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EU Commission President nomination tomorrow. Timmermans frontrunner getting German support

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posted on Jul, 24 2019 @ 05:03 AM

originally posted by: 2012newstart

originally posted by: Goedhardt
He would be a leftwing nut in the US Democrat party..

I don't think the US model is applicable in Europe. And if it works a leftwing person...then let it be so. Why should I follow stereotypes to want someone only because he calls himself conservative? What is the real thing done for the common real people?

EU cannot afford more of the current status quo. Brexit showed it. Yellow vests showed it.

Germany showed it. Germany the biggest EU country voted clearly pro-green. There are issues above the petty partisan fight.
Merkel supports now Timmermans over the German conservative Weber.

The hottest days on RECORD in Europe happened the last week. What will come the next week, the next month? Well, I do not want to burn out at a stake built up for the whole world by the irresponsible oil companies and their profits. Even the pope told them they must change the source of energy. Hope the responsible from them do that NOW. Enough talks. Enough promises of politicians and nothing done. We will either avert the Global warming or we all die. It is that simple.

Here I see a candidate who says clearly he will ACT not speak. Not only on Global warming but also on social issues. Conservatives...actually care for the rich ones. Not for the unemployed millions of university graduates.

And of course he cannot do all of that ALONE. The whole drive of people should do it. As German youths voted against the political status quo and in favor of saving the planet. Because Enough is Enough.

You literally sound like a European Socialist stereotype.

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