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Simple Examples of Irreducible Complexity - Evolution Impossible

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posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 11:00 PM
a reply to: Noinden

Name a thread I have had closed down...
Show me how you and your evolutionist pals are winning...
I see Cooperton getting the better of you guys all through the thread...
Are you so blind you can’t tell I’m the one laughing at you?
What’s the topic again? That you are pretending to be a scientist?
It must be because that’s what you say in every thread you are in...

And if you want proof that evolution can’t be all that it claims to be because of irreducible complexity....
Just look to your Hero Darwin and what he had to say about it...
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posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 11:11 PM
a reply to: 5StarOracle

There are no evolutionists here. That is not a thing. What there are are several scientists, and people who understand that the science of evolution is sound.

You see what you want to see. Though to be fair, you are not really capable of talking to the points here. For example asasuming that the theory of evolution is stuck with Darwin. That would be like assuming that a computer still runs on GM-NAA I/O (for example). Science works itteratively. Darwin did not know what DNA did, that took Watson and Crick and Rosalind Franklin to illuminate the structure of DNA. then it took the ability to sequence DNA. The theory of evolution today, is much more complex than Dawins first statements.

So no Darwin is not a hero of mine. If I were to name a scientist, who is a hero of mine, his name would be May
Work that one out.

posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 11:21 PM
a reply to: Noinden

Ok you and your Hero May must have proof that evolution can produce irreducibly complex organs than?
Didn’t think so...
You’re an evolutionist it’s actual not make believe like your pretend profession...

a person who believes in the theories of evolution and natural selection

It’s a thing you’re that thing...

I’m laughing at you again...
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posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 11:25 PM
a reply to: 5StarOracle

See you really are ignorant of how this works.

First: Dr May is a well known Musician and an Astrophysicist. It is nothing to do with evolution that makes him a "hero" to me

Secondly: The way science works, is that many scientists contribute to the body of knoweldge.

I told you I don't work in evolution. If you found my LinkedIn, you would see I work in the Pharma industry. No matter how many times you claim I am lying, it does not make it so. You seem to follow the Goebbels method for your posting

Oh and to quote a good friend of mine.... well you will have to click the link neighour.

posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 11:31 PM
a reply to: Noinden

So no evidence to back any of your claims...
Talk to you later pretender...
Or do you prefer evolutionist?
Since you can’t prove that evolution can create irreducible complex organs in entirety nor can you prove the functionality of said organs should any part of them to be removed to promote gradualism refuting the existence of irreducible complexity they will remain as such...

And I expect you to go back into every thread where you claimed to have done work in evolutionary studies, and I know you have and take back that lie...
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posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 11:37 PM
a reply to: 5StarOracle

Neighbour. I've posted evidence in many threads. You never look at that. Same goes with any other scientist who posts here.

Feel free to asasign any designation you like. I can't take a young earther seriously
You don't have any power here, as evidenced by your inability to talkt to the topic.

Again, irreducible complexity, proof? So far its your gnoses, nothing more.

posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 11:41 PM
a reply to: Noinden

I just was talking to you about the topic you know the stuff you chose to ignore because that’s your MO when you can’t provide the truth you result to as you say distraction the thing you claimed to be here for several posts back. Or lies combined with distraction...

What ever you say old evolutionist...
Do you realize that’s a thing yet, and that you are that thing?
Can you admit when you are wrong?
Oh yeah and name a thread I have caused to be closed down there pretender...
Or should I say liar?
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posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 11:47 PM
Evolutionist isn't a thing...

Its a word made up by religious folk that deny sciences... in an attempt to make it sound like a faith based belief system

Easily found definition on creationwiki or urban dictionary

A term based on ignorance alone

posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 11:51 PM
a reply to: Akragon

That’s from the Cambridge dictionary here on my desk...
It’s a thing...
The Ignorance belongs to you and Noinden and all other’s who claim “it’s not a thing”

Or would you like to claim that there is no person who believes in the theory of evolution and natural selection, and that they are all just pretending to?

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posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 12:02 AM
a reply to: 5StarOracle

And look at the examples in said dictionary... and related words...

purely based on religious input...

or examples from literature...

How did man become a hairless animal? is a hard question for evolutionists.

Many evolutionists are atheists.

No evolutionist would claim that any existing ape represents the ancestor of man.

Small wonder that evolutionists are unwilling to discuss the origin of the soul.

There is no evidence, of course, but the evolutionist must produce it, or admit failure.

No one has ever claimed to be an "evolutionist"... yet people are labeled as such, only by "religionists" lol

posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 12:08 AM
a reply to: Akragon

That’s an excellent use of the noun all of those are excellent examples for the proper use of evolutionist...
I grade it as a b+ because of your non factual reference and claims...

posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 12:11 AM
a reply to: 5StarOracle

lol sure...

point being... its meant to be a derogatory term used by religious people

Though its not insulting its just ridiculous... like calling someone a science-ist

its silly

posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 12:16 AM
a reply to: Akragon

You are silly... there is nothing insulting about it...
Unless of course you are an evolutionist whom does not wish to admit it...
And the word you are looking for is scientist...
Stop being silly go back to cheering on your fellow evolutionists...
You are better at that, not much but still...

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posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 12:21 AM
a reply to: 5StarOracle

no the word.. or non-word I was using is science-ist… not scientist

Scientist being an actual word meaning someone who is trained and works in a field of science

Science-ist would be someone who believes in science... faith based of course

And yes its meant to be silly and ridiculous... just as your side proves to be page after page

I think i'll stick around... lol

posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 12:26 AM
a reply to: Akragon

So your ignorance like claims evolutionist “isn’t a thing” is not entertaining?
Do stay we creationists do love the entertainment you provide us...
Like how you just made up a word and inference that scientists don’t actually believe in science or have no faith in it...
You decide see how it pays off for you...
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posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 12:32 AM
a reply to: 5StarOracle

I wouldn't be here if it wasn't entertaining... though admittedly flat earth believers are far more amusing...

my point was its the exact same thing... evolutionist is a nonsense term made up by religious people to attempt a thinly veiled insult... it doesn't work, but again, its funny

Evolution is evidence based, like all science... so belief isn't a part of any science... theres postulated theories and hypothesis... but at least they admit they don't know all the facts and attempt to figure it out

religion on the other hand claims to have all the answers... which includes which sciences don't count due to their belief systems of course

There are actually no "evolutionists" or people would be claiming such status... just labels placed on people by religious people.. its only a silly derogatory term...

posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 12:40 AM
a reply to: Akragon

Said the evolutionist...
I hadn’t noticed any flat earth believers in this thread, do you wish to state your belief In a flat earth now?
Or are you trying to imply myself or others here are?
It does not matter, you will make anything up while you pretend to know things...
You have shown that much to be obvious...
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posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 12:45 AM
a reply to: 5StarOracle

actually I haven't shown anything... I am a by stander in all of these threads... here for amusement alone

I leave the arguments of evolution to those that understand it far better then I... gladly

And im pretty sure there is a flat earther in here somewhere... far as I know theres only one on this forum anymore... the rest gave up or actually figured it out...

and no im not implying that you or any of your cohorts are flat earthers... I should hope not... this is a relatively intelligent discussion aside from the insults being tossed around lol

posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 12:51 AM
a reply to: Akragon

We are able to agree upon some things...

posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 03:44 AM

originally posted by: Noinden
a reply to: Raggedyman

See you claim we hate science. But provide no proof to test that.

I don't force my data to do a thing. None of the research I did, none of the research anyone does, forces anything. It shows the easily seen pattern, of evolution being a better explanation, than your young earth nonsense.

Its not hate, data.

Hate is when you keep posting the same lie over and over again, hoping it becomes the "truth".

To say you have empirical evidence is a lie

You lie to manipulate
That’s hate

You post the same lie over and over

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