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Vet Produces CD To Make Pigs Horny

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posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 08:03 PM

A vet has produced a cd with sounds of a grumbling boar to make sows more horny. This is supposed to make artificial insemination more easy.

From: Vet produces cd to make pigs horny

A Belgian vet has produced a cd containing the noise of a grumbling boar to make pigs horny. The music is meant to make the sows excited

According to the Belgian vet Frank Vermeiren the cd has proved already to be a big success in Holland.

"And the harder the music sounds, the more horny they become. A pig farmer I know, has placed sound boxes under the raster in the stable of the sows. It makes the music sound as if an excited boar is living in a stable under their feet. It makes them go wild," he added.

If it works, it works. I wonder if this cd could be exploited by terrorists to cause trouble somehow, or if it could have some unexpected side effects. I want a copy of that cd for use in the phone system at my workplace...


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