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{Insert group name here} Hates America!

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posted on Mar, 4 2005 @ 04:00 PM
This type of argument has been around the board for a while. Hell, it has been the main point of many, and I stress many, radio shows.

"Look at how vehemently he goes against the policies of (insert name here)!"

"He hates America because he disagrees with (insert policy here)"

"(Insert group or corp. name) is as American as apple pie. Anyone who disagrees with them is against the American way and capitalism."

If you can think of any other way someone could possibly hate America, chances are it has been uttered in the past year. But why has this little phrase been pushed around so much?

My theory is that these folks have nothing else to push. This statement is intended to, and normally does, invoke fear that (insert person here) is un-American or anti America. Which, in turn, is expected to make you change your mind on (insert legislature, politician, movie, etc. here).

So, in the interest of "denying ignorance", I want you to look at anyone who is making this claim. First, ask yourself...what is his agenda? Normally, when someone is asserting this, they are trying to sell you on something. Typically, fear. But they are trying to convince you that someone/thing is not right. Once you figure out their agenda, you should know why this statement has come out. Why, because it is about someone/thing they want destroyed. It is hardly ever about being fair or finding out some skelton that (insert person here) is trying to hide. It is usually a glorified blogger with an axe to grind.

After you have the agenda in mind, then look at what they want to destroy. Look to see if they actually hate America first off. They don't, nine times out of ten. It is usually some bastardization off of something these people say. Something taken out of context or even not true. (Urban legend) And these hawks of prey will lurk waiting for one of these goofs that they can mold to make fit their agenda. Lying? Yeah. Intellectually dishonest? Definitley. Trolling? Probably.

The problem with these type of arguments is that even if they are proven to be false/innacurate, the damage is already done. It is a bated statement intended to make you biased before you even read the story. Much like the question, "When did you stop beating your wife?" It makes you think that this person beats their wife, even before the person has a chance to defend himself. It is a dirty argument tactic and shows that they don't even have enough ground to stand on, much less argue on. Most of the time, they are just trolling or trying to push some lame agenda on your lap.

So whenever these people start with this type of drivel, please keep this post in mind and be skeptical. After all, believers hate America.

PS: Yes there are a handful that actually do hate America. They are just few and far between.

posted on Mar, 6 2005 @ 03:53 PM
So, like when democrats disagree with the "Democrats are to be rounded up and killed" law and the republicans call them Anti-American evil left-wing commies they are not denying ignorance? Or when conservatives disagree with the "lets stop dumping nuclear waste in our drinking water" law and the democrats call them gun crazy trigger happy right-wing nutjobs they are not denying ignorance?

And you needed a post to tell people this?

But true, you get the people who consider you satan for not bowing down and kissing the feet of Bush. And you get the people who consider you Bush for not bowing down and kissing the feet of Mr. Clinton, I mean Hilary Clinton.

Edit. Spelling, I swear, watching this Nascar race in Mexico, not paying attention to what I am typing.

[edit on 6-3-2005 by James the Lesser]


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