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The benefits of insanity

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posted on Jun, 30 2019 @ 09:01 PM
a reply to: ancientthunder

To be sane in an insane world is quite frankly counterproductive.

posted on Jun, 30 2019 @ 09:56 PM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

Thanks TCKOL.
Hope you and your loved-ones are healthy and happy.

Whatever we may call it: it is sad to see those that can't see through the scanty veils of our insane societies.
Would agree that the lack of critical thinking is a large part of it.

Imagine the wonders that could be created, if some of our more illustrious creators/inventors would have lived for 500+ years ?
Beethoven; Mozart; Van-Gogh; Archimedes; da-Vinci; Tesla; Curie; Jesus; Plato...
Or just have their consciousness continue-on in a virtual-reality, that was somehow connected to this supposed 'real' reality?

Like some kind of Vanilla-Sky/real-world interface?

What would then be our reference for sanity/insanity?


posted on Jul, 1 2019 @ 03:40 AM
a reply to: Nothin

Yea thanks all well,

Good points and quite agree; many years ago I studied the "myth of mental illness". It was quite clever how
psychiatry wormed its way into being classed as a "science"

I can imagine if they lived to 500+ years, unfortunately I don't see anything working out different. One has only to look at how mileage extending technologies, or alternative fuels, to see that they would be suppressed.

"incremental improvements" hahaha

posted on Jul, 1 2019 @ 01:57 PM
The benefits of insanity
It seems to me, would be
capacity for sheer genius
Via the erratic, volatile
unrestricted nature of such minds.
For genius lies ultimately
In expression, which is the first
And foremost outlet of the insane
A vent from which can spew forth
wisdoms and metaphors profound.

posted on Jul, 1 2019 @ 04:50 PM
Yes the ability to be spontaneous and non repressed, but to natural. As natural as a tree, as free as an eagle. reply to: LucidWarrior

posted on Jul, 2 2019 @ 12:15 AM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

Maybe "incremental improvements" for them, then they package-up a piece of crap, put bells and whistles on it, and sell it to us.
We buy it, bring it home, open it up, and surprised when it's just another piece of crap.

Do you know what happens to sane people, in an insane society?
They are labeled as insane, and sent for rehabilitation.

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