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WAR: Diplomats: Iran Building Tunnels for Arms

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posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 12:18 PM
Intended to defeat aerial bombing by bunker busting munitions, Iran may be preparing deep underground tunnels to protect its nuclear program. The warning came from diplomats speaking at an IAEA conference. The IAEA has faulted Iran for beginning a tunnel near the city of Isfahan without notifying it. A diplomat speaking under the condition of anonymity has indicated that the tunnel may be as deep as a half mile underground and reinforced.
VIENNA, Austria - Fearing airstrikes, Iran is using reenforced materials and tunneling deep underground to store nuclear components — measures meant to make the facility resistant to "bunker busters" and other special weaponry, diplomats said Thursday.

The diplomats spoke as a 35-nation meeting of the U.N. atomic watchdog agency ended more than three days of deliberations focusing on Iran and North Korea, which are both accused of seeking to develop nuclear weapons.

Among criticisms of Iran's nuclear-related activities, an review presented at the meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency faulted Tehran for starting work on the tunnel at Isfahan without informing the agency beforehand.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This is why the are so reluctant to go in and bomb North Koreas program. They would never get it all in time. One the program goes underground I doubt that even the burrowing nuclear munition may be able to get at it. While the tunnel mentioned is likely real, I doubt they will place their most strategic targets for all to see. However, Isfahan has a population of almost 3 million and is a world heritage city as designated by the U.N. I doubt the U.S. could go in and bomb at will without risking a far greater conflict.

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