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Atlantis has been discovered?!

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posted on Jul, 9 2019 @ 02:45 PM
First observation is, the place is covered in "Ancient Ruins". At bit of logic.

The Portuguese discovered the Cape Verde Islands in AD 1456. Soon after the settlers arrived and swarmed the islands. But soon they learned the weather was not going to be advantageous for growing crops. In fact one of the first things you see are the vast number of Stepped gardens. And in fact so many and so prevalent that one, two, or three, or even 4 generations of migrants could not have created these works of wonders. They exist on some of the most inaccessible cliffs imaginable.

Next is the walls. Again, vast numbers going into areas only goats would venture. It would have taken a great deal of effort and manpower to accomplish. Something I seriously doubt the settlers could have accomplished during some of the most serious drought conditions imaginable. It is clear many, many of the stepped gardens are in the "Desert" portions of the Islands, which tends to make one think they must have been built when rain was more plentiful in the area. The weather patterns on the Islands are quite similar to Mauritania except Cape Verde ranks 20th driest compared to Mauritania's 7th driest places in the world (Except in the Highlands of the Islands).

The National religion is Catholic, and the migration into the island undoubtedly was lead by the Catholic priests. And as you might know, the Catholic Church takes a very dim view of ancient civilizations. I can imagine the parishioners coming to the priest with news of large rock piles and the Priest giving his blessing to using those "rocks" to form their new homes, villages.. Hence, ancient incomplete ruins on the outskirts of towns and villages.

This is an example of what might have ocured.

On the Island Of Maio an ancient site being destoryed, and its stones being used to build a 3 room building. As their are no roads, buildings, gardens in the area, or signs of modern use it is purly an act of willful destruction!

2005 Google Earth dipicts a single square foundation and to the South West an original small village. 15°11'53.04"N 23° 7'49.72"W

Present Satalite Pro shows there is now a 3 room building with no village remaining. The original square is the base of the large room and in the same position as the original square from 2005.

I can only imagine what it might have looked like before the Catholics arrived...…….

To set the age of this ancient civilization one simply has to consider this, untouched ancient village, under water! 15°16'15.64"N 23° 6'16.47"W

Thank God the Catholics didn't find this one... If the priests did found the settlements then undoubtedly he sent his reports to the Vatican. And those, would be found in the Vaults!

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posted on Jul, 9 2019 @ 05:19 PM
The SEA OF AZOV is probably the orginal center of ATLANTIS. Keep in mind that Atlantis was a WORLD WIDE CIVILIZATION composed of Megalithic ruins such as the pyramids and other gigantic structures that are found all over the world.

1. The Sea of Azov is the world's shallowest sea, only 30 feet at the deepest. Plato mentions that after the Great Flood when Atlantis was submerged, shallow muddy waters made it difficult to navigate the area.

2. Plato mentions the Straits of Hercules where rocks fell off cliffs into the sea. There are 2 Straits of Hercules. One of them is at the entrance to the Sea of Azov and the other at the straits of Gibraltar, entrance to the Mediterranean.

3. Plato talks of a wide and endless plain beyond the the canals of Atlantis. That would be the steppes of Russia.

4. According to Plato the Atlanteans attacked the Greeks. Why would the Atlanteans do that if it was located so far away, in North Africa or an island in the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Ocean? Greece is not a rich land and has little to offer. However that war makes sense if you consider the Greeks and Atlanteans were fighting over dominance of the Black Sea.

The Greeks were heavily invested in the Black Sea region. This was their source for gold, grain, horses and slaves. They were known as the PONTIC GREEKS. They built many cities along the Black Sea coast and they are still there.

4. Before the great flood approx. 11,000 years ago, the low lying lands now called the Sea of Azov was dry land. Later the ancients called it Lake Maeotis. The water is brackish - both salt and fresh.

There are other points in favor of this location for Atlantis.

posted on Jul, 10 2019 @ 01:41 PM
a reply to: Drakon

Keep in mind that Atlantis was a WORLD WIDE CIVILIZATION composed of Megalithic ruins such as the pyramids and other gigantic structures that are found all over the world.
The upper class would have occupied the large structures. The common mans fait was of simple existence, simple homes. But yes, it was a global society that touched every continent, with some exceptions.

Im still convinced the "eye" was the Societies capital. There may have been regional capitals in other locations, but the "Eye" is plato's "Atlantis".

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