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BIG LIE verifiability - the framework in "Science" - special theory of relativity

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posted on Mar, 4 2005 @ 09:29 AM
One of the best examples to what extent the illuminati big lie technique can be used today, is state lottery, as explained in Lottery fraud - how the government takes the money of fools.

In some european countries the big lie technique makes possible to still show the drawings on television. Example of the tricks used (in what follows a sequence is a succession of cuts):
- in Germany, a sequence of balls turning, which includes cuts of one or two balls entering the tubes, is followed by a sequence of each ball getting out of the tube;
- in Switzerland the final cut has the camera moving along the tubes from where each ball drops, after an initial sequence where you see in one of the cuts the first ball entering the tube.

There are two categories of big lies:

- Easily verifiable by the masses. Evolution Theory 150 years later, the "Apollo Moon Landings" 36 years later or State Lottery today (since computers can be used to scan millions of bets in seconds) are extreme examples.
- Not easily verifiable by the masses. Albert Einstein's "genius" (which during the last 100 years was continually presented as the foundation for all possible technical developments, from the nuclear bomb, to sharp image on television to the GPS navigation system) is a good example, his "special relativity theory" is the ultimate example as far as what concerns the "scientific community".

As "science" (1) Big Lies face time exposure (i.e. as they get more and more obvious to the masses, or with other words as they gradually move from category 2 into category 1), the illuminati face a dilemma to decide about the timing and depth of "corrections" (in the ultimate case the total replacement) for those big lies. An example is the introduction of computerized drawings in the US state lotteries.

(1) - History Big Lies on the other hand build with time (the winners write their History).

posted on Mar, 4 2005 @ 09:44 AM
So your saying that I'll never win the lottery! Man that sux! Now what am I gonna do for retirement.
Seriously though:
Scientific theories are disproven all the time, the problem is you have to wait until the creators / professors of these accepted facts die before you can introduce and accept new theories.
For example: All the earth's geomorphology was a result of the "Great Deluge" (The mountains, valleys, hills, plains, were greated by the biblical flood or a great flood).
This was the accepted theory and taught in all schools across the world.
Then along comes Wergner who devised plate techtonics. When he first purposed his theory he was ridiculed by the top scientists of his time saying he was a drunk & nutz. Eventually as these top professors & scientists died and his theory became standard and taught around the world as accepted fact.
Now polar shift is a new theory that adds to plate techtonics and re-writes science but isn't accepted because we have to wait for the established professors & scientists that hold positions of power in the scientific community to basically die before we can look at new theories without ridicule and being ostracized by mainstream science.


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