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Letter to My Do Nothing Legislators

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posted on Mar, 4 2005 @ 10:07 AM
Below is a copy of a letter I sent my one senator and two congressmen last month - still waiting for a reply. The Lt. Pantano fiasco was the reason for the letter. It could have been worded better but I was mad as a hatter when I composed it:

Lt. Pantano, the military’s sacrificial person of the month.

Another American soldier is being sacrificed by a subordinate who, I assume, hates Lt. Pantano. A small group of men and women - VIA the media- have brought shame and disgrace to the greatest fighting force in the world. Americans should be ashamed of the behavior of this type of soldier. By violating laws of common decency, they have delivered to the enemy "fodder" that puts good soldiers at higher risk as "outraged" Muslims seek revenge because of it.

I am so tired of reading about the military bringing charges against one of their own my blood is boiling. Am I ever mad. Rumsfeld should be fired for letting the military sink to it’s present state and ninety-five percent of the military’s top brass should be re-evaluated and most of them retired.

We don’t have heros anymore. We don’t even win wars anymore for pete's sake. You don’t do this to people who are trying to protect themselves and their comrades in war. How in the he** do you expect soldiers to keep on fighting for you if you treat them this way? I’m retired military and I wouldn’t want my son serving in a military that refuses to define how terrorist prisoners should be treated and brings charges against you for killing the enemy.

Think about this, if the Marine Corps really thought Lt. Pantano was a murderer, why did it allow him to finish out his tour? Why wasn't he in the brig? Do we really want our soldiers hesitating in dangerous combat situations? Another thing you don’t do. You don’t activate reserves and expect them to perform like regular military. Reserves do not get the training our regular Army does. It seems to me, ninety-five percent of the problems comes from reserves.

That brings me to another point. Rumsfeld should be fired for allowing the media to turn this WAR into a three ring circus for your late night entertainment viewing. Additionally, the message Bush is putting out about IRAQ is getting pretty old.

We are not fighting armies representing a nation-state, but terrorists united by a single cause — hatred of the United States — and brainwashed by the idea that a better afterlife awaits them for the slaughter of “infidels.”

They use noncombatants as human shields, and they kidnap, torture, and behead civilians every other week. They use buses and hospitals for mass murder and places of worship as fortresses. Why should we obey the rules and regulations of warfare if they do not? I forgot, “we do”. We find some soldier to bring up on charges and we hope that shows all the world how “compassionate” we are.

It’s time for President Bush and you to stop letting lawyers interfere into military operations. Civilian lawyers have NO right to represent enemy prisoners. To have this happen shows me you are weak and unsure as to how to prosecute a war.

I want you to explain this to me. Sandy Burger stuffed secret documents into his pants and socks and took them home. Some of the documents are still missing. This is a VERY serious breech of National Security. Have you done anything about it yet? Americans would like to know what you are doing about this.

From January 2003 to the October 2004 recess, John Kerry missed 146 days of votes without being granted leave. His total salary overpayment was $90,932.68. Sen. John Edwards, Kerry's running mate, compiled 102 days of unexcused absences during that period, for an overpayment of $63,543.16. Dick Gephardt's missed days cost taxpayers $81,362.53 in excessive pay. Explain to me how senators get paid for NOT doing work? Are you going to collect these overpayments or do senators get a pass … because they are senators?

Americans are getting fed up with our elected representatives getting away with crimes that we would be in jail for such as: Rep. Corrine Brown has eluded creditors, filed false financial disclosure reports and lied to the Internal Revenue Service. She’s got a rap sheet as long as your arm. Do you have anything that resembles an ethics committee anywhere in Washington? Apparently not.

It’s time for our elected government officials to start looking out for honest hard working Americans instead of how you look on television. It’s time you started earning your keep and the respect of the people you represent.

You are allowing communist infested, America hating, whacko groups to tear this country apart. And you won’t do anything about it. This is totally absurd! It’s time to start passing some laws to curb radical groups like the ACLU and activist judges. And when the people pass a ballot in an election, the people have spoken. No judge has any right to rule his views in any opinion. None! Do something about it! Aren’t you the ones who make laws to protect us?

According to the US Constitution 14th Amendment Section 3, 18 US Code 2381, 18 US Code 953 and violation of UCMJ Section 904 Article 104, John Kerry should have been impeached for treason years ago. Presently, his service in the senate is unconstitutional. You have allot of criminals in the hallowed halls of Washington and you continue to do nothing about it. When are you going to start?

- A 12-year-old girl has been charged with murder under juvenile law for allegedly killing her 9-year-old sister, apparently in a dispute over a hamburger.

- A couple who hanged a U.S. soldier in effigy outside their home is the talk of Sacramento, most of it unflattering.

- Seven members of the North American Man/Boy Love Association, including two teachers, were arrested in Southern California. (My government allows a Man/Boy love association in this country?)

- Devil-worship and witchcraft are now afforded the same respect as worship of God.

- Perversion and sexual criminality are now equated with traditional, monogamous marriage.

All this and more, much much more, as the President, Congress, and the Senate sit passively by allowing tyrannical courts wage war on the Bill of Rights and our Christian heritage while radical, left wing, American hating groups destroy our culture. Aren’t you guy’s proud of yourselves?

Our borders are left unsecured from foreign invasion. America is literally being dissolved before our eyes in a flood of illegal immigrants and we are admonished to do nothing about it. Border patrol officers are literally being shot and you aren’t doing anything about it. The number of illegal aliens crossing our border exceeds warfare invasion levels. The cost of providing healthcare, food, housing, cost of drug related crimes cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars annually. Illegal Mexicans sent 11 billion tax-free dollars back to Mexico in 2003. Guess who picks up the tab? Americans, or the one’s I know, are getting sick of you not doing anything about the border.

I am not a happy camper tonight because of Lt. Pantano’s situation and your inability to pass needed laws to protect the deeds that once made this country great.

I sent the RNC one hundred dollars to help Bush defeat Kerry in this past election. I sent the Swift Boat veterans fifty dollars to help expose Kerry for the fraud he is. Do you realize that if Senator Libberman had been the Dem’s choice to run against Bush, he would have won.

Carl Rove the great architect of Bush’s campaign is a myth. Talk radio, the Swift Vets and the internet elected Bush. One persons idea can be viewed instantly by millions VIA the internet. Politicians need to remember this.


posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 02:29 PM
I got a reply from a letter I sent to my congressman (representative) about mandatory minimum sentencing for drug offenders and he or his staff actually wrote me back - not just a template-filled letter, a real letter that responded to mine. He totally disagreed with me, though.


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