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Funny 'Staged' Video's

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posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 06:56 PM
I couldnt resist and clicked on the ad that shows up on the bottom of the ATS forum, that shows the guy smashing his office computer.

I wanted to see it, because it looked like it would be funny to watch.

Knowing I had to answer a questionnaire to get access (advertisement of course)..

Clicked on the ad on the bottom of ATS while logged off...
The page opened a list of 10 or check boxes I had to check individually before I could submit my request to enter,...
each pop up page I just closed and then checked them all till done,..
then I clicked the submit button, and another ad page opens,..
I just went to the bottom of that page and clicked "no thanks"..
and the next page opened with the thumbnails and links for the video's.

They at first glance looked like regular cam or security cam images pulled from the public.

But this was not the case in at least one. (There is no such text on the pages suggesting they are real video's anywhere, and none denying it either.)

I wanted to see the office vid with the cubicle gorilla smashing his computer. I watched it, and yes it was good and funny.

Then I watched it again,...

and noticed the keyboard plug is not plugged in and just hangs off the desk, and the monitor, as its kicked across the room, never even disturbs the pc its not plugged in either.

Also the monitor is angled, while on the desk, at an unusually awkward angle, like trying to hide the screen from the camera.

Hilarious video 4 sure, but thought it interesting to note that there are probably some staged video's in there.

edit-tried to get a link to post here from the logged-off part of ats, but was unable to get it by a right click properties. (Flash advert)

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