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ATS Has Become an Echo Chamber for Trump

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posted on Aug, 3 2019 @ 05:57 PM
a reply to: sine.nomine

Color isnt important "so important" to me is what I am getting at.
It was relevant to the point I was making about the membership here.
You know sometimes its just a point in a conversation.

If I talked about blonde hair would you think I was putting down blondes?
The stop was because what you said was unreasonable and bombastic.
Just counting coup on the left because...

posted on Aug, 3 2019 @ 05:59 PM
link it has not Op..

I have been on and off this sight since its beginning and what this sight does is Critical thinking.

So if your having a serious case of cognitive dissonance, this is still a free country and website, do feel free to kindly exit.

If I only had a dollar for each and every kid that comes to this sight, then cries!

posted on Aug, 3 2019 @ 05:59 PM

originally posted by: ClovenSky
a reply to: ucanthandlethetruth

So this Sater dude was a possible FBI asset and was working with various administrations from the 90s onward? The bushes, clintons, obama & trump? That he was involved in numerous shady real estate deals and corruption that spanned multiple D & R administrations?

My apologies as I just scanned the info, but this looks like it possibly ties multiple administrations from both sides of the aisle together in a long story of corruption. Am I reading this wrong?

Yes. The thread doesn’t hold much back and isn’t that friendly to either side, really. Digging for truth amongst the muck is what ATS should be. Regardless of where the facts take us.
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posted on Aug, 3 2019 @ 05:59 PM

Reaffirming the Political Mud Pit Forum Guidelines

The Political Mud Pit was always intended to be a platform for members to hash out their political differences and to contentiously debate tough political issues, unencumbered by the usual constraints of civility and decorum found elsewhere on ATS. See SkepticOverlord's original Political Mud Pit Forum guidelines above.


We've come to accept that many feel the "political stakes" are so high, that intense debate is necessary, and very often name-calling, baiting, and activity we've previously classified as "Political Trolling" are simply part of the process. Have at.

Note that it indicates name-calling, baiting and activity otherwise labeled as political trolling elsewhere on the site. Not generally hateful, bigoted, mean-spirited or gratuitous personal attacks on fellow members. It's also not exempt from the usual forum expectation of remaining on topic.

The Political Mud Pit is not a safe space for trolling for laughs. It's not a place to abuse fellow members. It's not a place to post every inane story you just want to rage about. It's not a place to spam off topic content.

This is simple: The mud pit is not a place where members can personally insult each other. You can rip each other's politics up but you can't get personal just to slag someone you don't like. Additionally, posts must be relevant to the stated thread topic.

Going forward, please be advised that failure to adhere to the stated posting guidelines of this forum will result in staff action against your account, possibly including post-bans and account terminations. Additionally, political trolling outside of the confines of the Political Mud Pit is strictly forbidden and will also be actioned accordingly.
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