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making a wormhole just got a little easier ...

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posted on Jul, 8 2003 @ 01:32 PM
(1) "Making a Wormhole just got easier …" => (MS-Word version archived at

(2) New concept of "black holes" proposes they are a special "form" of 'dark energy' and not a singularity => "Frozen Stars" at "What you have been taught in school is almost certainly wrong, because classical black hole spacetimes are inconsistent with quantum mechanics," says physicist George Chapline of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. (MS-Word version archived at

(3) Are Type III superconductors the fabled ORMEs materials (and maybe NOT monatomic after all)? (MS-Word version archived at

Although ORMEs/ORMUS is scoffed at by most mainstreamers, I can't help but remember when analyses of the ET "probe" that crashed into Height-611 in Siberia (the Russian equivalent to our Roswell according to George Knapp) showed gold in a purity that could not be matched by Earth-manufacturing techniques and it was embedded in some strange "gauze"-like web. Sure sounds like an "ORMUS" to me … but I'm not an "expert".

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