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Another Life TV series has some interesting ideas

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posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 06:15 AM
a reply to: oldcarpy

WHY , space is not a safe space

it has everything from offensive aliens , to stars that emit high levels of radiation without a care for your intersectionality and identity politics or political correctness

posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 03:07 PM
If I can take the liberty to compare it to 'The Boys' on Amazon Prime, I felt the drama on that show was 'real' and gritty, despite being a Sci-Fi show. It was compelling and the writing was clever (though the ending seemed out of left field).

But this one "Another Life" failed in the sense that the drama, to me, seemed contrived, and the payoff for watching just wasn't there.

So often writers and directors and producers fail to follow the important basic tenet which is 'do you want to spend time with these characters'. I would say yes to that with Katee Sackoff, but no to the other people in the show. Also the writing, as I said lacked a certain compelling aspect and had 'drama for drama's sake'. It was 'Babylon Five' *(1995-1998) vs 'Battlestar Galactica' (2004-2009). Both pretty good shows, one (BG) deep and compelling and the other (B5) pretty superficial.

Maybe they thought 'Hey we got Katee, we don't need to write good plot; we'll just kill everyone''? Close, but no cigar.


posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 08:14 PM

originally posted by: boogiegk
Strange, mine did not end like this?

originally posted by: MisterSpock
The ship ends up exploding and the whole crew dies.

I thought it was odd, but I guess they only wanted one season out of this.


The poster you quoted must have been making some sort of joke.

posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 09:45 PM
Huh, I've never heard of this one. Then again, we switched to Amazon Video last year after getting bored with Netflix's offerings, so no wonder I haven't heard of it.

As a concept, Another Life sounds like a good attempt at modern sci-fi, but after reading thoughts on it, seems like it may have missed the mark a good bit.

originally posted by: sapien82
a reply to: MysterX

have you watched the Expanse ?

it is a really good show

Eh, I beg to differ. I loved the concept (haven't read the books yet) and the SFX -- those are some seriously good SFX, they earned the right to bask in that. But the show itself is anything but engaging. I absolutely can't stand the cast, and firmly believe they choose their actors damn wrong -- they're just the standard vapid cookie cutter "fresh, pretty face" actors with little to no character depth capability at all. And annoyingly melodramatic for even the most banal scenes. The first season dragged on painfully and was dull, the second was only marginally less of both, and the third was just mediocre enough to garner my interest to see if it actually gets interesting in the fourth season. I hope it's significantly better than the first three were.

IMO, if someone can wait three seasons to get through the slower-than-molasses-in-Siberian-winter build-up, go for it. If that kind of a crawling build-up drives you nuts, by all means skip it.

posted on Jul, 30 2019 @ 09:48 PM
I watched the first episode, twice(separate nights), and just couldn't keep going.

It just didn't hook me, I'm not going to be all "it's too PC" or anything like that.

It just seemed hollow, just dumped right in without giving me any hook(to a character). Acting seemed wooden and the story line made me feel like I should have "known" something already.

Coupled with the horrible ratings(that ensures no chance at a followup season) I just felt it was going to be a huge waste of time.

I started Dark instead, which in the first 20 minutes seemed to give the viewer more of an "interest" in what little character/story "hook" it could communicate.

posted on Jul, 31 2019 @ 02:51 AM
a reply to: MisterSpock

Dark didnt dissapoint me , although I am always very skeptical about shows that deal with certain phsyics based phenomenon

I really like dark , its awesome

I dont want to give anything away.

I like it because its not english

just as I also liked "the rain "

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