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posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 01:44 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

I guess i will enjoy the show.
Til those red flag laws kick in anyways

posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 01:48 PM
a reply to: PioneerFigureSkating

I questioned Barr's intentions from the very start of his appointment. He's either a very skillful actor or he's got bad juju 👎

posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 01:56 PM
FBI announces indictments in massive money laundering scheme; largest in US history and perhaps largest in history of the World. Nigerian money scam - 80 indicted across the country in Unsealed indictment today.

This scam has been going on since the dawn of the Internet. Actually, started with scam chain letters that were written/typed on that material called paper and delivered to physical mailboxes.

Why has this lucrative corruption scandal been stopped is the real question.

posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 01:57 PM

 Erika A. Kellerhals, the ubiquitous Virgin Islands tax lawyer, appears to have remained a loyal attorney and confidante to dead p******e Jeffrey Epstein up until his final days.

If Mr. Epstein delivered to Ms. Kellerhals legal instructions about about how the fortune he left behind should be disbursed, Ms. Kellerhals may have been among the last to interact with Mr. Epstein in his final day

Epstein’s will names his longtime New York lawyers Darren K. Indyke and Richard D. Kahn as the primary executors of the estate. Indyke and Kahn turned to the St. Thomas firm of Kellerhals Ferguson Kroblin PLLC (KFK) to act as their attorneys. The Kellerhals Ferguson Kroblin firm, located on St. Thomas, describes itself as “ … a full service business law firm with offices in the U.S. Virgin Islands and New York,” providing clients legal counsel in corporate transactions, tax planning, civil litigation and real estate matters

Indyke and Kahn lawyers are slated to receive $250,000 each from the estate. It is not known how much the Kellerhals Ferguson Kroblin will be paid for its role in the distribution of the Epstein fortune. But as Mr. Epstein’s sordid affairs have come to light, so has the extent of Ms. Kellerhals’s legal work for the perverted multimillionaire

Ms.  Kellerhals has no interest in commenting on Epstein-related affairs. “No … We don’t comment on anything related to clients,” she told the Consortium during an attempt to interview her after a recent West Indian Company board meeting. ellerhals/

posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 02:04 PM
President Trump saying "he is the chosen one" may have been code words to start or stop a deeply planned operation. He seemed a little embarrassed saying it, but the code had to be stated. The recipients may not have access to personal communication and would have to hear or see it on the media. The media is certainly obliging...

Another thing about Epstein, was there some little known information here or on twitter stating that either 2 days or 2 hours before he was found dead, a female inmate was allowed to visit him in his cell? I haven't verified this but we should find out who she was. If Epstein was what I thought he was, a shape shifter, the screaming and shrieking could have been when the entity inside him transferred to another human. She (as Epstein) walks out and the hulk left is suicided by hypnosis or by "help". Insidious little bastards, they are...

The last thing is my sources are still telling me the Pence turn around in New England as well as other strange happenings are still related to Antarctica. They won't tell me any specifics but have said that by the end of 2019 which is summer down there, something should break loose...

posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 02:09 PM
a reply to: NightFlight

The day after he was taken off suicide watch, disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein spent at least two hours locked up alone with a young woman, in a private room reserved for inmates and their attorneys, according to an attorney who was visiting the prison that day. er_suicide_watch_ended.html

posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 02:09 PM
a reply to: cherokeetroy

As Q has said repeatedly,

Trust Sessions
Trust Barr
Trust Wray

Google is now solidly in the corner for all three men. Just type in their name.. look back 30 days, and you will see what I mean.

This had better be a case of them being good actors!

posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 02:10 PM

originally posted by: dashen
a reply to: IAMTAT

I guess i will enjoy the show.
Til those red flag laws kick in anyways

Red flags are the least of the worries once the dems take back the White House in 2020. Judge already ruled that the electoral college can vote against the popular vote. Cya 2020, hello 1984.

posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 02:28 PM
a reply to: cherokeetroy

Erika Kellerhals evidently is good friends with Congresswoman, Stacey Plaskett. Stacey Plaskett represents VI and allegedly has an office that shares the same address as Epstein's Cypress, Inc.

Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett's office is in the company headquarters for Cypress Inc, the company that technically owns Epstein's Zorro Ranch.
She sits on the board of Lutheran Social Services, a nonprofit funded by Epstein via the Head Start Program. The LSS facilitates the (((adoption))) of children, and was personally visited by the Clintons.

Congresswoman will keep donations from Jeffrey Epstein

Democratic Rep. Stacey Plaskett will reportedly keep campaign donations she received from convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, despite the financier’s latest round of sex-trafficking charges.
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Plaskett's listed office:

St. Thomas Office
9100 Havensight
Port of Sale Mall, Suite 22
St. Thomas, VI 00802

Epstein's listed address:


– Congresswoman Stacey E. Plaskett announced that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has awarded over $1.6 million for Head Start Programs to Lutheran Social Services of the Virgin Islands.

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posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 02:29 PM
a reply to: MountainLaurel


My post is just what the rules are. There are plenty of black hat operators in the DOJ - one US Attorney worked on the Russiagate investigation but I don't feel like looking up his name, who got reprimaned repeatedly throughout his career for doing stunts like this - who would be more than willing to break the law in order to secure their own goals.

I'm just stating what the law is, not taking a side if JE is alive or dead.

posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 02:33 PM

originally posted by: PioneerFigureSkating
a reply to: F2d5thCav

For the most part I agree. However, and Lance could correct me if I'm wrong, there are some positives in all this through Epstein's "death." Main one being is this opens the door, so to speak, in going after his co-conspirstors because Epstein isn't here to object to evidence being introduced in his case.

So his victims, when they sue his estate, can drop all the relevant names they'd like and nobody can stop that stuff from being introduced.

The only person who can object to the legality of a search warrant - or an illegal search - is the person whose home and belongings are subject to the warrant. If I leave my murder weapon at your house, and your house is searched, I can't object because it's not my house that was searched.

So JE's presence is probably not relevant to an objection to a warrant of JE's own home, absent other circumstances.
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posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 02:36 PM
a reply to: imthegoat

People are reading this electoral college thing all wrong, IMO. The ruling was that the Colorado Secretary of State violated the Constitution when they removed an elector because they refused to give their vote to Hillary Clinton. Clinton won the popular vote in Colorado. These states are trying to subvert the Constitution by tying the electoral votes to the popular vote. The court effectively shut that down.

Sure, this also means the elector can vote for whoever they want, but they can also, by the same token, run afoul of the people who elected them to represent them.

This court ruling is a good thing, IMO.

ETA: A good example of this would be New York state. In New York the popular vote is almost always going to swing to the Democrats because New York City is always going to vote Democrat. What the judge ruled is that an elector from the rural part of the state is free to vote for a conservative despite New York State's popular vote going to a Democrat because of the sheer numbers of one city.

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posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 02:39 PM

originally posted by: FlyingFox
a reply to: LanceCorvette

Nope. It looks like you are posting the same junk without reassessing what I said. Read it again.

You are saying that no other people who ever met Epstein can be prosecuted....huh? Epistein now the Get out your law dictionary....

ACCUSER THELAW.COM LAW DICTIONARY & BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY 2ND ED. One who makes an accusation. Law Dictionary – Alternative Legal Definition The person by whom an accusation is made.

Nobody said anything about the burden on defence to present witnesses either. All I said is it's not up to the prosecution to find them physically and give the defence access.

Everything I said was predicated on the govt making Epstein disappear. That means nobody can contest A L L of the things you repeated about being "entitled" to know if he's alive or not. It's not about a lecture in ethics, we already know that stuff...

One more time.... Epstein will not be testifying. Epstein might have made a deal for a fake death. Epstein had the goods on lots of people. That evidence is now afoot in the system.

Squawking about mistrials and other breeches of protocol doesn't mean a bag of beans, you are just being contradictory without taking reality into account. Reality = HE NOW CANNOT BE COMPELLED TO TESTIFY, get it? Cui Bono? Who does that benefit?

Let's clarify this:

What I posted is not junk. I posted a succinct statement of the law based on my 20+ years of actually working with these laws. I expounded on it because you insisted on being wrong despite my explaining it to you.

Second, your original post to which I replied stated "The Defence has to present witnesses on their own, not ask the prosecution for them" so you did in fact make a statement about the burden of the defense to present witnesses. Again, I just made a clear statement of the burdens of proof in a criminal trial.

(as an aside, I note your spelling of defense as "defence" which is a British usage - perhaps you're thinking in terms of UK law, whereas I'm explaining in terms of US law. That could account for the confusion?)

Last, there's a great coffee mug you can get that has the slogan, "Don't mistake your 30 second internet search for my 25 years of experience." If JE is the only person (for example) who can say that Bob was at a certain party at a certain time and committed a crime, then JE is the accuser in Bob's prosecution for being at that party at that time. And Bob has a Constitutional right to confront and cross-examine JE on that accusation.
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posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 02:52 PM
a reply to: PioneerFigureSkating

PFS, what if HRC's DOJ lawyers do something wrong and Fitton wins the case? Or better, that they bring something into evidence that helps dozens of other cades against ad actors?

posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 02:54 PM
Here's something from the JE flight logs.
On 9th Nov 1996 he flew from Palm Beach (PBI) to Fort Knox (FTK)...

He flew with GM and Didier Cazanmel (?) can't quite make out the last name
On the same day those 3 plus Nathan Myhrvold (former CTO at Microsoft) and someone known only as "Bran" flew from Fort Knox to New Jersey (TEB).

If it was just to pickup those 2 additional passengers it's a hell of a detour (essentially another 1,400 miles)
PBI to FTK is 1,087 miles
FTK to TEB is 1,356 miles
PBI to TEB is 1,039 miles

All distances "as the crow flies"

So what was he doing at Fort Knox and who is "Bran"?

posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 03:11 PM
a reply to: Diaspar

BRIAN YOUNG--Microsoft Finance Director?

posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 03:12 PM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

That question is probably better posed to Lance, but I would guess that if Clinton's DOJ Lawyers deliberately sabotaged their defense of Clinton it could only serve to help her skate on any charges.

Heck, I'm not even sure what's going on in this case. I don't understand what claim there is here. Sounds to me like Judicial Watch requested some paperwork from the FBI or whoever was handling the email case and Clinton has brought in a team of Lawyers (including taxpayer funded Lawyers) to block the Government from turning those over.

In any event, if the DOJ Lawyers engaged in any malfeasance I would assume the court would rule in Clinton's favor and potentially keep those files away from Judicial Watch?

Again, dunno. Lance could probably answer. Except I'm sure Lance gets tired of having legal questions thrown at him relentlessly. Lol

posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 03:19 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

Possibly. According to your LinkedIN link Brian was here in '96

Audit Manager Ernst & Young LLP 1989 – 1996 7 years

Investor Relations/Financial Analyst Ride Snowboards 1996 – 1997 1 year

But, spelling error reason aside, it does seem to be Bran on the log, not Brian.

It does seem to me that JE &/or GM had to be specifically at Fort Knox that day,
otherwise they would just fly straight to NJ. Picking up 2 people seems a stretch when it would be easier to just get a separate flight from FTK to NJ, which would be a lot quicker.
Unless they needed to pickup "Bran"... or maybe pickup (or drop off) some gold!!
And can anyone fly in and out of Fort Knox - Godman Army Airfield??

Godman Army Airfield (IATA: FTK, ICAO: KFTK, FAA LID: FTK) is a military airport located on the Fort Knox United States Army post in Hardin County, Kentucky, United States. It has four runways and is used entirely by the United States Army Aviation Branch.


posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 03:23 PM
a reply to: cherokeetroy
President and Secretary Clinton to Travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands June 2-4 to Advance Hurricane Recovery and Resiliency Projects

JUNE 2, 2019

SUNDAY, JUNE 2: President Clinton and Secretary Clinton visit partners and Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) commitment-makers Lutheran Social Services and St. Croix Foundation on St. Croix, highlighting progress to date and key opportunities to expand recovery and increase resiliency for the region

From June 3-4, 2019, President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will convene the fourth meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Action Network on Post-Disaster Recovery on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. The meeting, in partnership with Bloomberg LP and Love City Strong, will continue the discussion around hurricane recovery in the greater Caribbean region, and address topics such as infrastructure, agriculture, workforce development, clean and renewable energy, health, and Caribbean arts and culture.

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posted on Aug, 22 2019 @ 03:29 PM
I just came across this info (idk if it's already been posted) if anyone's interested in digging

Epstein has TWO properties registered with Santa Fe County's tax assessor's office:

49 Zorro Ranch Road AND 220 Zorro Ranch Road

Parcel numbers are:

960002643 (for #49)

990000029 (for #220)

#220 parcel is much smaller acreage than #49

ETA just looked this up on Zillow:

220 Zorro Ranch Rd
Stanley, NM 87056
4 beds 2 baths 2,196 sqft

Zestimate®: $441,033

Founded 1994
Incorporated NM
Annual Revenue $280,000.00
Employee Count7
Industries Dude Ranch
Contacts Jeffery Epstein
Zorro Ranch was founded in 1994. The company is located in Stanley and incorporated in New Mexico. Zorro Ranch specializes in Dude Ranch
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