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Major Announcement By Tom Delonge...

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posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 02:28 AM
a reply to: Woodcarver

You were actually serious? Have you ever read that stuff?

Not every last piece, but good chunks of it. Makes a better place to start than what the media has been feeding us. Yeah it can do your head in a bit with so many claims and so little to hang onto. Lots of people have been interested in all this stuff for a long time. The link I provided is one of the better repositories of this type of information, the stories are all throughout our culture from many sources.

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 02:54 AM
I am not trying to spread doom fap, butt, I always felt that whatever the reality is behind the countless records and witness reports surrounding UFOs and Aliens, it was a truth that is not good for all of humanity. And that’s why it was covered up. Like well, there are aliens. But only like 100 of them. And they have a base on the Moon, and the Moon could collapse at anytime so we’re trying to fix the Moon with the Aliens. Or the Aliens have an enemy that’s another powerful Alien race and they can show up any day and start a war with us and they have superior weapons and nukes. Or that the Aliens live in our ocean. There are a lot of them. They are way more powerful than us. There isn’t enough of them to take over the world or start a war, butt whenever they want they can randomly kidnap humans, sodomize them, and if they don’t like what they see, bring them home, but most times they eat who they kidnap and we can’t do anything about it. And they don’t eat enough people to try and start a war in our ocean with an Alien race.

I think Tom nailed it. Even if he doesn’t really know the truth himself.

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 02:55 AM
Maybe whatever he and TPTB reveal can help hook me up a Reptilian...Gotta love them Scales and Tails, baby.

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 04:17 AM

originally posted by: ManyMasks
a reply to: TerryMcGuire

He said the old gods are real in his AMA

Maybe that means that the bad news is "The Cabin in the Woods" was actually a documentary!

EDIT to add: Just had quite a scary thought. What if disclosure is a kind of "old evil gods" reality and "be careful what you wish for" gets taken to a whole new level!
Maybe the old gods have mandated that a certain, large number of sacrifices are to be made each year otherwise they'll come and take it for themselves. What if the best way the world leaders could find to honour this was via warfare, and lots of it. Just keep it on the other side of the planet. Sucks but the alternative is diabolical and unthinkable.
So, how's that disclosure working out for ya now??

Or not.....

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posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 05:14 AM
a reply to: BlackIbanez

Some of them, yep. The situation is complex, maybe these tic tac's are backup for us? Have not heard of any engagement with them yet? The fact they have let themselves been known and have not killed us yet is a good sign. It is the ones we cannot see, living in the darkness that are more of an issue right now.

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 05:22 AM
Turns out the ET are deeply religious and share the beliefs of the vast majority of humanity that there is a God/Creator of the universe. A single Religion is what keeps their society peaceful. That’s why no disclosure. Earth has no interest in buying what they are selling, lol. That would be hilarious.

We get some tech trinkets but they realize they didn’t get here soon enough in human history and while they are no danger to Earth, they feel Man is too far gone to make the societal changes necessary to take advantage of what they could offer. They’ll stick around for a bit but will be on their way soon enough.

The deal was sealed over the past two evenings.

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 05:34 AM

Everyone will know the reality soon, and unfortunately it’s just not something to laugh at. It’s pretty unnerving, with some bad news, some good news, and with that in mind- all we can do is deal with it honestly and openly.

Nearly a day later and no further update from TDL.

Now if he had something to disclose, and it was as big as he is intimating in his Tweet, would he really sit on it for all this time? Surely it would be best to get it out before someone can stop him...


If we haven't heard from him, perhaps they have got him??
Maybe he went for one tantalizing teaser trailer tweet too many (try saying that over and over again!!)
and they've decided to silence him permanently (or at least temporarily until he rejoins Blink-182)

Seriously though, other than to build anticipation with $$$ in mind, what other reason would there be to delay?

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 05:58 AM
a reply to: Diaspar

If the info comes out of TDLs mouth then nobody will take it seriously, no matter how many ex spook's and scientists are sat behind him.

For the world to take notice it would have to be a global wide effort through heads of state.

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 06:09 AM
a reply to: ManyMasks

If the info comes out of TDLs mouth then nobody will take it seriously, no matter how many ex spook's and scientists are sat behind him.
For the world to take notice it would have to be a global wide effort through heads of state.

No disagreement there.

Perhaps that's why were not hearing anything further from TDL up to this point - maybe it's going to come through Trump or other heads of state

That is if there's anything to disclose at all at this point of course.

I remain hopeful and just a tiny bit (tentatively) optimistic...

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 06:42 AM
That's the most generic statement anyone could make about anything.

" we need to start recognizing the things we don't understand. They are good and bad, and honestly, we need to look at them."

a reply to: celltypespecific

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 06:49 AM
Worldwide ufo sightings drop dramatically at the same time msm is reporting on the subject more than I can remember. Let’s just say if Aliens are real and they are leaving the planet, something might be really wrong. That’s how I felt since I saw that report, and TDL statement really just seems sincere for some reason to me. And it’s not like claims aren’t made everyday. This one stands out to me.

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 06:52 AM
Tom DeYawn is desparately trying to stay relevant 👎🏼
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posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 07:07 AM
Don't be afraid.

Sentient life does not only come in one package.....we being Homonids are NOT the only possible physical form of sentient life.

Sentience is what religious people call a gift from God.....looking like a Homonid is not the gift...the 6-point star that creates our form is a light construct.

Nothing I say either supports nor conflicts with religious dogmas.

Respect the self-awareness as your connection to the creation....not the physical form.

Seek self-awareness combined with the 6-point Star when looking for Familial similarities.

Don't be shocked if there are Reptilian beings....and don't be shocked if they are older Earth-born Sentient Life forms who lay claim to that title....don't think your belief Systems cannot expand to include them or that they may have similar belief Systems.

Don't be surprised if they claim we don't belong....that we are a genetically adjusted plague to the not believe them...….yes ….. once long ago we were genetically boosted forward....however we were already on our way to naturally competing with and replacing the prior Sentient life form that "could be" Reptilian.....that GENETIC intervention DID in fact make us in a way un-natural.....but a miracle of the Universe...Sentient Homonids who came here and who were not born here NATURALLY COMBINED THEIR DNA with ours.....get it?....we WERE genetically modified and COULD have been considered a plague that was not natural...UNTIL....we NATURALLY MATED WITH MORE ADVANCED HOMONIDS....thereby bringing us back onto the NATURALLY OCCURING and evolving Homonid path.

This last combining of our "adjusted homonid genes with more advanced naturally occurring Homonid genes" put us AHEAD in a Universal Evolutionary sense of any Reptilian naturally occurring species on Earth.It matters not who has been on Earth longest...we now carry the genetics of UNIVERSAL HUMANITY which far outstrips Earths naturally occurring Homonid and Reptilian scope . sucks for them.....had that last intervention which catalysed hybrid vigor never happened the prior Sentient race had a solid case for wanting us gone as a plague.....UNFORTUNATELY for them we were.....PUT BACK ON THE CORRECT UNIVERSAL EVOULTIONARY PATH at an even more advanced stage than the initial genetic intervention boosted us up to.

Now we are a real connendrum...we are now BACK ON NATURAL TRACK and have a Universal birthright to defend our existance once again.

We were Peasants evolving slowly(evolving Homonids prior to genetic interventions)....then we became un-natural Bastards(after we were genetically "boosted forward")... then we became ROYALTY(after our genetically boosted form naturally mated with a 3RD even more advanced Homonid form).We are really THREE.

Maybe someone else can explain it better but those are IMHO the bare facts.

Is there a God or Gods?....I don't know..."they" don't know....what or who is the Creator of all of us....none of us know.....yet really IF WE DIG DEEP ENOUGH WE in fact.... KNOW...... NO MATTER WHAT 6-STAR physical form our corporeal body takes.All is One.

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posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 07:17 AM

originally posted by: KansasGirl
a reply to: celltypespecific

Still cheerleading for the clowns, huh? You are gullible...

A "clown" that did more in the last two years than most UFO researchers have done in decades. Got actual results.

What have you done? Sitting on ATS crapping on people just because Tom DeLonge was mentioned isn't anything to cheer about

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 07:18 AM

originally posted by: Woodcarver

originally posted by: celltypespecific
He has made proclamations like this before and then delivered Tic-Tac, Gofast, Gimbal, NYT, changed NAVY guidelines, forced GOV to admit that we do study UAPS/UFOs, disclosed existence of AATIP, Washington Post articles, briefings with TRUMP, briefings with SENATORS.... what could this mean.... will this be FULL DISCLOSURE....

How do you even know this is about ufos or aliens? This could be about his std screening?

Or maybe a sex video of him and john podesta is about to be released?

Hmm...the numbers work out. When DeLonge was 7, Podesta was 36.

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 08:08 AM

originally posted by: BlackIbanez

EDIT to add: Just had quite a scary thought. What if disclosure is a kind of "old evil gods" reality and "be careful what you wish for" gets taken to a whole new level!

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 10:02 AM
a reply to: Diaspar

My 2 cents:

I've been been interested in the subject of UFOs since the late 60's, when I actually saw a disc type object flying a figure 8 pattern from my bedroom window, in the wee hours of the morning. I still remember waking up my dad, so that he could see it, but he quickly dismissed it as an airplane. I knew that it wasn't and wasn't surprised by my father's reply, since he was a retired Lt. Col. in the USAF and never acknowledged the existence of UFOs, despite my persuasive arguments as a teen.

The trouble is, my father was stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base back in the early 60's and I always suspected him of knowing a lot more on the subject than he let on.

I truly believe that our government knows the truth. High ranking military people (like my dad) and perhaps other military personnel (like fighter pilots) are sworn to secrecy, either by perceived threats, or the risk of losing their military pensions.

I believe that there are two main reasons for this and it's probably why our government has kept a tight lid on the subject of extraterrestrial life visiting our planet. 1) The impact on mainstream religion AND 2) The future of human sovereignty.

A society is capable of surviving for thousands of years unless it is attacked from within or without by hostile forces. Where such an attack occurs, primary targets are its religious and national gods and heroes, its potential of leadership and the self-respect and integrity of its members.

Religion is the first sense of community. Your sense of community occurs by reason of mutual experience with others. Where the religious sense of community and with it real trust and integrity can be destroyed then that society is like a sand castle unable to defend itself against the inexorable sea.

If the limits of the governmental regime are exposed, the sovereign generally can be counted on to survey and to securitize the threat; that is after all what its sovereignty is for. In this light the UFO is the proverbial dog that didn’t bark, a potential threat not only un-securitized but never even properly surveyed.

Because modern rule is grounded in a scientific worldview that does not recognize the existence of supernatural phenomena, this exterior is normally understood today in purely spatio-temporal terms. Threats can then take two forms, physical threats to life and ontological threats to identity or social being.

On one level the UFO is a traditional spatio-temporal threat, because one of the possibilities that we must countenance if we accept that the UFO is truly unidentified is that its occupants are ETs—and that threatens both the physical and ontological security of modern rule. The physical threat, of course, is that ET presence in “our” solar system would indicate a vastly superior technology to human beings’, raising the possibility of conquestand even extermination.

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posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 10:17 AM
a reply to: Jukiodone

Not if you only entertain the Good Gods

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 10:22 AM

originally posted by: Baddogma
Whelp, aside from the jokes about the methods of said "disclosure," we're left with a seeming fact:
there are things that appear to be technology far above what we humans have , at least in the common knowledge arena.

A second "fact" that some of us are pretty certain of and this disclosure has put out there is: there appears to be something to all the "paranormal" events people have reported forever.

Either one is astounding to most folks comfortably ensconced in consensus reality and at least unsettling to those with an open mind.

Both "facts" have been talked about for decades in the UFO lit, but that doen't mean much, ultimately.

Add in the possibility that humans might be an ancient star faring race, that we've lost civilization several times on Earth, that a segment of us might be star treckin' using old tech and that other realities are "real," replete with bad guys, good guys and indifferent god-like beings, and what does one have, besides the making of a sci-fi epic and a nervous breakdown?

Heck, if even one of those things are "real" I can see why it's all so darned secret and the power brokers might think it's kind to keep the herd oblivious.

I just hope the naysayers are correct and Delong and co are a joke... otherwise that's a lot for the average mouth breather (OR elite intellectual) to process.

Is this a worse scenario than we live short, cruel lives in a meaningless universe and will die without understanding any of it? I don't think so. Your scenario sounds pretty cool. Bring it on.

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 11:04 AM

originally posted by: Justoneman
They sure seem like a drone like machine to me.

They behave like bees around a queen.

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