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2 former Google/Alphabet execs being thrown under bus simultaneously

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posted on Jul, 5 2019 @ 04:44 PM

Previous Google CEO/Alphabet EC Eric Schmidt's is being accused of selling out to China by sharing intel from google, fb, whatsup and other digital social platforms with commies. Could not find an actual lawsuit filed, yet.

At the same time, Former Google exec's estranged wife is seeking to divorce him for sex-ring involvement, asking in court that prenuptial agreement be nullified and that she be rewarded $350M from Rubin to settle the separation, alleging that Google and its parent co Alphabet (again!) compensated him secretly given a $90M severance package despite being accused of sexual misconduct, since he agreed to be terminated.

So, one for collusion of G/A tech with China, alleged by a former lover

The other, for G/A rewarding an exec with nearly 90M once he was caught sidejobing as a pimp (per emails ,he generously compensated women for accepting sexual assignments performed on/with other men he chose), alleged by his estranged wife currently filing for divorce(?)

Who else? I dunno if there's more; but is it just coincidence? (IMO, seems like a way to blackmail, silence or coerce former execs)

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