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Some people have nerve!!!

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posted on Jul, 7 2019 @ 03:50 PM
a reply to: [post=24470133]worldstarcountry
You equate a rise in city centre crime with my willingness to enter into conversation with a lady in my front yard. If I was a lefty you’d be handing me an argument on a plate. It’s called good manners.

I’ll use that word again, ‘perspective’.

posted on Jul, 7 2019 @ 03:52 PM
a reply to: worldstarcountry
In fact... I can’t believe I’ve been dragged into another one of these stupid ats conversations again which ignores logic and common sense.

posted on Jul, 7 2019 @ 06:25 PM

originally posted by: NoCorruptionAllowed
a reply to: 4891morfih

People who do things like this are not pure of mind or intent. They simply wish to prey upon other people's generosity.

Saying yes to them will induce further requests by them for your time and your resources.

A grown woman doing something like that shows some kind of psychological derangement.

Projection - much?

posted on Jul, 7 2019 @ 07:33 PM
a reply to: FyreByrd

Her own actions tell the story on it's own.

Requires no projection or speculation on my part, or anyone else.

posted on Jul, 8 2019 @ 01:24 AM
It's all about context.

I've lived in urban areas, where this woman would be merely "quirky local color".

Where I live now, most people have "defensive" dogs that would hound her til she left the property; which is valid, because in a rural area, with houses isolated and set far back from the main road, she would no doubt be casing the house for a break-in/home invasion. The police would respond to such a call with lights & siren.

So it's easy to judge other posters, who live in different contexts from you, as heartless or naive.

Which is basically just failing to recognize that their context is different, or (in the OP's case) undefined, and thus a source of concerned musing.

It's not that you are superior to other posters, is merely that you live in a different context.

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