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Portland Antifa event shows masked thugs with crowbars. So wheres the FBI?

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posted on Jul, 3 2019 @ 08:06 AM
a reply to: thedigirati

Thanks you know your stuff!

They evolved in Germany back in the 1930's. Same exact flag too. Back in the day they fought against the NAZIS but who knows as to whom they have since morphed into. Here's a Wiki link


Antifaschistische Aktion

The first German movement to call itself Antifaschistische Aktion was proclaimed by the German Communist Party (KPD) in their newspaper Rote Fahne in 1932 and held its first rally in Berlin on 10 July 1932, then capital of the Weimar Republic.[1] Its two-flag logo, designed by Association of Revolutionary Visual Artists members Max Keilson and Max Gebhard,[2] remains a widely used symbol of militant anti-fascism.[3

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posted on Jul, 3 2019 @ 08:11 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Antifa needs to get back over to their Rhineland as the mass migration gang in the 100's are beating up native German children, families, swimmers, lifeguards and the police all throughout Germany. Do you believe? If not I will start another thread. Dusseldorf anyone?
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posted on Jul, 3 2019 @ 03:48 PM
a reply to: Grambler

You with only a picture of a guy with a baton assumes he was with one of the larpers , same with the beard guy

No, that's not accurate. Your debate skills have really gone to # in my absence. Lmao. Straw men, ad hominems, moving the goal posts, etc.

For instance, this is what you JUST said:

"Ngo is a non combatant, you assert the old man is based in a photo of him with a weapon, and I’ve yet to see proof the bearded guy was"

I did assert that. Then when I provided more evidence for it, you moved the goal post to this straw man about how I "[assumed] he was with one of the larpers" — something I never said.

I said that he was a combatant and he was. I have no idea if he has any formal affiliation with one of the groups. Doesn't really matter though. The point you continually ignore is that the bulk of the violence is incited/initiated (and perpetrated) by members of these groups (right and left).

That's not to say that unaffiliated randoms don't get sucked into, particularly at these larger events. I stated this right at the top of the post you're replying to, but you choose to ignore it in favor of "responding" to straw men. Here's what I actually said:

No, I haven't said that. What I have repeatedly said is that there are two opposing groups of LARPers who are both willing combatants. In specific instances, like that May Day altercation at the Cider Riot, that number was probably 90%+ of the people there. In other instances, I'm sure that the number is far smaller.

But if you look at the violent altercations, many of the same people are involved over and over again. Are you denying that?

That in turn was a response to the last time you pulled out the same straw man (this is you):

"That’s the claim you are making in Portland. You said everyone is larping and on one side or the other"

I didn't make the claim the first time, I pointed out that I didn't make the claim and expounded so there was absolutely no possible confusion and in the very next post, you just reiterated your own straw man. What's the point of debate if you're going to be intellectually dishonest?

I'll restate my position one last time. I wonder if I should send it off to a team of lawyers, add footnotes, etc?

There are groups on the left and right (Antifa, Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, etc) who could be mockingly characterized as LARPers (because they dress up and play at being revolutionaries). When you look at the political violence that has been taking place in Portland in recent years, in most cases it's either directly between members of these groups or in the context of skirmishes that they've provoked/initiated.

Stop dancing around the issue. Do you deny that this is the case?

Which brings me to another point. The irony here is that while black bloc makes individuals somewhat anonymous, it's also like wearing a uniform. This is in part, I think, what is behind some of the lack of understanding. You can look at a person in all black and say "Anifa!" but with the exception of proud boys displaying their colors (black and yellow Fred Perry polo shirts), it's difficult to know what if any affiliation the thugs on the other side have.

Your first comments in this was Ngo being a bad guy for doxxing

Releasing the name of a person with a mask in a violent thug organization isn’t doxxing

Here's the other tactic you keep employing — oversimplify things to the point that they're unrecognizable while sprinkling in factually inaccurate bits. I said a whole lot more in support of my view of Ngo being a bad actor than what I said about him doxxing that Antifa chick. *You're* choosing to focus on that as if it's somehow the only reason I would have for making that assertion, and it's not.

Furthermore, you're essentially arguing that any release of any personal information is the same. By that logic, phone books are doxxing. It's a bit more complicated than that. Context and intent are important.

And here's where the factually inaccurate bit comes in. I said *nothing* about Ngo revealing the name of a person committing a crime (violent or not). I also wouldn't take issue with him publishing a name in a truly journalistic capacity. The thing with that is that journalists are typically reporting the story, they're not involved in it. Nor did I take any issue with him posting a picture, asking if anyone could identify a person he believe attacked him.

The specific incident that I was remarking about, was when he tweeted out the name of the Antifa chick who got hit on the head with a steel baton by the Patriot Prayer dude and knocked out. Did he tweet out the name of the guy who punched her? (she got hit first) How about the name of the guy who hit her in the back of the head with a steel baton? How about images asking if anyone could identify them? And I guarantee it would have been trivial for him to find out if he didn't already know their names (and I know he had images of both).

No, none of that. Just a tweet with the chick's name and a claim that she had sabotaged some A/V equipment at some earlier date? So what was his intent? Was he trying to do a public service as a journalist? No. I believe he was putting out her name so that his followers could look up more info on her for the purpose of harassment or worse.

That's why I referred to it as doxxing.

If it is, you releasing the names of unmasked thugs in a violent organization is also doxxing

See above.

Your first comment was to take blame away from Antifa beating Ngo by discussing other groups being violent, something Ngo had nothing to do with

I disagree. First, my aim has never been to take blame away from Antifa. It's always been to make people aware that at the heart of much of this violence is this dynamic between opposing groups of hooligans. I think it's a real problem that people have this incomplete understanding of what's going on.

And I have said from the jump that Ngo was assaulted and that he has never to my knowledge been engaged in any violence. I have never said that he deserved to get punched. And had it been one of the other freelancers, I definitely would have had more sympathy, that's true.

But the fact is I feel that he has a role in all this mess, that he profits from misleading people about what's going on and provides cover for one side. This fuels one-sided outrage that drives division and also, because they have no real understanding of what's going on, makes them unable to do anything about it — whether it's demanding specific action from police and elected officials or choosing to not support people behind the #.

The fact is, Ngo will spend a couple weeks as a martyr and then people's attention will drift to the next thing. If nobody says anything while this # is getting attention, then it's a missed opportunity to inform people.
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posted on Jul, 3 2019 @ 04:03 PM
Portland PD is finally seeking some of the attackers, I guess someone made a phone call after that statement by cruz about investigating the mayor.

posted on Jul, 3 2019 @ 05:30 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

Your first comment on this issue was about how proud boys are bad too and Ngo is a bad guy


You implied the old man (and maybe bearded guy )were combatants before you had proof.


You claimed NGOs injuries were being exaggerated with no proof


That is disgusting and you know it

You think releasing the name of a woman in a mask who was engaged in violence with a violent thug organization doxxing

You out the names of people in the proud boys without naming Antifa, so I guess that makes you a bad actor as well

You complain about Ngo taking a side and being a bad actor, yet all the msm does this and I never here you call them bad actors. And I know if they get beat you won’t have your first comment be about how bad they are

Look, just like you couldn’t wait to go after the Covington kids with clips out of context after you knew they were unjustly smeared in order to take the heat off of leftists that acted horribly you are doing the same here

You can make excuses for your position all you want

You accused a victim of left wing violence of exaggerating injuries with no proof

You did so because you are a partisan. Truly revolting

posted on Jul, 3 2019 @ 06:11 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

More in this doxxing point

You have named proud joys and patriot prayer people

Yet you have not names one Antifa person, even removing the Antifa girls name from ngos tweet where he named her

This you are only doxxing people on one side

You are a bad actor by your own definition

But we know the truth

You think it’s ok to be hypocritical because you want to deferent for left wing violence

posted on Jul, 3 2019 @ 07:33 PM
The lengths some people go to excuse the actions of a terrorist organization(Antifa) and then lie about those people who are fighting back against it is disgusting. How proud you must be.

posted on Jul, 4 2019 @ 12:56 AM
a reply to: Grambler

Your first comment on this issue was about how proud boys are bad too and Ngo is a bad guy


Dude, my first post in your thread is here and that's a complete mischaracterization.

You implied the old man (and maybe bearded guy )were combatants before you had proof.


This is demonstrably false.

My first post about him was in response to you here. Before I had proof? I came out the gate with proof that the old guy was a combatant. I didn't mentioned bearded guy at all. The first time I mentioned bearded guy, I said that I had no idea about him but that it looked like he'd sustained the worst injuries. I also opined at some point that he might have been hit with a bike lock.

You claimed NGOs injuries were being exaggerated with no proof


I did say that I didn't believe the "brain bleed bull#" that his lawyer had put out. That's true and I haven't denied it. And when I watched the Tucker Carlson interview and Ngo claimed himself that he had some sort of cerebral hemorrhage show up on a CT scan, did I not say that I would take him at his word and that I stood corrected?

But let me show you the difference between stating an opinion and making a claim. Here's what I ssaid:

First off, I don't for a second believe this "brain bleed" bull#. But let's assume that he had a literal intracranial hemorrhage for the sake of argument. He sustained this from what was it, two punches?

That's what you've been trying to virtue signal off me with. Me stating that "I don't believe" — stating an opinion — and even though my opinion was that it was bull#, I went ahead and stipulated it was true for the sake of argument. And then I pointed out the interview in a later post and conceded that I was wrong.

What should I have done differently? Not expressed my opinion? Really? Oh boy. Now let's contrast that with a claim that you repeated that now looks to have been completely false.


Oh and more on those milkshakes that so many people on the left had a chuckle about.

Now people are putting quick drying cement in them as they throw them at conservatives.

That's not the only time/place you've repeated it. The "information" that the Portland Police received was an email. No evidence was actually found that this was the case. Jack Posobiec ripped off somebody's photo and claimed that it showed cement being mixed into the milkshakes. The person who took the photo and tweeted it, called him out and 100% denied it. My guess, probably Jack or somebody like him emailed the cops anonymously making the fraudulent claim.

Ironically, while there's no evidence of cement. There is video evidence of Patriot Prayer folks with some sort of white power in bags. You can see this woman showing it off here. No idea what it was but later you can see her throwing it people here. Notice that they know her Twitter handle and name. That's because she's a Patriot Prayer regular. From what people are saying, there was at least one other PP person throwing an unknown substance from a ziploc.

I want to clear something else up too. I found another video with a better angle of the old man here. Notice two things from this video:

1. The old man initiated, the old man was hitting people with his asp.

2. Red beard was already scuffling with people before anything happened with the old man (for another angle showing that, here) — not somebody who just happened to walk by and see this old guy on the ground as some reports suggested. You can also see him try to discourage the old man from running in.

Here's a screen shot from the video showing the man a split second before he hits this other person with his asp.

Here's an animated gif from yet another angle:

I wonder now how you feel about all the breathless "oh look at this poor innocent man" bull# narrative that has been pushed across the right-wing media? And you wonder why I feel the need to speak up? Because I've been paying attention to this # on and off for years and I see people getting suckered with this bull# time and time again.

I'm going to state another opinion. Actually two. I found red beard on Facebook (his name was published in right-wing media). He appears to be a III%er:

They're something of a mixed bag. I've seen some of them at times instigating # and I've also posted videos here of fights between III%ers where one of them basically got the # kicked out of him because apparently he'd done/said some racist # and the rest of the group didn't want him around.

Anyway, I guess kudos to him? He claimed in Facebook posts that he was armed but he couldn't pull his weapon because he got hit with bear spray. I've got some other stuff that I'm vetting but he appears to be saying that he was there as an armed "security" for Adams:

Also there's this:

According to what Michelle Malkin has told a gajillion right-wing media outlets, both men told her that they were there for a Haley Adams (#HimToo — you'll remember her as the blonde chick with the backwards hat at the May Day skirmish) rally.

I've been told that old guy is regular at Haley Adam's events. Anyway, my opinions are this: this ain't old guy's first rodeo when it comes to this bull#. I'm also guessing that if I look through enough video, I'll find one or both of them involved in other scuffles before this.

I don't really want to spend hours on this post but there's a third person and in some of the accounts that are floating around, it's been claimed that old guy jumped in to rescue this "gay man in a dress" (which was apparently made of a flag?) and that red beard then jumped in to save him.

You've seen multiple angles now. See anybody in a dress that he was rushing to save? Nope. The person who it was claimed he was saving in these accounts, turns out to be a Patriot Prayer member with ties to a KKK imperial wizard (that's just an article about the Klan wizard from MS showing up in Portland, I can U2U the deets on that if you need) and who was previously involved with left-wing groups until he was given the boot over an allegation of sexual assault.

This is how this # turns out consistently.

That is disgusting and you know it

Boy you're just full of personal attacks.

posted on Jul, 4 2019 @ 02:14 AM
a reply to: Grambler

You think releasing the name of a woman in a mask who was engaged in violence with a violent thug organization doxxing

Should I even bother replying? It really doesn't seem like you are responding to anything I say but rather just repeating yourself. Read what I said the last 5x you said this. And if you can't bother to respond to even direct questions, I've got better things to do.

You out the names of people in the proud boys without naming Antifa, so I guess that makes you a bad actor as well

Holy #.

You complain about Ngo taking a side and being a bad actor, yet all the msm does this and I never here you call them bad actors. And I know if they get beat you won’t have your first comment be about how bad they are

This is the most repetitively disingenuous nonsense. You can't actually argue that he's not a bad actor (apparently), all you can do is pick out this one thing and keep trying to convince me with this lame false equivalence that if he's bad actor, I must be too (and now everyone else).

Ok, doxxing is fine! Now what? He's still a bad actor because he misrepresents and omits to provide cover for violent thugs under the guise of being a journalist. He's still a bad actor because he misrepresents and omits to push a dangerous false narrative that has effects you can witness right here, firsthand.

I'm sorry that you don't care about that. I'm sorry that because you can't argue that I'm wrong, but you feel this need to defend the narrative, you're wasting your time repeating these weak lines. At least I'm getting information out while I'm posting.

And what's really messed up is that it doesn't even really matter. It's my opinion. I have given you a fairly verbose argument for why I have that opinion. You don't have to agree.

I've never claimed that he deserved to get punched. I've said the opposite over and over and over. You're literally just trying to shame me for "victim shaming." I mean, it's unfortunate that you're doing it but it's not going to deter me from having and expressing views. Say I'm victim shaming, fine. Now what?

Does it make anything I said wrong? "It's disgusting" isn't "that's not true."

Look, just like you couldn’t wait to go after the Covington kids with clips out of context after you knew they were unjustly smeared in order to take the heat off of leftists that acted horribly you are doing the same here

Lmao. Every time you repeat this (for whatever odd reason that you do), it gets a little more histrionic.

I already pasted exactly what I said. I'm okay with it. Also, wtf are you even talking about? What "leftist that acted horribly" was I trying to take the heat off of? I straight up said (and I linked you to it) that people got played and were emotionally invested. I flat out said that people were acting improperly and unequivocally stated that nobody should be harassing those kids. Do I need to post the excerpt again?

And since this is at the point where you've spent two days making matter of fact claims, not worrying at all about backing them up, being generally disingenuous, etc — you're being a hypocrite and your projecting — it's YOU that is trying to deflect out of some misguided partisan obligation.

I said from the very beginning that Ngo was not engaged in any violence and that he should have been assaulted. I have not in anyway excused it. I have not claimed that his own # made him a legitimate target for physical assault. I've repeated this over and over and over. Yet you claim that I'm trying to defend his attackers.

I clearly am not. Your problem is that you feel some deep seated need for Andy Ngo to be a martyr that can be central to an overarching narrative that you have to know is bull#. You can't accept that he was the victim of an unprovoked physical assault and he's ALSO a person who plays a role in perpetuating the circumstances that lead to political violence.

You can make excuses for your position all you want

You accused a victim of left wing violence of exaggerating injuries with no proof

You did so because you are a partisan. Truly revolting

And there it is: "You accused a victim of left wing violence"

That's all that you can allow to be said/known about Andy Ngo. Also, this is like the tenth thing you've said in this one post that isn't true.

I didn't accuse Andy Ngo of exaggerating his injuries with no proof. I said that I didn't buy what his lawyer was saying. And as soon as he made the claim himself, I said that I would accept it and that I stood corrected. What more am I supposed to do about having an opinion that turned out to be wrong? This is such fake virtual signaling BS.

You tried to compare his injuries to Heather Heyer and two dozen other people getting run over by a car. You've completely lost your perspective. And you point the finger at me and call me a "partisan?" You need to do a bit of introspection. You've devolved to this mixture of intellectual dishonesty and sanctimonious slander because you're triggered by anyone interrupting the partisan narrative that you've spent years becoming emotionally invested in.

Look at your posting in this thread. You knew what I was saying was true. You watched all your peers make comments based on disinformation. What did you do? You attacked me.

You're so wrapped up in partisan programming these days that you were flat out attacking me, completely unrelated to what I was saying in the thread, while you watched people go on believing bull#.

How revolting is that?

posted on Jul, 4 2019 @ 03:18 AM
a reply to: Grambler

This is really just sad. Even though this a really transparent tactic, let's go over this one last time just because.

1. I have never stated that all publication of names is "doxxing."

2. The only publication of a name by Ngo that I said that I consider doxxing was that tweet. Why don't you try arguing the point instead of lazily talking in circles?

Why did he tweet this? Her name btw is Heather Clark. (before you falsely accuse me of some other #)

Btw, your theory that people are somehow making up this claim of doxxing to smear Ngo because he was attacked is also bull#. People criticized him for it immediately:

Andy Ngo Verified account @MrAndyNgo

People are angry I named the #antifa woman (Heather Clark) who got in a fight on May Day & was knocked out. She’s a local activist who has been in media for violently sabotaging an event on PSU campus. Her identity is relevant to the story.

1:35 AM - 3 May 2019 from Portland, OR

So let's apply your standards to Andy Ngo, journalist/"journalist":

Yet you have not names one Antifa person the name of the person who knocked her out with a baton or the name of the person who hit her in the face

This you are only doxxing people on one side

I have no problem naming Antifa people if I know their names and it's relevant. Your only reasons for believing this are a) a misconception about the tweet image (and I uh, posted the link to the tweet so...) and b) because I just haven't.

There are reasons why I haven't. Primarily, I haven't spent a lot of time trying to identify specific Antifa. It seems pretty pointless. It's hard to tell them apart (by design) in most videos, particularly grainy cellphone videos where people are flailing around. And there's not really a lot of debate about Antifa being engaged in violence, is there?

On the other hand, there's this whole other side that nobody talks about who is equally engaged in violence. Have you ever posted a thread about any violent right-wing group? No? Have you really seen anyone post about it other than me and one or two other people? They're also much easier to identify because they're not dressed alike, this is particularly true of the ones who wear the same # at different rallies/protests. And of course, you have a much better chance of getting a full face image (though, it's not that right-wingers don't wear masks at all, some do).

In order to explain the relationships between these people, to even convince people who have been programmed with disinformation about this circumstance, that there are actually groups of people who aren't just random "Trump supporters" who are consistently involved in skirmishes with Antifa types, it's necessary to name people and even then, I'm frequently posting links to things where their names are published (like when the R.A.M. neo-Nazis got arrested).

And if you wanted to post the names of Antifa all day long, I wouldn't have a problem with it. Why would I?

Now circling back to my question — why did Andy Ngo, who is, if nothing else, paid as a journalist (and editor), publish this chick's name and not the names of the Patriot Prayer members who hit her and knocked her out with a metal baton (fracturing her spine?)

Please, explain. I have no real confidence that you'll even respond to this question given your evasion but I would love to hear what the explanation is. I guarantee he knows the names. Hell, I bet if I spend a couple hours looking, I can find out there names, possibly in minutes. And I'm a random guy on the Internet thousands of miles away. He's a journalist who has been attending these things since 2017 at least, knows many of the players, etc.

You tell me what possible reason he could have had for tweeting out what he did to his followers (who, as you might guess are largely right-wingers who are really obsessed with hating Antifa and supporting right-wing groups) when she's the one who got knocked out on that day, and not the name of the Patriot Prayer who swung the baton?

Does that really not smell fishy to you?

I'll say it again, in my opinion, he did it to enable harassment. If you're just going to do the "exaggerated injuries! Covington kids! Doxxing!" cycle again, just save yourself the time because I'm not spending my time responding if you can't put in more effort than this.

posted on Jul, 4 2019 @ 07:07 AM
a reply to: theantediluvian

That’s a lot of words to defend yourself from deflecting for Antifa and claiming a victim lied about the extent of his injuries

I know you like deflecting for left wing violence but flat out lying is a bad look for you

You say I lied about your initial comments

You linked it, and it’s exactly as I said

You never said Ngo shouldn’t have been beat in that comment

You say it’s two bad sides, and Ngo is a bad guy

What kind of partisan hack sees a nonviolent journalist get beat, doesn’t say wow that’s terrible, but instead makes a post saying the other side is bad too and Ngo is a bad guy?

I guess the same type of person that deflects for adult racists while trying to smear children with out of context clips

As for the old man and the bearded guy, as soon as I saw the photo of the old man with a weapon I said he may have been a combatant

You were saying he was before you had proof. Remember your first post when you said don’t fall for the bs, these are all just mutual combatants?

As far as your doxxing claims, way to try to cover yourself after you doxxed (according to your definition) proud boys while intentionally hiding the names of the Antifa girl

If Ngo is a bad actor, so are you (at least we have no evidence of Ngo trying to smear children like you)

As far as Ngo being a bad journalist, he is no worse than hundreds in the msm, that you are silent about

I guess if they are beat you will post how bad they are

Lastly ooze your defense of claiming his injuries were exaggerated

If a right wing person did this you would rightfully be all over them

You are a victim shaming excuser for left wing violence

It’s disgusting but at least he honest about it

posted on Jul, 4 2019 @ 10:37 AM
a reply to: theantediluvian

Look, I stand by my criticism of you in this issue and the Covington one

However, I owe you an apology

I should not make this personal

I think you are wrong, but I also think you are a good person, and very smart

I have learned more from our discussions on ats than through any other person I talk with

I am an ass for implying you are somehow a bad person, and deserve to be called out for being a hypocrite as I am always preaching civility

I truly apologize

Now having said that, I heavily disagree with your comments on this issue and the Covington one

But I should give you the benefit of the doubt that you are not coming from a malicious place, and instead have your own angle on wanting people to see all sides of an issue

Again, I am very sorry

posted on Jul, 4 2019 @ 02:15 PM

originally posted by: theantediluvian
a reply to: Waterglass

Here's how this outrage machine works. Two groups of assholes beat each other up. This is what these people do for entertainment. It's not the start of some civil war.

Then the propagandists come along with bull# stories to get you all triggered.

This old guy wasn't some hapless innocent bystander, who was just peacefully minding his own business when he got whacked in the head.

Here are the pictures The Blaze won't show you.

Dude was there to get into #. He's part of the problem just like the assholes on the other side.

Wrong, the cause and effect here is....because of antifa and their anti American way. It has caused nationalist to congregate.

One group has created the formation of the other.

Antifa are the losers of society

posted on Jul, 4 2019 @ 10:50 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

Simple question, what is antifa violently fighting?

Not why, what, exactly?

Who is Mussolini in america?

Who is the enemy?

posted on Jul, 5 2019 @ 04:59 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

Can you prove to all of us on ATS that you aren't a Chat Bot. How can anyone type out so much so soon?

posted on Jul, 7 2019 @ 12:20 AM

originally posted by: Waterglass

That's right so wheres the US Department of Justice and the FBI?

In a mask...……………… with a crowbar!

It's important that you understand how the world works sooner rather than later!

posted on Jul, 7 2019 @ 05:14 AM
a reply to: jamespond

Subcontractors for the NWO?

posted on Jul, 8 2019 @ 06:31 PM
Talking with the few white supremecists I've ever talked with, their biggest recruitment hurdle is the perception that it's about picking on the weak.

They try to show themselves fighting battles where they are the ones being ganged up against. To make their struggle look like a real battle, instead of just a bunch of bullies gathering to pick on somebody less-than-their-own size.

Antifa gives them a shot at appearing heroic. (Which is quite a feat of spin.)

originally posted by: ABNARTY
a reply to: theantediluvian

Let's assume this is 100% the case. These losers gather just to beat each other up and the press spins it however they want. I don't doubt you are probably right.

If I was a resident of Portland or paid government salaries in Oregon, I couldn't care less. I would not give a hoot what the press says.

I expect law and order. Period. If folks want to exercise their 1A rights, have at it. But, the 1A does not include anything about crowbars and cement milkshakes.

The response from the local officials is what bothers me. What happens when someone gets killed? We all know it's coming. Who will they blame then when all they did was enable this garbage?

These events are nothing compared to what Portland Police face all the time.

A few months ago they had to close down Highway I84 because a gun fight between the Portland PD and some criminal group had gotten out of hand.

posted on Sep, 9 2019 @ 08:35 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

In related news regarding that ... err... "independent" journalist.

What they said: A large man in a Proud Boys shirt says the June 29 assault on Ngo happened because he ignored Proud Boys' offer of protection. "Andy Ngo was #ing told that if he wanted protection from the PBs [Proud Boys], he went in with us and he went out with us," he says.

Why it matters: Ngo has claimed to be an independent journalist. It is increasingly clear he is coordinating his movements and his message with right-wing groups. On Aug. 26, The Portland Mercury published an allegation by a Vancouver infiltrator of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer. "There's an understanding," the man told the Mercury, "that Patriot Prayer protects him and he protects them." Ngo could not be reached for comment.

Right-Wing Brawlers Discussed a Hammer Fight While Being Filmed

No comment?

*flashes an okay sign with his left hand at everyone around*

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posted on Sep, 9 2019 @ 08:49 PM
a reply to: PublicOpinion

last time i pointed this out, and linked to the Mercury article, i got told i'm "talking crap" because apparently the talk of weapons and plotting of violence in those videos doesn't count as weapony or planny or violent enough to care about so therefore whiny sjws antifa will cause the fall of the roman empire blah blah.
Vast majority of people on this forum are heavily invested in A Certain View on these issues and you just KNOW there's more than a handful at these events swingin' for the Boys.

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