnesss...

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posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 08:07 AM

originally posted by: DanDanDat
If we given into this peritanucal belief of good and evil and divorce ourselves from these people who commit these crimes, because we are good and they are evil, than we will never fix the root causes that lead to these crimes because we will have already succumbed to the easy out ... "they are evil"... and than we don't actually have to fix anything.

That's what I was saying about seeing things in simple terms, things are rarely as simple as good versus evil, specially when they are related to human behaviour.

posted on Oct, 4 2019 @ 07:54 PM

originally posted by: Flyingclaydisk
a reply to: Goedhardt

a reply to: ArMaP

OP, excellent post. Your questions are very valid and relevant. In fact, this is what people SHOULD be asking...rather than focusing on the tools used to commit these tragedies. I think you've framed it perfectly.

From my perspective, I don't think some of the people who commit these acts believe the acts are real. I think they've been lulled into this mentality that they are living in some alternate reality where everything is like a video game. It's not real, to them. Even when they are committing the act itself, none of it is real in their minds.

Society has become increasingly detached from reality. Their perception of reality is reality shows on TV (which are not real), and CGI movies of violence and destruction, and video games. When you add in the ingredient of the MSM poisoning everyone's minds with non-stop gore and death, political posturing and drama, people get angry. They get depressed and really angry. Then they act out, in their fantasy world...where the worst thing that can happen is a "Game Over" sign flashing on their computer screen, or a commercial break, or the end of an episode. Everyone gets to go home, and everyone gets a do-over next time (for a better score). Again, it's not real to them.

Not all mass killers are like this, but a lot of them are, especially the young ones. Take Sandy Hook, or Columbine, VA Tech shootings as an example (and there are others), all of these twisted pieces of excrement all follow the same pattern as the El Paso shooter.

Even if you read this piece of excrement's 'manifesto' you step back from it and you can sort of see he doesn't think what he's about to do is real. Oh sure, he talks about the consequences (death penalty, and parental shame), but he does it in a way which is too matter of fact, like it's just a dramatic once the "game" is over he'll get another try, another chance (for a better score).

At the risk of sounding like some 'old fogey' screaming 'get off my lawn'; I think the younger generations are not immersed in reality enough, and this is a parenting issue. They have too many ways, too many tools, to stay inside and escape reality whereas some of the older generation didn't have these things and were forced into going outside and realizing reality. When you fell off your bike, it hurt! When you were being a dick you got your ass kicked, and it hurt. It's that cause and effect that kids are missing today. Even though they might know the 'words' they don't have the connection to reality to understand the pain.

That's my .02

Perhaps the powers that be use entertainment/media violence as a trigger for individuals that it works on to control/manipulation thier minds. This said mind control manipulation does not need to be targeted at a certain person. The trigger could be broadcasted to the masses with the intention of it triggering someone who could be triggered. And/Or the powers that be trigger people some other way!
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