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True Detective Season 1 - Something new to me third time round

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posted on Jul, 31 2019 @ 11:43 AM
Just finished watching TD S1 for the third time.

Firstly, i think it's the best piece of TV i have seen. I was hooked in the first few minutes of episode 1 the first time round and all the way through to the finale. I still feel the same now, even when i re-watch it.

Except, i'm now able to pick up on things i didn't spot or consider the first two times.

Obviously there's a big religious theme throughout the series, but i noticed something this time round that i just couldn't shake off throughout the rest of the series. One seemingly innocuous comment by Rust (RC,Rustin Cohle, Matthew McConaughey) to Marty (MH, Martin Hart, Woody Harrelson) that when i watched it before seemed to just be another confirmation of RC's disdain for and cynicism towards religion:

“I contemplate the moment in the garden, the idea of allowing your own crucifixion.”

There are quite a number of discussions between RC and MH that i thought this was another comment along the same vein.

Here are just a few quotes by RC about religion:

"Been that way since one monkey looked at the sun and told the other monkey 'He said for you to give me you share'

"The ontological fallacy of expecting a light at the end of the tunnel... well, that's what the preacher sells. Same as a shrink. See, the preacher, he encourages your capacity for illusion, then he tells you it's a virtue."

"Well, there's a buck to be had doin' that. I mean it's such a... a desperate sense of entitlement, isn't it? Surely, this is all for me. Me? Me. Me... I, I... I'm so important. I'm so important, right?! F... YOU!"

and the discussion between RC and MH when they are at the tent and where Rust debunks religion in his view;

RC: What do you think the average IQ of this group is, huh?
MH: Can you see Texas up there on your high horse? What do you know about these people?
RC: Just observation and deduction. I see a propensity for obesity. Poverty. A yen for fairy tales. Folks puttin' what few bucks they do have into a little wicker basket being passed around. I think it's safe to say nobody here's gonna be splitting the atom, Marty.
MH: You see that. Your f***ing attitude. Not everybody wants to sit alone in an empty room beating off to murder manuals. Some folks enjoy community. A common good.
RC: Yeah, well if the common good's gotta make up fairy tales then it's not good for anybody.

So, as i say, i thought the comment on the Crucifixion was another pointer to confirm or re-affirm RC's cynicism towards religion.....until i saw this moment at the end of E8 when they are in the hospital...

Firstly, looked very much like Jesus to me, possibly post Resurrection?
Secondly, started me thinking perhaps RC was is someway supposed to represent Jesus? (albeit he was unknowing of this)

I hadn't looked elsewhere on the net looking at theories on TD S1. I just took at as it was for me; a great piece of TV, very atmospheric, great writing, direction, acting etc. So this was the first time i had a quick look around to see if this was something that had been discussed before.
Sure enough it was, here's one interpretation;

With already heavy Christian tropes throughout the 1st season we have a man, who comes from nowhere and nobody knows about him. He starts speaking in terms that make no sense and start incurring the wrath of the authorative groups of the area, seen in this case as the bastardisation of the christian morals that the Tuttles are the figure head of. Rust operates entirely outside of their constraints in order to expose what the truth really is. He goes off for a period of time where nobody can account for his wearabouts, much like christ between his adolesence and when he finally turns back up, then things start to get interesting. He knows his purpose is to fulfill a destiny, of which he is not entirely sure what that may be yet. however, he does know one thing he was put on this earth to strike down the darkness that has risen in his absence.

This could then also make more sense of the final showdown between RC, MH and the "yellow king";

RC is the second coming of Christ. The Yellow King is the Devil. MH is Man, with all his flaws and sins, yet at his core is good and this time saves Christ (RC)

Not looking to start a religious debate as such, but rather whether any one sees it this way in terms of RC's journey, any similarities or completely differently...

And if, like me, you loved this series, or you hated it, or were indifferent...

posted on Jul, 31 2019 @ 12:27 PM
a reply to: Diaspar

I remember my mom reading true detective and other true crime rags back in the 60's. She was quite the hoot.

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