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Mark Field,UK MP and lowlife piece of filth.

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posted on Jun, 21 2019 @ 12:55 PM
a reply to: Silcone Synapse

You might say she wasn't protesting.
She insisted she was and has told the guardian that she was shouting out that it was a peaceful protest as she was ejected.

She had no right to be there.

Or do you think that gaining entry grants a right to do what you like?

Try that at Glastonbury next time, see how security deal with you then.

People have a right to protest, people also have the right to not feel threatened by such protests.

posted on Jun, 21 2019 @ 01:04 PM
I don't see how she would have conducted the risk assessments required and had prior approval from police for it to constitute a 'legal protest' and have the legal protections that come with that. I've organised a few protests before and there's a hell of a lot of red tape and paperwork involved, if you don't submit the paperwork then police will tell you to shut it down or they will get the chief superintendent of the County police force to come down and have everyone arrested (they legally need to be on scene for this to go ahead).
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posted on Jun, 21 2019 @ 01:09 PM
a reply to: SprocketUK

Yeah,i'm just not getting how a protester walking past a person makes said person feel threatened.

Because that is what she was doing-walking past him.
Should we all behave this way if anyone dares to walk past us if we happen to be at a closed event or meeting?
Of course not.

She had no right to be there,you are correct-but she was no threat to anyone.

Mark Field has issues if he treats a lady that way IMO.

But hell,I only just found out i'm a snowflake so what do I know?

posted on Jun, 21 2019 @ 01:13 PM
a reply to: Silcone Synapse

Absolutely agree he should resign or be removed, green piece protestors are among the best of there kind, pacifists whom are campaigning for wildlife, our own future and the environment, besides were would this lady have hidden a weapon in that dress, all she had in her hand was her mobile phone and that is obvious.

To be fair and I am not a fan of the Tory's most of the other guests at that do looked quite shocked about his action's if not actually aghast at his behaviour toward a woman whom could have been peacefully escorted out by the security with far less problem, the mansion house itself is the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London though I doubt he lives there, it is officially owned by the City of London Corporation and could be argued to be public property, not a military or judicial site and as it was open to the public it could also be argued that this lady was NOT trespassing and as such his action's against her then fall into the category of Assault as a potential crime, this is why the police would be more than correct to investigate the incident.

Technically the city of London Corporation the body that supposedly own's the site is the ruling body of the City of London AKA the Square Mile and that is were it get's a little more tricky as that mean's it may NOT be public property and the city of London Corporation may not be a public body - a lot of dirty work in the city of London itself including major fraud that if it was EVER properly investigated would see that place shut down - though technically it is a separate country within the UK and actually - NOT part of the united kingdom though of course there are no borders and it is basically just a technicality to enable the city of London to carry on with it's nefarious international banking scam's.

Still I feel that BRITISH law should (and by right's it does - usually - except were financial matters are concerned too many Tory's and other money men as well as international money magnates such as the Rothschilds etc have too much at stake for that old agreement to ever be overturned) Over rule those technicality's.

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(post by ADVISOR removed for a manners violation)

posted on Jun, 21 2019 @ 02:07 PM
a reply to: ADVISOR

Grow up kid, this is British politics not your swamp which is even more corrupt and smelly (but of course far larger).
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posted on Jun, 21 2019 @ 02:15 PM
a reply to: Silcone Synapse

This guy thinks its acceptable to roughly manhandle a woman who is protesting peacefully.

There's a difference between protesting peacefully and gatecrashing a private dinner , Mark Field overreacted but she shouldn't have been there , nevertheless objective achieved , publicity gained ... probably the reason for the grin.

posted on Jun, 21 2019 @ 02:39 PM
a reply to: ADVISOR

You want to calm down Advisor.
It may be good for you.

Im just saying.

posted on Jun, 21 2019 @ 02:59 PM
a reply to: Silcone Synapse

He obviously had concerns over what she might do when she got to where she was going.
We've had people throwing stuff on other folks, people saying acid should be used, even an MP murdered fairly recently.
It would be remiss of any right thinking man to just stay in his seat and allow some trouble maker free rein.

posted on Jun, 21 2019 @ 03:00 PM
a reply to: Silcone Synapse


I do not, want to calm down.
Your fake Jedi mind tricks won't work on me.

I am tired of dumbass people acting like they are the moral compass and decider for everyone else.

Opinions are not facts.

One person's opinion will vary from anothers, but facts don't change or take sides.

Maybe, just maybe, if that lady if that's what she is, don't let me assume her/it's/his gender and offend some one...but may be if she listened and left without causing a scene she wouldn't have had to be escorted out.

Now granted, I don't support people putting their hands on another with out permission, however she was not supposed to be there, refused to leave of her own accord and was required to be escorted out.

Given the circumstances, she should be happy the bobbies didn't wack her silly and knock some sense into her numb skull.

To be perfectly honest, that guy who stopped her and then escorted her out, could have done a worse job of it.

To be completely informed of the whole situation we would require a full video, not just the point of her being led away. What else was there that caused her to be removed?

Why only show a portion of the video if it's intention is not to cause bias?

Why no context?

Clearly there is more to the story of this event, and if we want to be sure, we need the full version.

But from what I saw, "man handling" was not what occured.

Sure, others can say it did, that doesn't make it true.
She wasn't injured, I didn't hear her cry in pain.

There's no issue here other than some one pretending it was. Has she come forward and made a claim she was man handled? And if so why was it not included for all to see?

Why is a third party, who wasn't there and not directly impacted by the occurance making a bigger deal out of it than the actual person involved?

In all reality, I see people making a fuss out of absolutely nothing. Same as every damn day.

A bunch of snowflake sissies, making # up about events they aren't at, and acting like it happened to them.

Tell you what, I'll calm the f down, when everyone else stops acting so damn stupid.

Until then, expect my disgruntled disposition to increase with the stupidity I must endure due to others.

posted on Jun, 21 2019 @ 03:15 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

I'm no kid, four decades does not make a child.

Am I aggravated, yes, that does not make me less grown up. Do I get upset about dumb crap being made into a bigger deal than it is, yes.

That doesn't make me less mature.

Does my foul language and directness imply youth?

Hell no, especially if you are gauging the standard of youth of today to those of the 70s and 80s.

Kids today would never make it through a day back then.

I use this language for emphasis, to to express my emotion towards the issue at hand.

I'm passionate, I get mad, I get disturbed, I'm human and have human reactions.

But as someone who was born in the 70s I'm far from being a kid, or an ignorant dip# youth.

I have zero tolerance for violence against women, but this situation don't show violence.

So yeah, it pisses me off when people make crap up just to cause a scene especially when it doesn't even involve them.

Fact of the matter is, no one here at ATS including you and me, is effected by what happened in that video.

Y'all are just getting butthurt over nothing, because that's what you do. You look for something to complain about, like a punk.

Some people seem to always have something to bitch about, always complaining forever seeking something to be offended by.

Well, I don't live that way.

I'm not going out of my way to seek out situations that cause division. In fact, it offends me when people are offended by the stupidest stuff

posted on Jun, 21 2019 @ 03:30 PM
Im going to defend

Given the atmosphere of potential threat in the UK and following the murder of Jo Cox

He DID NOTHING wrong - the issue here is the fact it was a woman - oh lets stop there

Women don't commit heinous crimes?

He did what im my book was something heroic - he intervened not knowing what was happening and i applaud the gentleman.

In the US i would guess she would have taken a bullet.

The man protected what he saw was a threat and acted. Had he had a Personal Protection Officer she would be in Belmarsh Prison.

To vilify this man is JUST wrong and the fault lies with Greenpeace thinking that they can ride this wave of anti male attitude having done an unconscionable act.

posted on Jun, 21 2019 @ 03:31 PM
Im going to defend

Given the atmosphere of potential threat in the UK and following the murder of Jo Cox

He DID NOTHING wrong - the issue here is the fact it was a woman - oh lets stop there

Women don't commit heinous crimes?

He did what im my book was something heroic - he intervened not knowing what was happening and i applaud the gentleman.

In the US i would guess she would have taken a bullet.

The man protected what he saw was a threat and acted. Had he had a Personal Protection Officer she would be in Belmarsh Prison.

To vilify this man is JUST wrong and the fault lies with Greenpeace thinking that they can ride this wave of anti male attitude having done an unconscionable act.

posted on Jun, 21 2019 @ 03:49 PM
a reply to: ADVISOR

Well you sound like a kid to me the way you phrase thing's and just about to end my own fifth decade here so I am older if only a tad than you.

And As someone whom has had to handle plenty of retail security issues in the past from shoplifting to trespass and whom was dual SIA (security industry authority it's a scam to make people pay for licences but at least it mean's we were checked out to make certain we were fit to work with public of course though the SIA itself makes a piss poor job of regulating the industry) licensed for both front line security and CCTV operation (watching the public on closed circuit television system's (data protection act a law we have over here in the UK to regulate how we deal with information relating to the public)) I have my own observation on the matter, he used undue force including putting his hand upon the lady's neck when she was not really resisting, under our law if a person is trespassing you may use REASONABLE force to remove them but that is a very subjective matter and you may not ever use undue force, if the person refuses to move and is neither a danger to you or to themselves than the law is clear you need to get the police BUT since the police will then not act on it most of the time you then need to get a court order and if you think I am joking just ask about how long it takes to remove squatters from property's even in the case were a family had gone on holiday only to then return and find a group of Romanian's had moved into there home, changed the lock's and thrown there stuff in the garden - it happened and the couple in question had to get a court order as the police would not remove the trespassers and it took month's by which time there dream home had been wrecked completely.

In this matter the woman had entered apparently unchallenged until she was forced physically by a man to leave, that man had neither a queen's warrant (a warrant card as used by our police and in affect there only source of authority above that of a member of the public) NOR did he have a court bailiff's writ and so he in affect used undue force and therefore broke the law - a technicality I agree but still as a minister you should think he would know better than to act outside or beyond the remit of his right's under the law AND since he was not the owner of the building he also acted as one member of the public upon another member of the public and committed and act of Assault - the police however are in fact free to drop the case if they choose as the lady in question has not pressed charges for that assault.

Meanwhile in the US you can just shoot someone but that is US law (and varies from state to state so not all of the US either) not our's.

Now had the police not opened an investigation into the matter then that would very widely have been seen as one law for the very rich and connected and another law for the rest of us especially in a high profile incident such as this, also as I point out Green Peace tend to be a good lot, the only people whom really, really hate them are the Icelandic and Japanese whale fishermen, oh and oil company's Greenpeace has a habit of highlighting when oil company's get out of hand - in other words they protect YOU.

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posted on Jun, 21 2019 @ 05:56 PM
One of the criteria on which the inquiry will judge Field is whether he had cause to believe she the protester had intent to create a further disturbance , which she did :

she was moving with purpose , having been once blocked already , because it was her particular job to try and deliver a speech from the front . she's been interviewed by bbc and said so herself .

So on that front he 's probably going to get away with it , and he's said the right things so far , ie could have had a gun or anything . She knows it too , could get her own trouble comeback from complaining as well

Greenpeace fronted women , a deliberate policy , would have filmed it , perhaps provided the footage , but Field doesn;t come back to kick the cameraman out ?

I don;t think he had reason or had justification to grab her by the neck , at the point he did that the trespasser (not his property though) would have had cause to further fear for her physical safety , which is what forms an assault by the looks of it . Battery is defined as recklessly causing physical contact , and judging by his face on the video , he acted in reactive anger , it's not how a professional security face looks when they're doing their job . It wasn;t his place to do it , so he is rightfully under investigation . He was unnecessarily vindictive , aka having or showing a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge.
"the criticism was both vindictive and personalized"
synonyms: vengeful, out for revenge, revengeful, avenging, unforgiving, grudge-bearing, resentful, ill-disposed, implacable, unrelenting, acrimonious, bitter;
except he took it the point of violence and the tpb for this may not look kindly on it .

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posted on Jun, 22 2019 @ 03:40 AM
In his defence, he was reacting to a unknown threat. Should he have just sat there like a pudding? People need to factor in the risk that what they are doing may not be met with hugs and kisses, or may be misinterpreted, as is likely in this case.

I had an acquaintance who spent her life whining that she was knocked over by a police horse in a riot. Secretly I felt that she got what she deserved.

posted on Jun, 22 2019 @ 04:47 AM
a reply to: bastion

MPs have been murdered before the Brexit debacle and have been the target of terror attacks from far right and far left, in the current UK climate 100% of people are insanely pissed off at the government and a number of MPs are under 24-hour police protection due to credible death threats; so when someone storms a private function full of the MPs and elite bankers it's fair to assume the worst. edit on 21-6-2019 by bastion because: (no reason

Oh come on she hardly “stormed” a private function as you put it, she was let in by security. If Mark had thought there was any real threat posed by this woman he would have been on his hands and knees crying like a baby. Instead he could see she posed no threat and took it upon himself to grab her and escort her out, with his contempt and anger clear on his face.

How many MPs have been murdered in the last 20 years? I can only think of Joe Cox and I’m not convinced the man they blamed it on was in fact guilty. It seems in the terror attacks this country has suffered only innocent bystanders have been hurt or killed for the most part.

People should be pissed off at the government what with the expenses scandal and Brexit farce anyone can see they are both corrupt and incompetent at best, at worst a bunch of immoral slime balls out to further the interests of themselves and their cronies by screwing over the average citizen by any means they can. I mean why are MPs and elite bankers always cosying up to each other?

The government and MPs need to take a long hard look at what they are doing and if they are getting credible death threats consider why that would be? If they have it so hard they are free to get the hell out and advertise the vacancy at the job centre. No experience, previous skills or ability required, must be able spin a good yarn though and never answer anything directly. Also must be able to make braying animal noises when gathering at parliament.

posted on Jun, 22 2019 @ 01:52 PM

originally posted by: surfer_soul
How many MPs have been murdered in the last 20 years?

In recent times the IRA took their toll on MPs, murdering their merry way with (ahem) the support of Corbyn and his ilk. Back in 1990 Nigel Jones MP was attacked by a nutter who injured him and murdered someone who saved Jones. More recently, MPs seem to have been targeted by nasty online abuse and obstructive "demonstrators".

posted on Jun, 22 2019 @ 03:31 PM

originally posted by: Silcone Synapse

No threat-she already went through security to get into the room.
No way to treat a woman IMO.

From a woman who has lived through inequality to where we are now....

We have equality if you want to be treated like a lady......


And stop expecting special treatment.

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