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What does no record of Bob Lazar at Caltech or MIT mean with regards to his story

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posted on Jul, 8 2019 @ 02:41 AM
a reply to: Lucidparadox

-Bob Lazar had built some small jet engines as a teenager.

From what I can find he built pulse jet engines. A pulse jet is essentially just a bunch of tubes. Anyone who knows how to weld can build one. There are videos of people building and running them.

There is also footage of a jet powered dragster. He obviously did not build the turbojet engine himself. This requires a bit more knowhow. But there are other people who built such dragsters too.

Another of his creations is a turbojet bike with what looks like off-the-shelf RC plane mini turbojet engine. You could build one of those too.

-Bob Lazar Built a Rocket Engine car.

Could not find much to this one. My guess is that he used off-the-shelf part for it too, did not actually build a rocket engine himself.

-Bob Lazar Built a hydrogen fuel cell engine into a Corvette.

It was a Corvette modified to burn hydrogen instead of gasoline, not a fuel cell car.

So yes, he is a tinkerer. That much is true.

-Bob Lazar was in fact, employed as a physicist at Los Alamos in 1982 as he was listed in the employee directory and in the newspaper article, this put him at 23/24 years old.

No it is not a fact at all. From my understanding the employee entry is that of a contractor. And it makes much more sense that he was employed as a technician. There is no proof whatsoever that he was employed as a physicist.

-Bob Lazar, in 1989 came forward about his experiences at area 51 (S4), a base that was barely known about, he described a hand bone measuring security lock that was classified at the time, and made several other claims about the base that came to be true.

Area 51 (S4) was known before Lazar.
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posted on Jul, 8 2019 @ 03:30 AM
a reply to: moebius

Seems like you would be likely to back the idea that he was an on purpose red herring.

Covert agency wanted to test the waters and see if an average Joe would immediately try to whistleblow "alien craft".

So, they hire in Lazar as a contractor, feed him a BS scenario that looks legitimate. Show him fake documents, show him a fake craft, have a "science partner" explain details to him.

Then let it fly, and see if the guy keeps his mouth shut, or if he spews like a fountain.

If it was just a test of this scenario, Lazar really proved someone's point, behind the scenes. If this scenario is the case, Lazar single handedly did more to hurt disclosure, than anyone else ever did.

posted on Feb, 23 2020 @ 07:02 PM
Here is why I believe Bob Lazar is a disinformation agent being used by nuclear scientists as part of the overall architecture of the American state, because if he was telling the truth about top secret exo programmers, firstly the Pentagon and the NSA would ensure you never heard of him, and if you did he'd just be a crank on the web, why? Because such information threatens the continued and future evolution of the American military and human civilization toward interstellar civilsation in the future, the next main phase of human civilsation once they achieve full globalisation as is what we are witnessing around the world in conflict. Secondly, by just looking at Bob Lazar I can tell, he has never being in Area 51 as such clearance would require him to be given nuclear clearance and Pentagon clearance and this I can tell by looking at him he has never been given and if he did you can be certain he would not be in podcasts talking about it. Now here's the truth and watch the negative replies to this comment if any replies, as is common when actual truth appears. The universe is a giant energy system whose beginning evolution and inevitable ending is based on the laws and mechanics of energy which govern the entire universe and everything in it, and to these laws the cosmological dimension of time is synched, now based on the laws of energy and despite Einstein's theories, time flows back and forth with the flow of energy BUT in one greater dimension, now to this energy system called the universe and cosmological dimension of time all is synched to and all is superentangled to, planets, solar systems, sun, stars, asteroids, black holes, and life and civilisation is synched to this universal truth that goes deep into advance physics,computer science astrophysics, evolutionary biology, geology etc.The problem with humanity is we give meaning to life, the universe gives no meaning to life, life is nothing more than the living form of the mechanics and laws of energy, based on the chemistry of the cosmos, ie for the cosmos to continue evolving in terms of energy and chemistry after the birth of galaxies and planets etc life has to evolve, so as to continue the cosmological evolution of energy, life is nothing more than the living form of thr universe's need to adhere to the laws of energy that govern the cosmos, and the universe has one goal, to begin, to evolve and to eventually destroy itself based on energy limitations and availability and the reason we do not see this obvious truth is because that process of energy takes billions of years rather than a week so see give meaning and fail to see the greater unified system , now warfare in terms of human life is no different than conflict in the natural world and in the quantum and atomic world, be it apes or weather patterns, conflict like communication and other features such as interaction, activity etc is an internet part of the universe in terms of the principals that govern the laws that is nothing more than the laws and mechanics of energy, it is nothing more than the living form of the laws of energy entangled to the universal laws which say the universe must begin, evolve and to destroy itself, now based on this and the chemistry and mechanics of galaxies, it is impossible for galaxies to exist without life as life is an inherent feature of galaxies, just as stars, planets and asteroids are, and based on this every galaxy is abundant in life, and the milkyway has atleast 3-4 similar advanced civilsation as earth which goes deep into physics, that's the truth, as the same laws that govern our evolution and civilsation govern every evolutionary process and civilisation and the same universal laws of language govern all languages, so exos if we meet them will most likely speak a parallel language of our own. Now in the world of post Einstein advance physics to deny life exists in the universe and the milkyway is equivilant to claiming the planet is flat.

posted on Feb, 23 2020 @ 08:22 PM

originally posted by: one4all


It could be that wiping his records or him making the claim was intentional to make his story line up with others who have been gangstalked….he coul be an intentional leak who was only given specific compartamentalised data which is what it seems like to me....hell I can tell you how Neutral -Dimension Craft fly...why cant Bob?....because he has been told not to...and because no one in hades cares what I or any other obscure person says … can be taken seriously on some levels...I think he is willingly or unknowingly playing a part in a long term disclosure process.

What about pictures etc his follow classmates have. The government can't delete someone from all the yearbooks. How come none of his classmates will come forward to say he was actually there and completed his degree. How come all the professors he named, don't even work there. Stanton Friedman helped to expose Bob Lazar lies.

If a person going to lie about their education, what else are they willing to lie about. ZERO evidence the government tried to erase his credentials. They can't delete what doesn't exist in the first place.

posted on Feb, 23 2020 @ 11:51 PM
a reply to: one4all


Oh really. What about friends, teachers and your own records

I have my college records, people I can go to and say we went to DeVry together

If Lazar has any of that he can substantiate then he shouldn’t be trusted or believed by reasonable people.

posted on Aug, 1 2020 @ 01:14 AM
So it's only Stanton Friedman who dismissed his education background? This is a pretty important topic. I'm watching on YouTube his interview where he names Prof. Duxler from CalTech and Prof. Hohsfield from MIT. If you Google "hohsfield MIT" only Lazar stuff comes up, including this thread.

Is it a big deal he stalled when asked the question about his professors and named incorrect ones from high school? Or is not a smear effort by Friedman against Lazar?

Edit to add: How common are Master's Degrees or higher education degrees featured in college year books? Are college year books even a thing? Would his name be on a graduation ceremony program? Would he have walked or picked up his diploma or just got it mailed?
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posted on Aug, 1 2020 @ 02:42 AM
a reply to: game over man

Friedman wasn't out to smear Lazar, he just had questions about Bob Lazar education background. It should be a red flag for everyone, if a person can't name a few professors that would remember them at MIT and CalTech.

it's not hard to guess why Bob Lazar refused to have a sit down with Friedman.

posted on Aug, 3 2020 @ 11:58 AM
a reply to: Echo007

Really? I can only remember one of my college professors by name. I couldn't tell you the names of the courses I took either.

posted on Aug, 3 2020 @ 05:58 PM
a reply to: game over man

Maybe if you attended a school like the ones he claims, you would remember better.

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