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What does no record of Bob Lazar at Caltech or MIT mean with regards to his story

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posted on Jul, 8 2019 @ 02:41 AM
a reply to: Lucidparadox

-Bob Lazar had built some small jet engines as a teenager.

From what I can find he built pulse jet engines. A pulse jet is essentially just a bunch of tubes. Anyone who knows how to weld can build one. There are videos of people building and running them.

There is also footage of a jet powered dragster. He obviously did not build the turbojet engine himself. This requires a bit more knowhow. But there are other people who built such dragsters too.

Another of his creations is a turbojet bike with what looks like off-the-shelf RC plane mini turbojet engine. You could build one of those too.

-Bob Lazar Built a Rocket Engine car.

Could not find much to this one. My guess is that he used off-the-shelf part for it too, did not actually build a rocket engine himself.

-Bob Lazar Built a hydrogen fuel cell engine into a Corvette.

It was a Corvette modified to burn hydrogen instead of gasoline, not a fuel cell car.

So yes, he is a tinkerer. That much is true.

-Bob Lazar was in fact, employed as a physicist at Los Alamos in 1982 as he was listed in the employee directory and in the newspaper article, this put him at 23/24 years old.

No it is not a fact at all. From my understanding the employee entry is that of a contractor. And it makes much more sense that he was employed as a technician. There is no proof whatsoever that he was employed as a physicist.

-Bob Lazar, in 1989 came forward about his experiences at area 51 (S4), a base that was barely known about, he described a hand bone measuring security lock that was classified at the time, and made several other claims about the base that came to be true.

Area 51 (S4) was known before Lazar.
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posted on Jul, 8 2019 @ 03:30 AM
a reply to: moebius

Seems like you would be likely to back the idea that he was an on purpose red herring.

Covert agency wanted to test the waters and see if an average Joe would immediately try to whistleblow "alien craft".

So, they hire in Lazar as a contractor, feed him a BS scenario that looks legitimate. Show him fake documents, show him a fake craft, have a "science partner" explain details to him.

Then let it fly, and see if the guy keeps his mouth shut, or if he spews like a fountain.

If it was just a test of this scenario, Lazar really proved someone's point, behind the scenes. If this scenario is the case, Lazar single handedly did more to hurt disclosure, than anyone else ever did.

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